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Last updated: May 15, 2021

There are many email marketing tips and tricks that have been going around in the industry. Each of them works differently for every organization. As a marketer, you have to find the best one that aligns with your service and organization as a whole.

Find the below statistical numbers, Almost 77% of B2B marketers have been using email marketing for driving leads.

Another report says that there are around 72% of B2B buyers that want to share useful content through email. 

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So, how effective is email marketing?

How Effective Is Email Marketing
Figure 1 Courtesy: LyfeMarketing

In such a scenario, one cannot afford to ignore email marketing for boosting the lead generation process.

As quality leads are the fodder for high-value sales, you should implement the right email marketing trick in your email campaign to generate the best business results.

Best Email Marketing Tips and Tricks

Find some of the best email marketing tips and tricks here,

  • Using the relevant images in the email

A human brain can comprehend an image faster than the text. So, when you use the images that support your copy, the targeted audience will be more likely to read through the mail. A relevant and high-quality image can make all the difference for a high number of conversions. Check the below image for reference,

Using the relevant images in the email
Figure 2 Courtesy: GetResponse

Clean design

You may have heard this “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” When your email is cluttered with much content, colors, etc., the reader may get distracted from the real message. Make sure that your emails are pleasing for their eyes and motivate them to read it till the end.

  • Using Gmail ads for targeting the competitor’s audience

As in B2B, we know a lot of attention is given to the competitor’s customers. Gmail ads help in targeting the Google ad campaigns to the recipients who have received the email from the competitor. This can be helpful for some of the businesses and generate good leads.

  • Working on the right subject line

You would have heard this many times from the industry experts, “a right subject line can make or break the connection with the potential customer.” In a competitive world, when you have just a few seconds to catch the attention of the recipient while they go through a pile of other emails, the right subject line can be the best connector between you and your prospect.

Before working on the email body content, you have to work extra hard on the right subject line!!!!!

  • Linking it to the landing page

The landing pages are the best and the right point of communication with the prospect. When you link the email content with the landing pages, the recipient will be redirected to these pages. As the landing pages are efficiently designed, it has the potential to make the first good impression on the minds of the customer. 

  • Optimizing for mobile

Mobile personalization is a must-have for all organizations. 

As per a survey, most of the respondents use smartphones to check their emails.

Find the below image:

Optimizing for mobile
Figure 3 Courtesy: eleventy marketing group

As a marketer, it is necessary to optimize emails for mobile.

  • Making the right segmentation

When you know where your audience is in the sales funnel, it will help you to craft a better email message. Segmentation of the audience is done on the basis of geography, engagement, preference, interest, browsing history, demographics, cart abandonment, etc. As you can see in the below image, show them the products for what they will be interested in, or show them the accessories to help them move closer for making the purchase,

The UncommonGoods, a Brooklyn-based American catalog retailer, extracted the cookies from the subscriber’s shopping activities on the website and sent them the products in which they will be interested. This process can actually drive the users in purchasing their choice of products, instead of going to the competitors.

  • Using the animated GIFs

Using the animated GIFs is one of the best email marketing tricks that can keep the recipient interested. A funny image can hit the right chord with the customer.

  • Personalizing the automated email campaigns

Personalization has been termed as the new future of marketing.

A survey even found that more than 63% of the consumers expect personalization as a standard service.

When you personalize the automated email campaign, then customers feel more connected than usual.  

  • Creating gated content

What is gated content?

Gated content has been referred to as a piece of content that is provided to the lead in return for their contact information. You have to develop the gated content that helps the lead understand their major challenges. As a marketer, be confident in providing actionable advice through the researched insight for taking the next step in the sales cycle.

  • Displaying pop-ups

One of the obvious reasons why you are not getting enough leads is that you are not asking your prospect the right question at the right time. You can insert some pop-ups while sending an email to your recipient. These email pop-ups can help create a clear Call-To-Action, giving irresistible, eye-catching design, and asking the feedback to the visitor. Keep the request noticeable with the floating bar and others.

  • Leveraging the urgency and scarcity tactic

It’s ingrained in human nature: when they feel that a product will be soon out of stock, they will run for that!

As a marketer, you have to leverage the scarcity and urgency tactic to pull more leads and convert them into your customers.

  • Sending educational emails

Sending educational emails help to a great extent. Most of the marketers are putting great effort into email campaigns that are more informative than promotional as they have realized that educational email campaigns are more worthwhile and helpful in winning the trust of the potential customer.

  • Having a polished email design

Figure 4 Courtesy: Shutterstock

Having a creative, crisp, and clear email design is necessary for customer engagement. You can use relevant and eye-catching images. A polished email design encourages customers to go through the entire email.

  • Getting to the point

This has been a major challenge for marketers. Most of the time, they revolve around the content without conveying the actual message. Later, the recipients are bored and confused with the real message.

As a marketer, you have to develop the message, which is simple and straight to the point and makes the recipient comfortable in comprehending the message.

  • Using different types of email

Providing different types of email content help in making the emails more engaging. Welcome emails should be personalized and simple, while a monthly newsletter can be sent with the targeted content. Sharing relevant offers in weekly emails can also make a difference.

  • Cleaning the mailing list

You should clean the mailing list on a regular basis. There are a huge number of subscribers who opted for your service but did not have time to check your emails. Removing them from the subscriber’s list can have a positive effect on your email campaign. 

No need to keep such subscribers in the mailing list who are never going to open your emails!!!!

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  • Promoting via other marketing channels

Another way of promotion with an email lead campaign is via the business blog. With the help of educational and informative blogs and effective messaging, blogging can help the business to get more customers. Use the email for driving readers to the blog and for deeper engagement with them.

  • Geo-tagging the updates

Instagram is one of the mobile social sharing sites. As anyone having a phone can use Instagram from wherever they are, geo-tagging can help for promoting engagement and driving high traffic to the landing pages and the email gated events. 

Geo tagging updates
Figure 5 Courtesy: wishpond


It’s very crucial to choose the right organization for your email marketing efforts. Every organization executes email marketing campaigns, but what can differentiate your strategy from theirs is the way you use it for your advantage.

Utilizing the right email marketing tips and tricks at the right time can make your email marketing strategy stand out. As recipients receive a huge number of emails, they lose the patience in going through each of the emails.

The above blog is helpful as it guides you on the right path to implement the right email marketing trick for boosting lead generation.

Robert Jordan is a marketing professional with ten plus years of experience who currently works as Media Relations Manager at InfoClutch Inc, a company that provides technology database & technographic data along with other services like data licensing, data appending, etc. It's geared towards helping startups set up the lead flow.

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