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Last updated: May 18, 2021

In this thriving technological age, retailers, restaurateurs, and businesses are adopting a POS system to bring an all-in-one solution to their everyday issues. Thus, you’ll find hundreds of such solutions in the market, but only a few will entice you. One of them is Effiasoft’s Just Billing.

Effiasoft, a blockchain-enabled POS and Billing platform, was developed to simplify the POS for government bodies and top-level management. With a team of professionals and experts in this arena, Effiasoft has offered a suite of POS solutions across retail, restaurant, distribution, and many other industries.

Let’s unveil what it aims to achieve and what more it is up to with Mr. Koushik Shee, Founder at Effiasoft Pvt. Ltd.

In conversation with Koushik Shee, Founder of Effiasoft Pvt. Ltd.

What led you to the inception of Effiasoft Pvt. Ltd.?

We wanted to develop a simplified POS that any user can download and use just like any social media app. It would address pain points of any top-level management or governing body. For instance, On Aggregation gives info in a single click about ‘Tax Collected for this day.’ It may be critical to the government to understand the most sold products in a region or understand demand vs supply to keep resources adequate.

Tell us something about your product. For which industries is your product a perfect fit?

From standalone solutions to custom-developed solutions, we cater to

  • Retail
  • Airlines – Inflight POS
  • Banking – for their business clients
  • Governments – to automate tax collection or business under them
  • Distribution – to simplify their daily B2B needs with mobile users for roaming staff; thus, saving time and reputation in the market for delivery and route optimization.

Any important thing you are working on at present? If so, how are you making it happen?

We are automating the government tax collection process. It will reduce many complex areas and address the process in a straightforward method. Knowing all areas of government functions and their operations is a key strength for project success, however, we hold expertise in these areas. All retailers, restaurateurs, and distributors automated their billing process with Just Billing.

How is Effiasoft’s POS and Billing Software different from those available on the market?

We provide value for money. With the cloud model, we enable remote monitoring of businesses from anywhere with endpoints like Android, iOS, or Windows devices in the shop or business place. It helps the owner to control business from anywhere without any inhouse servers or complex hardware, and it’s maintenance.

What are the challenges and opportunities that you observed in this long journey?

Simplifying Just Billing and providing user-friendliness is a daily challenge, and we are sailing towards perfection with client and market needs which keeps changing rapidly.

Who are the major clients you have worked with to date? Please name a few of them.

Tiger Run, Wolfpack, Lenin House, Bagalacharan Kundu, Estrolo.

How do you keep yourself and your team updated and motivated?

We trust our leadership. It gives scope to coordinate with the team and encourage the customer-centric thought process in this growing and challenging world.

What new features/products/services can your users expect from you in the coming years?

E-commerce and payment platforms along with Just Billing, will simplify and help manage the business with accuracy and seamless means.

What does success look like for Effiasoft Pvt. Ltd.?

Making a DIY product used by 5 out of 10 people in the coming couple of years is another success, which was also our short-term goal, and fulfilling the organization’s vision is SUCCESS.

What advice would you give to budding professionals?

Essence they have as key skill to be derived to perfection to achieve their goal.

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