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Last updated: May 1, 2021

It has been a cliche for huge businesses to do commerce in a brick and mortar model. Since early 2000, eCommerce Software has provided the independence from the location of a marketplace where buyers and sellers would come together to trade with individuals’ interest. Despite the rampant growth of eCommerce software, businesses don’t want to fall into the hassle of creating a web presence by creating a website, purchasing a domain, hosting it, maintaining it. This becomes pretty cumbersome for a non-domain person to implement and regulate it in a timely manner.

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As more and more consumers are trending towards online shopping, it would not be justice to your business if you do not have an eCommerce website and it would hinder your conversion opportunities. Hence some of the top eCommerce software like twikster, zepo, nationkart,shopify comes up with a unique way of doing a hassle-free business by taking up the obligations you had while implementing your own eCommerce website.

Ecommerce software provides you with best in market widgets and templates for a better customer interaction and building a brand image of your product list. It is always good to have a strategic view by extending the scope of your business in this manner. Below mentioned is the list of amazing strategies that one would definitely have hands-on, while doing any eCommerce business: “How To Start Selling Online in 5 Minutes

  1. Select demographics to focus on the consumer group

    One needs to be specific as to which market is the business targeting. Every consumer has a varied list of needs and requirements. Your business must be able to target that particular demographic of the customer whether that is age, sex, lifestyle, race etc. This is an important strategy as it will be able to generate a better need catering business and would keep you focused on your core work than digressing from the pitch.

  1. Consistent and constant updation of content

    The best tooltip to attain customers’ attention is to generate information about your products from time to time. Creating blogs about your products, email newsletters and multiple images of the product. This makes the eCommerce software customer-centric. This enables your web presence to be eye catchy and attractive to the current users.

  1. SEO and multi-channeling

    If your eCommerce website is available on varied sites, then it is certain to capture more attention that would lead to a higher conversion ratio. Its presence on different social media sites would also lead to gain more desire for consumers to visit your site at the very go. It helps you provide a multi presence on facebook, pinterest, twitter etc so that you are noticed anywhere your potential customer is available.

  1. Make your platform exclusive

    Being idiomatic makes your business stand out of your competitors. Customers tend to engross in the products and services that are uniquely offered by your business rather than the generics. You can have certain products/services that would be available only on your platform attracting more consumers and gaining importance too.

  1. Do not make it device specific

    More than 30% of the trending online market tends to buy products from mobile phones and tablets. If your service works well on the desktop but is not equally effective on smartphones, then you may fail to win the conversion from these consumers. Hence you need to make your service apt enough to work really well on various platforms not just sticking to one specific platform. It would provide equal important details regarding the products featured.

  1. Easy delivery integration

    The cornerstone for any eCommerce website is the delivery end. eCommerce software is not just about ordering good products, but the consumers will also expect easy and quick delivery processes ensuring that the product reaches in a good state to the end users. eCommerce platform software like twikster comes with amazing delivery integration system ensuring fast and reliable delivery options.

  1. Be pleased to help

    Customer retention is equally important as customer acquisition in today’s business. Hence your business needs to be in constant contact with your clients even after completion of the deal. This would create a strong image in the customers’ mind which would easily retain for a longer period. This could even be more interactive by allowing users to give feedback on products and their experiences with your site. Zepo provides this unmatched facility using Web-engage that enables constant consumer interaction helping you make your business grow in a way your consumers want it to be. Be it through phone, emails or social media it is an effective tool that would help you have customers for a long while.

  1. Secure payment integration

    If the consumer is burning a hole in his pocket then assure him/ her that the penny he is shelling off is secured to be transacted whether through debit cards or credit cards. One needs to bring faith in the customer using trusted gateways that all the customer details will be taken care of and will not be breached for any misuse

Equipped with these strategies a business is sure shot to ensure converting window shoppers to potential buyers. Business owners may now leave all the hassles of maintenance and creation of a website using online SAAS applications. So what are you waiting for? Come & grow your business online in less than a day. SoftwareSuggest is here to help you out with the best available ecommerce solution for your business to grow online.

Misha holds a Master degree in Marketing and bachelor in computer application. She works as a content & marketing executive at SoftwareSuggest. She likes travelling to hill stations and reading novels. Follow her on twitter.

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