The ELK Stack: Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana



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Last updated: May 2, 2021

If you’re a developer, you probably already know the benefits of Elasticsearch when used on its own.  However, when combined with Logstash and Kibana, you have a very powerful business analytics platform that you can exploit to manage your log data.  

In this article, we’re going to delve in deeper into the ELK stack technologies and explain how you can use them.


A fantastic log search tool, Elasticsearch is the ideal solution for any problems you may have with data extraction.  It only needs one developer to operate it, freeing up the remainder of your development team to deal with more pressing concerns, and can help to provide you with data insights.  Data extractions can be performed in lightning quick time, extraction and analysis are both performed in real time.  

Elasticsearch is also scalable so it can grow with your business.  And, even though it is an open-source product, it has powerful text search capabilities, auto-completion, geolocation support, and extensive query language.  It’s the best tool out there for developers who need a backend datastore with additional features.  However, when combined with the following two tools, it is even more powerful.


Logstash is a tool that enables you to route your log data.  It can help with pretty much every type of log that you manage.  Logstash is the tool that helps developers to find high-value needles in their data haystacks.  It enables developers to analyse, query and store their logs and comes with a range of quality features, which means using it requires very little effort on your part.  When combined with Elasticsearch, Logstash provides all of the above advantages and can be used on masses of data. It’s a workhorse of a tool that is incredibly valuable.


Finally, we come to Kibana. Kibana is an exploration and visualisation tool that can help you to understand your data through pie charts, scatter plots, maps, trend lines and bar graphs.  It takes data that is hard to interpret and turns it into an easy to understand visual.  You can link, share, and save your visualised date with others, which cuts down on communication and makes things as easy as possible to understand.  Elasticsearch Kibana integrations have similar benefits to that of Logstash.  Kibana can make use of all the data stored in Elasticsearch and present it in an easy to understand way, all in real time.

While all of the above can be very beneficial, this is only true if you understand how to use them and have the personnel available.  Many development companies find that a better option is to hire a third party to take over their databases so that they can purely focus on developing applications using application and website development software. For example, ObjectRocket for Elasticsearch is an ideal Elasticsearch Kibana option for those who want to do this, as the company provides 24/7 support and free migrations as well as the benefits we discussed above.

The ELK Stack are incredibly powerful tools for developers and can benefit your company greatly.

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