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Despite being the oldest marketing medium, Email Marketing is one of the most affordable methods of online marketing to promote your products or services.

It is a mean through which each brand can reach the maximum number of potential customers, generate leads, and ensure conversions.

With the advancement in the digital world, email marketing has also soared. Thus, in today’s digital age, one cannot knock back the importance that digital marketing companies hold.

They are the most effective means of helping brands target leads and boost ROI.

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According to research, 59% of B2B marketers consider email marketing as a robust channel for generating revenue. (Source)

Thus, businesses look forward to leveraging the best email marketing services to drive significant profits.

Are you looking for the right email marketing companies in India? Here’s a comprehensive list of top email marketing service providers in India that provides bulk email marketing solutions.

List of Top Email Marketing Companies in India

1. Mail Marketer

Email Marketing Companies in IndiaFounded in: 2008

Headquarters: Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Mail Marketer is a trusted DIY (Do-It-Yourself) email marketing company in India. To date, it has helped over 10,000 businesses streamline their email campaigns. It is good at sending bulk emails, newsletters, special offers, mass email, event invitations, and promotions.

Moreover, it helps you keep track of each email – Email Open Reporting, Link Click Tracking, Email Bounce Tracking, Google Analytics Integration, etc.

With Mail Marketer, you neither require configuring your mail servers nor install any software. You need to select a plan, sign up, and start automating your email campaigns. Whether you have a small mail list or an enlarged one, they have got all the methods to meet your business requirements.

2. Juvlon

Email Marketing Companies in IndiaFounded in: 2005

Headquarters: Pune, Maharashtra

Juvlon, being considered as one of the best email marketing companies in India, enables you to design professional-looking emails in a few minutes. Its email automation services let you build lasting customer relationships by sending the right email at the right time.

With its A/B testing functionality, you can create smarter campaigns based on your subscribers’ interests.

You can automate trigger-based campaigns that will be initiated on specific events like birthdays, anniversaries, and more. Right from Email Design and Campaign Reports to Email Delivery, SMS Marketing, Contact List Management, and Marketing Automation, Juvlon offers you the best email marketing solutions.

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3. Crux Mailer

Email Marketing Companies in IndiaFounded in: 2012

Headquarters: Cochin, Kerala

With over five years of experience in email marketing and SMTP server management, Crux Mailer specializes in sending bulk emails. It allows you to create and store an unlimited number of email campaigns and use them whenever you want.

Its advanced HTML Editor helps you design attractive HTML and text-based email campaigns.

If you want to determine who opens and reads your email, Crux Mailer can help you obtain the data with its live open and click tracking reports.

It even enables you to analyze how the users are visiting and clicking links across your website. Besides, you can also import data from your Excel files.

4. Kenscio

Email Marketing Companies in IndiaFounded in: 2009

Headquarters: Bangalore, Karnataka

Having bagged numerous awards for its commendable services, Kenscio stands among the best email marketing companies in India. From cutting-edge email marketing and technology solutions to marketing automation capabilities, it empowers businesses to reach the maximum audience, convert them, and build their authority in the market.

Kenscio helps your email marketing campaigns effectively by enabling personalization and one-to-one communication. You can also make the most of its acquisition features like Big Data solution, Email Validator, and Marketing Automation that helps you run managed email marketing campaigns efficiently.

5. VibeMail

Email Marketing Companies in IndiaFounded in: 2010

Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra

VibeMail is one of your top reliable bulk email service providers in India. Its been serving industries across verticals in PAN India, US, Canada, and Australia since 2010 at competitive prices.

With its email marketing service, businesses can ensure high inbox delivery, and through its mass email service, they guarantee high uptime and customer support.

It keeps apart from the IP reputation monitor and VibeMail’s bulk email campaign so that you can maintain server reputation across ISP. Additionally, its cloud-based mass emailing service delivers the best service uptime.

6. Octane

Email Marketing Companies in IndiaFounded in: 2007

Headquarters: New Delhi, Delhi

Octane is one of the leading email marketing companies in India that provides email, SMS, and web-marketing platform. Thus, you can stay engaged with your customers and drive more conversions in the best possible way.

You can benefit immensely from its customized email marketing software solutions that are designed to fit all your business requirements.

Its features like Integrated Marketing, Performance Marketing, and Permission Marketing, along with Agile Marketing Technology and Expert Service, make it B2B marketers’ favorite choice.

Moreover, it also boasts multi-channel email and white-labeled services for a more customized approach.

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7. Hems Mail

Email Marketing Companies in IndiaFounded in: 2012

Headquarters: Jaipur, Rajasthan

You can grow your audience and increase loyalty with Hems Mail’s top-notch email marketing services. It delivers its services to clients in the US, UK, Canada, France, Australia, and across the globe.

Hems Mail allows you to integrate its bulk email service with your campaigns. Further, you can monitor click-through rates of your emails by linking them to email marketing tools.

With Hems Mail SMTP Server, you can also leverage the benefits of Email Credit Super Reseller and SMTP Server Reseller services. Through these services, Hems Mail sells its bulk email, email marketing, and SMTP Server services to you. Then, you can re-sell them at your price.

8. Brainpulse

Email Marketing Companies in IndiaFounded in: 1999

Headquarters: Noida, Uttar Pradesh

When you choose Brainpulse for your email marketing services, you rest assure high deliverability. Its bulk email campaigns ensure looking into every aspect of mail broadcasting.

Additionally, its facilities for managed email marketing helps you take your business to new heights. This makes it one of the best email marketing companies in India.

Right from planning and scheduling your email campaigns to design and sending them, you can also measure the performance of your email campaigns.

Some of the other tools that add to the value of this company are email marketing automation, data mining, and email validation.

9. MailGet Bolt

Email Marketing Companies in IndiaFounded in: 2009

Headquarters: Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Whether you need to send informative, educational, promotional, or marketing emails, MailGet Bolt has got effective marketing services for you. Its in-built drag-and-drop email builder lets you create personalized emails in no time. Moreover, you can add unlimited custom tags to personalize the emails.

With MailGet Bolt, you can import emails, clean your mailing list from spam contacts, add sign-up forms and autoresponders, enable email tracking, and do a lot more.

You can integrate it with 100+ apps to automate the workflow and boost the overall productivity of your business.

10. Cybridge

Email Marketing Companies in India

Founded in: 2006

Headquarters: Pune, Maharashtra

With its complete managed email marketing, Cybridge assures converting your prospects into leads. You can track the number of visitors who opens your emails, clicks the links provided, or any other activities.

This helps them take the right step to approach your prospects and transform them into leads.

Some of the noteworthy features that you can avail from Cybridge include customized messages, mobile compatibility, and end-to-end email management.

Thus, you can focus more on other essential business tasks. Besides, Cybridge also tracks and analyzes no-spam and no-bounce based emails.

Choose the right Email Marketing Company to help your business grow
The above listed are the top 10 email marketing companies in India. See to it that the one you opt for meets your current and future needs.

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