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Last updated: March 4, 2021

The way organizations conduct business in this digital age demands collaboration. With rapidly shifting competitive landscape and user requirements, organizations need to transform into an agile environment. Thus, companies are looking forward to investing in collaboration tools and platforms.

To help businesses ease their search for the right collaboration platform, SoftwareSuggest is here with its new platform SoftwareSuggest eBook. Precisely speaking, it is a platform where you can find the perfect collaboration partner for creating your eBook. SoftwareSuggest eBook platform lists the top eBook collaboration platforms and helps you connect with them. 

Benefits of eBook Collaboration

eBook collaboration provides a platform where two companies agree to develop a piece of content, promote it, and share the results with each other. By leveraging the relationship and reach of each other, the eBook collaboration helps

  • Establish your authority in a particular niche
  • Get more leads
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Create a buzz in the market
  • Enhance your reach and sales

Choose The Top eBook Collaboration Platforms

S. NoCompany NameEmail IDNumberConnect Now
1WebNamaste LLC*k@*****maste.com91808972****Click Here
2Ejobsitesoftware***o@******tesoftware.com91981033****Click Here
3Qilotech***ul@*****ech.com91981177****Click Here
4Opportune Technologies***ani@*****tune.in91982118****Click Here
5AutoSum Infotech Pvt Ltd****and.ja**av@pri***id.co91976934****Click Here
6TechAvidus***llo@tech***dus.com91942743****Click Here
7Controlsindia Pvt.Ltd.***in@con*****india.asia91971299****Click Here
8Sygul Technologies Private Limited***eesh**ram@s**ul.com91994729****Click Here
9Rossum***kater****@ross**.ai+4207745****Click Here
10Zeetaminds***ineni@*****minds.com91950234****Click Here
11InterWeave Smart Solutions***eting@*****ave.biz91971299****Click Here
12SellerSprite***in@*****prite.com13982270****Click Here
13Paradiso Solutions***das@*****solutions.com91976220****Click Here
14Sixth Sense I T Solutions***yush@*****senseit.com91930255****Click Here
15Karni Group***magp@*****gmail.com91998120****Click Here
16Veris******.khan@***is.in91955512****Click Here
17Greentrans******entra@gmail.com91981125****Click Here
18Gradelink*ste**@gradelink.com94968****Click Here
19Freshwork Inc*jo***@freshworks.com953019****Click Here
20Rossum***terina****@rossum.com9880019****Click Here
21Sixth Sense IT Solution***sh@sixthsenseit.com442134****Click Here
22Tony Harris Business Solutions***lash@thbs.com931225****Click Here
23Ablion IT Solutions Pvt Ltd****deep@ablion.com042544****Click Here
24Mobius Services**put@mobiusservices.com913245****Click Here
25The Talent Games**ha@thetalentgames.com8547735****Click Here
20Innago***ve@innago.com5135****Click Here
21Technians Softech Pvt. Ltd.***rma@technians.com8279****Click Here
22InvoZone***el@invozone.com38802452****Click Here
23API2Cart**** +3809714****Click Here
24Torana Inc.**hish.s@toranainc.com203666****Click Here

Frequently Asked Questions About eBook Collaboration

1. What is an eBook?

As opposed to a traditional print book, the eBook is an electronic or digital version of it that can be read from any electronic devices – PC, laptop, smartphone, or an eBook reader. It comprises of text, images, hyperlinks, videos, or audio.

2. What is eBook collaboration?

eBook collaboration is ideally suited for co-marketing ventures. It is a joint effort by two companies where the expertise of both is demonstrated, and their credibility is strengthened.

3. What is the purpose of eBook collaboration?

With eBook collaboration, two brands can combine their expertise to develop a more compelling content that helps them broaden their reach and cut marketing costs.

4. Suppose that I want to create an eBook with one of the collaboration platforms mentioned here. What should I do?

It’s great you got a suitable platform for creating an eBook. Press ‘Click here’ against the platform you choose. Fill the Google form and submit it. Your request will get forwarded to the desired platform and thus help you connect.

5. Who will finalize the topic for eBook?

For instance, you want to collaborate with XYZ. You will provide topic suggestions to XYZ, and it will finalize on which topic you can create an eBook.

6. Who will provide the content for eBook?

It will be you who will provide the content for eBook. In case, if the one you want to collaborate with demands inserting content from his side, you can mutually develop eBook content.

7. Where will be the eBook published?

Once the eBook is ready, SoftwareSuggest will publish it here: Exclusive & Collaboration eBook

8. Can I share the eBook?

Of course! You and your collaborator can share the eBook on different social media platforms. You can even share it on your Facebook groups. Remember, the sharing can be done only after 48 hours from eBook publishing.

9. What can be done for eBook marketing?

You and your collaborator can run Email Marketing Campaign for the eBook so that it reaches the maximum audience and drive traffic. Moreover, it can be published on both the company’s website in the form of downloadable PDF.  

10. What role will SoftwareSuggest play in this eBook collaboration?

To leverage the benefits of SoftwareSuggest eBook platform, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • You must mention SoftwareSuggest as your marketing partner in your eBook content as well as the social sharing that you do.
  • The front page of your eBook must contain SoftwareSuggest’s logo.
  • After 15 days, SoftwareSuggest will run an Email Campaign for the published eBooks only if they have included SoftwareSuggest in the eBook as a marketing partner.
  • If the eBook collaborators mention SoftwareSuggest as their marketing partners in their social sharing, SoftwareSuggest will share the same on its social media platforms post 48 hours after the email is shot.
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