How Digital Signage Software Increases Employee Engagement?



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Last updated: May 1, 2021

Employee engagement is the single most important aspect of any business. When your employees are engaged, they feel valued, they work harder, and your profits go up. In fact, as reported by a recent Gallup poll, engaged workers are 21% more productive than those employees who are disengaged.

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So the big question becomes how do you drive engagement?

The answer is with the right digital signage software. Here is a look at four ways that digital signage software can increase your employee engagement and your profits:

1. Provides repeated exposure

It is often said that someone needs to see something at least seven times before they even notice it. With that in mind, repeated exposure is paramount if you want to get your message across.

The right digital signage software allows you to control who sees what message and when they see it, so you can make sure that every member of your team actually retains the information you are giving them. It is only when they retain the information, it will transform their behavior and lead to increased productivity.

2. Allows for targeted, timely messaging

Effective messaging all comes down to relevance and timing. The more relevant you can make the content to the viewer, the more effective it will be at engaging them. With digital signage software, you can edit your messages as often as you want, and you can choose whether you send a message to just one person, to one location, or to the entire company.

With this ability, you can target the right message to the right employees at the right time to achieve your desired results. Most digital signage software also allows for advanced scheduling to ensure that you get the timing perfect, because nobody wants to see a lunch menu as they are about to go home.

3. Helps You track key performance indicators

When you have a specific goal, it can be challenging to keep employees focused on it. The reason is a lack of engagement. However, with digital signage software, you can be sure that these key performance indicators remain at the forefront of their mind.

Whether you are tracking how many days you have gone without an accident or you are having a contest for the highest sales, with digital signage, you can keep the team informed and motivated.

4. Accommodates multiple users and file types

One secret to engagement is to provide various methods of communication. Simple text on a sign will not do as much to keep your employees intrigued by a varied assortment of media messages. With the right digital signage software, you can use images, videos, websites, social media posts, PowerPoint presentations, and more to make sure your content stays fresh and captures their attention.

Another way to prevent your content from becoming stale is to allow multiple people access to the software. With multiple users posting to the digital signage, there will be a deeper representation of every department, and the varied voices will keep the digital signage interesting.

With digital signage software, you can make the most of the power of repetition. With strategic, timely messaging and intriguing content, your employees will remain engaged, their productivity will increase, and your profits will soar.

Bottom Line

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