8 Blogging Strategies to be Followed to Rank your eCommerce Website


David Meyer

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Parul Saxena

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Last updated: April 13, 2021

Blogging has come up a long-distance, from being one of the brand positioning methods it has now been reckoned globally as the most influential factor contributing to effectual marketing. Soon enough the eCommerce platforms in the country recognized its importance and started implementing various blogging strategies.

With eCommerce blogging gaining popularity in the market the competition hiked altogether to another level for getting up on the ranks on the search engines, especially Google.

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What started as a hobby has now become the habit i.e blogging that was earlier associated with writers and to those interested in writing soon became the USP of every leading business idea and successful marketing strategy.

eCommerce Blogging has effectively changed the conventions of media marketing by letting eCommerce business owners raise their voice, publicize, engage customers through organic content.

The first and foremost step to establish a successful blogging platform is to create your own blog. There are thousands of options available over the web to create such a setup; however, WordPress has emerged as the top priority amongst the developers in the last few years.

WordPress is undoubtedly the most intuitive and user-friendly hosting software system available online. This popular eCommerce software solution comes with an extensive set of tools and technologies that can be easily integrated to meet the demand for blogging. 

Here are top blogging strategies which you can consider prior to starting an eCommerce venture.

Define Your Purpose for eCommerce Blogging

Before beginning to getting ahead with eCommerce blogging, you must know the purpose behind it. Such corporate blogs are not just created to sell products or advertise services but also to share content related to the company profile and getting desired traffic on the site.

The simple trick behind creating a blog set up is to share tips, ideas, plans, shortcomings, feedbacks, reviews and most importantly the content. So focus on covering these factors and try engaging potential customers to your eCommerce site via blogs.

Add Authentic & Useful Reviews

Never try to be-fool your audience as it could backfire you anytime and to any extent. Displaying unauthorized, irrelevant and scandalous reviews on your site is a strict “NO” and definitely not when you are a growing company.

Try to build the authentic reputation of your site amidst the audience in every circumstance. Getting real reviews for your brand would not only help you improve the standards of your business strategies but also let you know the potential risks.

Build Mutual Blog-Relationship to Get Strong Business Hold

Socializing your product and services with the help of your own blog posts would shrink your circle and may limit your chances of being accessed by the potential users.

In spite of focusing on connecting your product to the blog, try to reach and link the posts that are similar to your niche. Regularly update, comment and share their post links on your blogs in some way to get the indirect flow of visitors on your site.

Work on SEO, it’s the key factorseo factor in eCommerce blogging

SEO is the key factor do not forget to shield your E-commerce blog with SEO functions as it the major factor that influences its reach on SERP. Try to include all latest SEO-specific tools and technologies in your blog. There are number of tutorials available online that can help you get tips for making SEO Friendly eCommerce site to enhance ranking on search engines.

Social Media IntegrationSocial Media Integration for eCommerce blogging

Social Media interactions prove to be just another influencing factor for your eCommerce blogging sites, Denying the influence of social media on a business expansion may not work for few as these social media channels actively help in attracting visitors to your site. Promoting business through social media platforms directly or indirectly helps you increase the social circle that includes the majority of potential customers & existing clients.

Define Your Objective

Every business has its own prospects and purpose, built to combat some kind of problem or to facilitate potential buyers. So in spite of discussing your business brand with your audience, Show them how your brand is helpful for them or can play a role in combating some of their problems. This will help them know your worth and would let you connect in a better way with your audience.

Be Smart While Placing Links To Your Product

Every businessman knows that it is not possible to directly sell products and services using some eCommerce blogs; although these blogs are often considered as the best medium to publicize a business.

Linking your business product or service within the blog using proper anchor text is highly advised if you think such linking can help your product get desired publicity. Include it in your content in such a way that visitors while reading your blog may get interested in knowing more about your product.

Be Precise & Do Not Brag

Never get influenced if someone advises you to post lengthy blogs on your eCommerce blogging site as the content quantity on a site also plays a role in retaining customers to your site. As it is clear that the purpose of your commercial blog would be to drive traffic to the site and do some sort of branding. But if you have displayed long posts detailing both relevant filled in with not so relevant details, then it would be difficult for your visitors to stay on your blog for a long time. No new visitor would prefer spending time on some site to read essays-like blogs, so keeping all the displayed content precise would actually work in your favour, indeed bragging wont bring any difference but only decrease your trust rank. 

Final Words!

Hold on and wait for the results. As Rome was not built in a day, similarly the success of your blog cannot be judged in a single day. Follow above-mentioned creative  blogging ideas to enhance the presence of your eCommerce blogging site.

David Meyer is a Content Research Analyst at CSSChopper - eCommerce website development company holding years of experience. He had worked closely with various leading online businesses and has helped them redefine their marketing strategies. He holds the interest in online marketing, Search engine optimization, content management, etc.

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