How You Can Drive More E-commerce Sales with Live Chat Without Being on Call?

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Last updated: August 25, 2021

These are the most wonderful of times. These are the most difficult of times. We live in a society where people’s attention spans are dwindling and patience is becoming increasingly scarce. It’s easy to express yourself. It’s even easier to sway your viewpoint. Today’s businesses confront a unique set of challenges. We now have clients that demand everything to be done ‘right now.’ Faster delivery, quicker check-out, and cancellations, as well as real-time customer service.

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As a business owner, you must be quick, rapid, and spontaneous; today’s world thrives on instant gratification. Consumers are growing increasingly smart, and their expectations are rising as time goes on. This is especially true when working with millennials. You can’t afford to be a slacker when it comes to internet sales. They are impatient, and rapid communication is critical to their perception of your brand. Exceeding customer expectations is a challenging, but not impossible, task.

Users want a faster response time. Customers despite having to wait. Many consumers stated that if they cannot get an immediate solution to their query, they will not proceed with the purchase. As a result, leveraging live chats for e-commerce sales has revolutionised the industry! It assists with customer service, product catalogue viewing within the app, sending targeted message marketing, and retargeting abandoned carts.

Why are live chats preferred over emails and calls?

In the world of e-commerce sales, email is no longer functional. Users may avoid long back-and-forth conversation by using live chat, which means no more waiting! Users receive responses in real time, and the 24-hour email response period suddenly looks like an eternity. Instead of making a phone call or sending an email, millennials prefer to interact online. Customers of all ages prefer live chat versus email. The nicest thing about live chat is that the user can talk, explore, and make a purchase all on the same website.

Chatbots may be programmed to persuade users to engage in chat with you even if they had no intention of doing so. An appealing chat text can help you get more responses, especially if it matches the page they’re on right now. Here’s the thing: chat boxes aren’t only for responding to questions; they’re much more. It’s a widespread misperception that chat is only utilised after a purchase when customers want to know when their order will arrive or have questions regarding refunds or exchanges. However, pre-sale is the best time to use chat. It is possible to create a sense of intrigue and excitement in a user, prompting them to participate and communicate with you.

1. How does live chat help over calls?

When a consumer leaves your website, the chat isn’t finished. Start looking backwards if you’re serious about using live chat to boost online sales. Quality assurance strategies for live chat may tell you a lot, including what consumer pain issues you’re not addressing. You get an advantage and get the most out of every discussion by using your live chat to improve online sales and analyse losses. Doing what works is only half the fight; you also need to figure out what isn’t working and make adjustments as needed to boost online sales using live chat.

The importance of live chat branding cannot be overstated. You can’t afford to leave any stone unturned when it comes to what your consumers perceive when they connect with you. Live chat isn’t immune to this as well. Your live chat interface customization will have a direct impact on how your consumers feel about your chat and, by extension, your live chat agents and their suggestions.
The visual branding of your live chat function helps your website visitors trust you. By making your live chat an extension of your brand rather than an extension of your site, you may increase online sales.

While scripting and chatbots have their uses, plain old-fashioned interaction is the key to achieving your online sales objectives. How can you make conversation facilitate sales? It’s as simple as tailoring your approach to your website visitors. Because it adds an aspect, personalised live chat is critical for driving sales. Interaction is not the same as engagement. You must do more than only encourage your website visitors to use the live chat option; you must also encourage them to appreciate it. To put it another way, your live chat agents are allowing you to make more online sales. This is why it’s critical to provide them the appropriate live chat authority.

Which are some live chat campaigns that shall help e-commerce sales?

1. Encourage people to suggest and invite others:

Users can be invited to promote it to their friends and family, and you may provide an incentive, such as a discount if their referral makes a purchase or creates an account. This can boost a user’s chances of persuading their referrals to buy anything.

Keep track of customer comments to help you improve your e-commerce sales:

It just takes a few hours every week on chat to gain a unique perspective on how your website visitors see your business, their requirements, and what confuses, frustrates, and thrills them. You’ll probably see an increase in purchases if you utilise that viewpoint to improve your storefront and offerings.

2. New account-related discounts:

Give consumers an incentive to create an account on your e-commerce business by offering them a discount. To use it, users will willingly create an account. Users may not really chat with you as a result of this, but it will encourage them to make a purchase.

3. Occasion-based campaigns:

Festivals are just around the corner, right? That means it’s time to go shopping! Huge amounts of traffic are on their way to buy, recommend, and present! You may supply them with intriguing offers pertaining to the items they are looking for after they click on the chat.

4. Distribute Coupons:

Users enjoy the prospect of receiving discounts, which enhances their likelihood of completing a purchase. Make them an offer they won’t be able to refuse. Coupons can just be the bait you need to boost sales.

5. Welcome them and give assistance:

The Welcome conversation is the most basic marketing. You can inform them that you are accessible to assist them if they have any questions. It provides the user a chance to speak with you and welcomes them to do so. These kinds of initiatives make it easy for users to locate the chat box, ask a question if they have one, and continue browsing.

6. Offer enhanced connectivity during sales:

Is your online store now having a sale? Awesome! Tell them about the discount; are you offering any bundle deals? Is there a buy one, get one free deal? Let it be known! Users are always interested in learning more about a sale. What items are on sale, what discounts are available, and so on.


Finally, ensure that web chat interactions resume where they left off. Customer or agent-to-customer chat discussions should not be terminated without the opportunity to resume where the conversation left off. Chat is popular among customers since it allows them to multitask. Customers find it extremely inconvenient to have to resume a whole discussion with a different chat agent if they must leave the chat and the session times out or the agent closes it.

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