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Collaboration is the key to creating a robust learning environment in organizations! Companies need to innovate and think out-of-the-box to create impactful content that can change lives meaningfully and contribute to strategic business objectives.

Sounds challenging? 

Well, investing in an automated e-learning authoring system is the perfect choice for your business if you want to revamp your content game. It’s a real gamechanger and can help you create rich multimedia content to engage target audiences better.

Deciding on the perfect authoring tool for your business is quite tricky. There are tons of sophisticated systems available in the market, and it can be pretty overwhelming to choose the best one suitable to your unique needs. Today, we delve into dominKnow – a holistic cloud-based authoring tool that can help you develop all kinds of learning experiences. Read on to know more about this winning platform.

Introduction To dominKnow | ONE

dominKnow | ONE is a web-based platform that can help you author all kinds of customized learning experiences. An all-in-one solution, dominKnow leverages technology to let you create anything, right from e-learning courses to knowledge portals to infographics and more.

Authoring is a breeze with dominKnow – it allows you to create interactive content using in-built templates that can be customized to your requirements. A unified software for content development, dominKnow empowers writers, instructional designers, and developers to create better learning experiences collaboratively.

With more than 20 years of experience, dominKnow is a market leader in e-learning authoring. It is rated as a top-notch learning content management system that can provide adaptive and responsive content for any device. dominKnow is led by a team of experts who know what it takes to deliver world-class content, and the company has forged a niche reputation in the e-learning space.

Key Features of dominKnow | ONE

dominKnow | ONE is packed with innovative features and has everything you need to create a stellar learning experience, all in one place! The comprehensive software empowers your team to work together to share, re-use, and publish content in diverse formats. Let’s have a closer look at some of its main features.

1. Authoring

An integrated tool that blends responsive authoring and robust software simulation, dominKnow enables you to create any kind of e-learning course for any device.

Flow Responsive Elearning Authoring Tool

This is a powerful tool by dominKnow to create responsive content – high on functionality and user experience. It goes beyond shrinking content to adapt to any device. A user-friendly interface, Flow enables you to create visually appealing and engaging content for various genres.

Claro Course Elearning Authoring Tool

dominKnow’s original e-learning authoring tool, Claro, is an excellent option for customizing traditional courses. Claro courses are HTML5 and can be scaled to fit any screen size. The platform aims to provide a truly mobile experience and easily convert existing PowerPoint presentation files to interactive e-learning courses.


Capture Elearning Authoring Tool

Capture is dominKnow’s cross platform (Windows and Mac) responsive software simulation creator. A desktop hybrid, it enables you to easily create Show me, Try Me, Guide Me, Practice Me, and Test Me exercises along with a downloadable PDF job aid. Authors can easily create a simulation and share it into a Flow or Claro project and add any appropriate supporting materials. As dominKnow | ONE is collaborative, other authors can also download that Capture and make changes, and update the simulation.  The all in one package enables authors, and if they choose, learners, to easily switch between formats to provide an optimal adaptive experience for everyone.

Capture allows learners to view all the steps of a process to understand the content visually. The best aspect of software simulation is that users can interact with content to try it out, apply hints, and have an interactive learning experience.

To be clear while this sounds like a suite of tools, dominKnow | ONE is actually a single application with a single interface so once you learn how to author in say Claro, authoring in Flow is a snap, as really the only difference is using a different page design and approach. All the collaborative capabilities, actions, editing, etc. are the same.

When it comes to ease of use vs power and flexibility, dominKnow | ONE manages to thread the needle and accomplish the utopia of both. They accomplish this by providing a clean familiar interface with an integrated community and help system that guides users as they develop content, but at the same time empowers experts with the ability to accomplish even the most robust tasks, and often with time saving unique actions and triggers along with shared collaborative elements. 

Taking it a step further, dominKnow | ONE also provides adaptive workplaces, which enables users, or their admins, to adjust the interface and remove options that aren’t needed for a beginner user, such as SME. All the while ensuring that users of all levels on your team can work together and be effective with one unified platform. 

When it comes to the idea of single sourcing, dominKnow | ONE gets top marks here too. You can create multiple types of content from a single source that can be customized easily. With dominKnow | ONE, you can easily author multiple design such as:

Formal Learning

Create structured assessments, courses, ILT presentations, activities, and scenarios.

Performance Support

Develop on-point job aids, knowledge bases, product tours, and support portals.


Create customized infographics, interactive videos, game-based learning experiences, story views, and pinboards.

2. Collaboration and Review

One of the biggest advantages of dominKnow | ONE is that your team can stop working in silos and seamlessly share real-time information to create better quality content. It is a complete authoring collaboration and review system that can speed up projects and enhance operational efficiency.

Collaboration and Review

With dominKnow | ONE, you can easily store important project and team information in one place. It is easy to track the real-time progress of projects across various lifecycle stages to ensure on-time delivery. Project reporting is another handy tool that enables you to view crucial metrics related to content activity, author and reviewer history, and logs in one central repository. 

dominKnow | ONE allows team members to work on one project, customize their workflows and processes to match their needs, and track all review activities and development steps. It streamlines the review process so that reviewers can add inline comments on a page and comment on other reviewer’s comments. Authors can then make quick edits and even use this same process for collaboration with reviewers or just with other authors. All of this is accomplished without extra steps like publishing a project, thus keeping the process nimble and efficient. 

Another must-have tool for collaborative content management teams, dominKnow | ONE allows you to share and reuse learning materials across projects seamlessly. Reuse, and we mean updating once and having it update everywhere, permeates throughout the dominKnow | ONE system provides reuse at multiple levels such as themes, learning objects, assets and more. To make this even easier, authors can actually do a full text and metadata search across the entire content library to find pages and content to copy or reuse in their projects. Wow, this is a game changer!

Content Reuse

3. Responsive and Mobile

One of dominKnow | ONE’s biggest strength is its ability to create responsive e-learning authoring without limitations. The popular HTML5 output and mobile application ensure that you can develop content for smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops. All you need to do is focus on creating content – dominKnow | ONE ensures that it adapts to any screen size with responsive flexibility.

The iOS and Android mobile application gives a tremendous boost to data accessibility. dominKnow | ONE users can deliver training anywhere and anytime, even offline, with their mobile app. A must-have business tool, dominKnow allows you to freely create responsive content with included interactions and animations for a great learning experience that will work on any device!


4. Publishing

dominKnow | ONE enables users to publish content without any hassles so that learners can access it on any device, anywhere. You can distribute content to target audiences with flexible publishing options. 

With dominKnow | ONE, you can publish parts of an e-learning course in multiple different formats including all the major eLearning standards: SCORM, AICC, xAPI, and CMI5, or as a web package, offline mobile, desktop, or MS Word and PDF. When it comes to design the results don’t need to look like your typical eLearning course, they can be for a knowledge base, infographic to explain on-the-job processes and provide additional learner support, or even resource documents in web, PDF or Word formats to facilitate classroom training. 

Easy Publishing

dominKnow | ONE, through their optional dynamic delivery platform, Convey, empowers you to host content and makes it available through your learning management system or web portal. It streamlines publishing and updating content through a simple one-click process. You can make packages available to the dominKnow mobile app to create a library of e-learning materials that users can conveniently access online and offline.

5. Accessibility

Designing accessible content is a prerequisite to ensure that your learning experiences reach out to diverse audiences. With dominKnow | ONE, you can be sure that content is accessible as it meets the mandatory requirements for WAI-ARIA, WCAG 2.1 Level AAA, and Section 508 compliance. This enables authors to develop content that is barrier-free for disabled learners and compatible with various assistive technologies. 


Any kind of instructional design needs to be accessible – it is non -negotiable in the current digital era! With dominKnow | ONE, you can add complete video and audio transcripts to courses and provide additional supportive accessibility text options—this aids in creating an inclusive learning environment that can accommodate the individual learners’ needs seamlessly.

6. Learning Content Management System (LCMS)

dominKnow | ONE is an integrated authoring tool that enables users to deliver results through an organized learning content management system. It helps streamline projects and manage data in a central location to multi-use and shareable content that can be updated across multiple versions. With all your learning assets stored on the cloud, you don’t need to waste time finding documents or files in your email inbox or other business applications.

You can manage your assets in a structured way as dominKnow | ONE provides access to a cloud-based library at all times. It becomes easy to maintain brand consistency by using the right content across channels. Updates and revisions are never a problem as dominKnow | ONE tracks them and enables you to make mass updates.

The Final Verdict

Undoubtedly dominKnow | ONE is a full-featured and integrated authoring system that can satisfy any user to create an engaging learning experience. Some compelling reasons to invest in dominKnow | ONE include:

Ease of Use

dominKnow | ONE has a user-friendly adaptive interface that will easily fit your teams’ skill levels and knowledge requirements.

Extensive Design Capabilities

You get access to many in-built customizable templates with dominKnow | ONE that allows you to experiment with content layout, themes and improve the overall presentation.

Data and API

There are n-built APIs available with dominKnow | ONE that enables you to directly integrate outside resources into your dominKnow content. When it comes to tracking, dominKnow provides unparalleled out of the box xAPI support so you can easily obtain rich data from your learners and report on it in your own independent Learning Record Store, even while tracking typical SCORM data as the content is launched in your LMS.

Advanced Interactions and Animations

dominKnow | ONE allows you to create an unlimited number of click, roll-over, and time-driven animations to disseminate information in a visually appealing way. You can even create a variety of parallax and entrance and exit scroll effects to really step up your game.

Support and Training

The dominKnow | ONE support resources including their community platform, Clarofy, their user guides, and training guides, along with an extensive range of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and interactive capabilities in their community with live meetings and q&a to help users troubleshoot common issues and adapt to the system all help you get up and running quickly. Interestingly too, all their support materials are built in dominKnow products. Now that is drinking your own champagne.

Overall, dominKnow | ONE gets a big thumbs up from us! With dominKnow | ONE, you don’t just get the normal content development features but a whole lot more that will enable your teams to collaborate to deliver projects on time with the best results. So, don’t think twice and invest in this fantastic authoring tool to give a boost to your content development strategy instantly!

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