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Last updated: May 7, 2020

Invoicing and Time Tracking are two core business processes that not only take up time but are also prone to errors. Thankfully, today we have got access to a range of invoicing and time tracking software solutions that save hundreds of hours and simplify our work. Considering the necessity for invoicing amongst local businesses in Greece, Pantelis Petridis came up with an idea of building Elorus, a robust online invoicing and time tracking software.

Right from helping companies generate branded invoices to accepting credit card payments and setting up reminders for late payments, it complies with every invoicing needs. Besides, its time tracking capabilities enable individuals and organizations to keep track of project progress while maximizing productivity.

Being an innovator and software developer, Pantelis Petridis enjoys offering solutions to problems. Let’s catch up with him to know more about his career and Elorus in an exclusive interview with SoftwareSuggest.

In conversation with Pantelis Petridis, Co-Founder of Elorus:

What inspired you to start something like Elorus?

My business partner and I came up with the idea of creating Elorus in 2013. The spark that led us to conceive the idea to build an invoicing software was the lack of online invoicing and billing services in Greece. At that point in time, there was an impending necessity for invoicing software to cover localized business needs. Since we were both freelancers back then, we wanted to create a tool for other freelancers and small businesses. Hence, Elorus came into being in 2014, operating locally, at first.

Even though our scope is much more extensive, six years later, we still work hard to detect issues, find user-friendly solutions, and combine different features to facilitate modern professionals.

What is it that lets you stay passionate about Elorus?

Finding better and faster solutions to streamline business processes is my passion. Building the ideal invoicing workflow, saving even more valuable time for users around the world, or any other innovation we can think of helps the whole team stay focused on achieving more.

What is your vision for Elorus?

Our ultimate goal is to make Elorus an all-in-one software for business teams of any size ranging from digital agencies, consultancies to software development teams, among others. At present, our software improves the way they do business. The next step would be to support them even further by helping them make educated decisions based on hard-proof data. This way, they will be able to control their business development to the fullest.

How is your product benefitting its users?

Across the spectrum of Fintech technologies, there is a considerable empty space between the conventional invoicing and time-tracking software. Elorus is the software that works on filling that space by offering financial and employee productivity monitoring features along with project and expense management. Consequently, it poses as the most suitable solution for professionals that need to have control over every facet of their businesses.

Is there anything most critical you are working on right now? If so, how are you making it happen?

Currently, we are working on strengthening our project management feature. Elorus’ expected features are around project planning and budgeting. These new additions will undoubtedly result in efficient resource scheduling, which is necessary to teams as well as solopreneurs.

Define the work culture at Elorus.

Our work culture is team-oriented. Each of the members of our team has their own particular responsibilities, but we all have a common goal to work towards. It’s quite fortunate that we have a common working style. This way, our communication system is working well, creating a positive working environment for everyone.

If you weren’t building Elorus, what would you be doing differently?

The sure thing is that I would be building something since it’s in my nature and the profession I’ve chosen. I particularly enjoy offering solutions to problems so I think I would still be in the Fintech industry trying to find ways to improve people’s business workflows.

Where do you think your growth will be next year?

Elorus has taken a gradual uphill path since the beginning. We offer our services to more clients with each passing year and introduce more and more useful features to automate their business processes. Next year, we will still be growing our software’s skillset, helping and supporting every freelancer, agency, and small business that chooses to work with Elorus.

What would you advise the new-age entrepreneurs coming up in the industry?

Based on my personal experience, I would advise all up and coming entrepreneurs to think hard on their business actions because they can gravely influence their professional careers. Of course, you should always be prepared for failure, but educated decisions are less likely to put your startup on the line. Businesses can grow without having to take grave risks or leaps of faith to reach the top, at least not all the time. So, to sum it up in a sentence, entrepreneurs should “dream big, work hard, plan well.”

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