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Last updated: February 23, 2021


Qandle : No. 1 In HR Software

The current day business scenario has become increasingly volatile and unpredictable. Organizations, in order to outpace their customers, have to reshape some of the crucial areas of their business. Human Resource is one among those. They need to do HR Solution in a way that would enable a completely new type of organization viz. the one designed around highly nimble and responsive talent.

It is estimated that HRIS software is going beyond the regular process of clearly defined, a stand-alone function that has been associated with payroll and salary. It now spans disciplines that are concerned with the entire employee lifecycle management.

The dedication of Human Resource professionals will be in helping out their organizations to seamlessly find and mobilize resources around business issues. Their work will have new expansions to motivate the people to adopt the change and perform their best in all situations. To meet these objectives, the Human Resource team will have to restructure their goals and also the roles & responsibilities within the team. They need to redefine their business and talent management practices, with support from new technologies.

To help out the HR professionals, the end to end goals need to be met. Out of many emerging HR solutions available in the market, we have a promising solution i.e. GoForHR which is brought to you by Tamba Solutions.

Some of the key features of this HR solution:

1. Employee Database & ESS:

The Software provides a comprehensive information collection form for the employees. The software nurtures ESS i.e. employee self-service. The database for the same includes the field for the following attributes:

  • Personal Information
  • Contact details
  • Visa-Passport Info
  • Past experience
  • Language & Skills
  • Salary & Designation
  • Bank Information
  • Roles & Responsibilitygo4hr1

The screenshots will give you a better understanding of the software.

2. Attendance & Leave management:

An essential task for an organization is to maintain the attendance and leaves of the employees. Traditional methods of attendance and leave management are tedious and toil the person in charge for doing that. This task is being taken care of in the software.go4hr2

3. Appraisal System:

To ensure a good culture, it is very important the company maintains a clear appraisal policy and the team member know about it.

The software incorporates the system of appraisal in a very beautiful manner. There is an option where a goal can be set easily for each employee as well as for the groups. We can also set parameters based on which appraisals can be given to the employees.

One can even keep track of appraisals being given, that too month wise.

4. Payroll System:

The payroll section of GoForHR is remarkable making it very easy for the HR department. Employee salary or deduction can be managed along with payslip. Sundry other features include reports for compliance like PF, ESI, bank transfer; TDS calculation and various policies of the company.go4hr3

5. Recruitment Process:

The recruitment process is often considered as the most toiling job for the HR team and to make it relaxing, the software also streamlines the recruitment process. HR solution becomes very comfortable for the Human Resource professional to make a smart decision for hiring any candidate.go4hr4

6. Exit Process:

If a person wants to leave or join another company, then he/she can very easily do it with the help of this software. The inbuilt feature of the same is unique and also enhances the comfortability of the employees.go4hr5

The whole software works like a system. So, it becomes quite easy for the HR department to manage most of the processes.

GoForHR also allowed for 3 types of the login account.

  • Administrator Role: Administrator role includes the creation of various master entries, role creation and management and different company policies control.
  • HR Role: This includes the control of Employee DBMS, leaves and weekly off management; access to very useful reports & MIS; pay calculation and appraisal system generation and last, recruitment and exit process control. Apart from these attributes, the HR login includes self and team services which prove to be very beneficial.
  • Employee Self Service (ESS) Role: This is the most beneficial of all the roles as it provides ease to all the employees of the company. The various self-services includes the attendance filling, leave request, compensatory off request, appraisals decided as per policy, tax saving declaration, team member services among various other interactive components.

The most lucrative feature of GoForHR is the ESS-Employee Self Service, which enhances the capabilities of the employees by making them more responsible towards themselves as well as towards the company. Therefore, this HR solution best suits all the major firms that include the role of HR.

Overall an interactive system.

This Hour or That Hour, Just GoForHR..!!!!

Dolly works as a content analyst at SoftwareSuggest. As a person she is ardent and happy always. When free, she loves to explore on ancient yoga. Follow her on twitter @serenedolly13 to know more.

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