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Have you ever heard about time tracking?

It’s a sure shot way to remain organized personally and professionally by getting more things done. A time-tracking system is a business asset that can help you gain more insights into your work schedule and boost productivity. This is the key reason that companies worldwide have realized the importance of employee time tracking and adopted automated time tracking software.

There are tons of professional time tracking software available with countless features. It often gets overwhelming to choose the right one for your organization with so many choices in the market. 

To make the decision a bit easier, we have reviewed DeskTime – one of the top time tracking and management tools. Let’s dive deeper and find out more about this extensive time management software, its advanced features, and its benefits.

Introduction To DeskTime

A market leader in the domain of time tracking, DeskTime was developed out of the need of Draugiem Group, a Latvia-based IT company, to manage their employees better. DeskTime went online in 2011 with the primary objective to boost workplace transparency and ensure employees manage their time to the optimum.

Over the years, DeskTime has added tons of new exciting features and added makeovers with major functional updates to ensure users get what they are looking for in a time tracking tool. The total time tracked by DeskTime users has crossed 81 million hours – that is over 9368 years!

As a business solution, DeskTime is committed to accountability, transparency, and fairness. It is the ideal tool to eliminate unproductive work habits and boost employee productivity by up to 30 % instantly!

Key Features Of DeskTime

Undoubtedly DeskTime is a holistic time tracking application that caters to all your employee time tracking needs. It goes beyond tracking only time and attendance by covering project management, data analysis, and invoicing. Let’s check out the key DeskTime solutions.

1. Automatic Time Tracking

With DeskTime, you can help your employees improve their time management skills and ensure your team maintains a healthy work-life balance. It enables users to see employee time spent on tasks, projects, and activities throughout the day or for a specific period.

Automatic Time Tracking

The best part about DeskTime is that organizations do not need to spend time filling timesheets manually. A completely automated time-tracking system, DeskTime can be used by any kind of industrial organization, freelancers, or project team members to track time for billing clients.

Time tracking can give you an in-depth view of your team’s workday. It enables managers to oversee the time spent on productive and unproductive applications and assess ways to help employees improve their productivity early on if necessary.

Automatic time tracking is the core strength of DeskTime URL. App tracking allows you to categorize websites and programs into productive or unproductive for completing work tasks. You get access to live Internet usage real-time data and can calculate average employee productivity.

2. Offline Time Tracking

Organizations must be informed about time spent away from their desktops to get a 360-degree view of work productivity. DeskTime enables you to calculate any time spent away from your work device by manually logging the details in the time tracker. Employees can add their offline time freely, or you may set up a customized approval process to review the manual data about offline hours.

Offline Times

The offline time tracking feature is highly useful for billing clients for any work not performed online. You can bill customers for phone calls, meetings, or any kind of on-site work. It ensures proof-of-work and that no billable hours go unnoticed. 

3. Absence Calendar

With DeskTime, you can make sure that employees collaborate with their teams by allowing them to view a real-time absence calendar. This helps you manage your workforce more efficiently and cater to team members away on vacation or extended leave.

Absence Calendar

The absence calendar is a highly beneficial tool that allows employees to log their out-of-office days. They can fill a simple form with the reason for leave so that managers can review the leave application and either accept or reject it. The absence calendar can be used to log sick leaves, vacation days, business trips, unpaid leaves, and conference attendances.

Another aspect that the absence calendar helps is the salary calculation – just a glance lets you know how many days a specific employee has taken off in a month for personal or work-related reasons. 

4. Project Management

One of the biggest advantages of DeskTime is that it is an intelligent project management tool that enables you to track time for specific work projects and tasks. You get a real-time status overview of the project tasks, manage employees’ workflow, and bill clients accurately for completed projects.

Project Management

With the Projects feature, DeskTime allows a team or group of employees to work on a single project. It calculates the cumulative time spent on a project and tracks the individual contribution of different team members. With DeskTime, you can also convert your time tracking information into final billing through the invoicing feature to boost accuracy and save time.

5. Pomodoro Timer

DeskTime endeavors to maintain a happy and motivated workforce by encouraging regular work breaks. The Podomoro timer is a unique feature that can be activated to remind employees to take a break every 52, 60, or 90 minutes. This can help your employees achieve the highest productivity levels and achieve more in short periods.

The Podomoro timer is a tested method that prevents burnout and reduces mental fatigue. Using the Podomoro technique with DeskTime’s periodic reminders will motivate employees to exercise, eat food, or take a power nap to restore productivity levels to the peak.

6. Private Time Option

Your employees mustn’t feel threatened due to excessive monitoring at the workplace. DeskTime’s private time feature enables employees to feel safe if they need to perform any personal task during office hours. All they need to do is activate the private time option to stop tracking time and computer activity.

Since it is sometimes necessary to turn work time into personal time, DeskTime empowers employees to feel secure about their privacy. Employees can use the time for social media browsing, shopping, home calls, or any other personal work – private time allows them for a digital time out to take care of any urgent personal business. Once finished, all they need to do is switch off the private time button to restart time tracking – a user-friendly and straightforward process!

7. Invoicing

With DeskTime, you can reduce all your manual invoicing processes and save tons of time. It utilizes time-tracked data to create and issue accurate invoices to your clients. The best part is that you can easily view the sent invoices and keep a tab on their payment status.


Billing is a breeze with DeskTime. You simply need to select relevant tasks, add billable hours, rate per hour, and discounts/taxes to calculate the total payment. DeskTime automatically creates professional invoices with the total amount due and sends them to customers. It also sends timely reminders to ensure there are no defaults on payments, thus increasing operational efficiency.

8. Customized Reports

One of the most advanced features of DeskTime is customizable reports that display real-time data. You can get to know any information that you need about employee productivity status, websites used during work hours, or time spent on specific project tasks.

ReportsReports can be easily used to identify your teams’ working patterns and provide live feedback to improve performance. DeskTime enables you to download and share any reports with employees, clients, or other organizational stakeholders. With reports, you get a birds-eye view of how your team is spending time and can compare results over a period of time for in-depth analysis.

9. Optional Screenshots

With the rise of remote teams, it becomes essential to invest in a time tracking system to ensure the company’s time or money is not wasted. DeskTime allows administrators to activate the optional screenshots feature if necessary to capture images of employee desktops and manage remote team productivity.

Optional Screenshots

DeskTime lets you take screenshots every 5,10,15, or 30 mins in regular or blurred mode. The system checks for suspicious activity and highlights all unproductive screen captures for managers to take action.

The auto screenshots feature can be enabled for the entire team or specific employees. It is a great tool for identifying problematic workers and improving their on-job performance. Not only that, but screenshots are also valuable for managing remote teams that are often paid by the hour.

The Final Verdict

DeskTime lets you go beyond merely tracking time – it’s a full-featured business application that ensures that your employees perform to the best of their ability. Investing in DeskTime can be a great way to build a culture of transparency, good work ethics, and open communication in your organization. It comes power-packed with innovative features, important third-party integrations, and an intuitive mobile application.

Overall, DeskTime gets a big thumbs up! Utilizing DeskTime to track time can do wonders for your team productivity and help your organization instantly increase bottom-line results in all functional areas.

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