eCommerce Checkout Practices for Maximum Conversions [Infographic]


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Parul Saxena

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Last updated: May 1, 2021

Shopping cart abandonment is a problem being faced by lot of eCommerce stores. In a recent report, the average cart abandonment rate is found to be 68.63%. If you are an eCommerce merchant, then you might have experienced this situation or will soon be experiencing it. You can’t ignore this situation or you’ll run the risk of missing out on potentially new and repeated customers. We are going to walk you through the practices that should be adopted to maximize conversions.

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eCommerce Checkout Practices for Maximum Conversions

The eCommerce Platform is experiencing a constant change in tune with the technology. With increasing competition and number of distractions, exceptional shopping experiences need to be tailored by eCommerce merchants. They are required to give their shopping cart a fighting chance to maximize conversions.  We hope that you find the above points worth pondering over.

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