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Recruitment is an important process for any company as it brings the brightest candidates into the firm. However, at the same time, this process can be time-consuming and lengthy for both recruiters and the candidates. Thus, companies have moved on using An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or Recruitment software.

An ATS can streamline the tedious process of recruitment by digitalizing the entire process into a single system. The software collects resumes in its database and matches the best candidates’ profile as per the job description. They update the candidate’s profile through the recruitment process and help recruiters to narrow down candidates easily. It works great for organizations that are hiring on a large scale or receive hundreds of applications for every job they post. But this is not the only benefit recruiters have. An ATS also works as an amazing branding tool to select the best job candidates and enhance their experience. Here you can check how the ATS system integrate with LinkedIn

Enahance Candidate experience using ATS - SSThe candidate also gets the advantage when a company uses ATS. It’s all about the user experience they get when using ATS while applying for the job. 

Ways to Enhance Candidate experience by deploying ATS

Here are a few ways in which a candidate’s job application experience is enhanced by deploying ATS

1. Keeps Candidate in the Loop

Nothing is more frustrating for a job applicant than waiting for recruiters to call regarding interview timings or interview results. Lack of communication with recruiters can really be an annoying experience. If a candidate never hears from the company at all, he or she will never apply for the job in that company again.

An ATS can help recruiters to stay on top of replying to emails without delays. Candidates can always be kept in the loop and will be informed exactly how long the recruitment process will take. With ATS, a candidate will know exactly when resumes are being monitored, when interviews are scheduled and when a call back can be expected. This information and transparency of the process can bring great relief to any candidate. You can automate the recruitment process with applicant tracking software like Taster.

2.Faster Response Handling

Candidates often apply to jobs and get no response from recruiters for weeks or maybe months. The decision of being selected or rejected should never take that long. It is nothing but a pain for candidates to wait for days for a response. Many candidates fear that recruiters have forgotten them. Moreover, there is always a constant fear of the recruiters losing their email interaction. With ATS, recruiters can communicate instantly with job applicants and thereby reduce the response time. Be it by email or by SMS, it will never take a recruiter more than a few minutes to respond to candidates. What’s more? Recruiters can either go for template responses to save time or for tailored responses if the situation demands so. The key is timely and engaging communication at each step.

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Furthermore, with ATS at hand recruiters always have comprehensive records of interactions at all times. Thus, in the end, the applicant is happy with the comprehensive communication between him/her and the company and is confident about the job application process.

3. Better Visibility

Since ATS processes the job application, applicants can rest assured that their application has an equal chance. All the information is extracted from the resume by the software and thus there is a minimal chance that an important aspect of the resume will be ignored. Hence, all candidates can be confident that their skills will be matched perfectly to the job description before any decisions are made. Additionally, ATS gives an equal chance of visibility to all applicants.

4. Job Applications on the Go

Nowadays with most people using smartphones to get their daily work done, it makes sense to allow candidates to apply for jobs through their mobile devices. With smart ATS, candidates can apply for jobs through their smartphones or tablets. Moreover, since recruiters too can access candidate data on their phone, candidates can rest assured that recruiters can access their profiles anytime, anywhere. Hence, increasing their chances of landing a job that matches their profile.

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5. Online Interviews

What if the candidate is unable to make it for the interview or the written test? Wouldn’t it be great to provide them with an online platform wherein they can take preliminary tests online or upload interview videos? When candidates are provided with these advantages, they would really feel great for the opportunity and will be happy to join such organizations.

Positive ATS experiences can be a great reflection in your recruitment process! Since the candidates are forming opinions about your company during this phase, it is essential for the company to present its best. Thus, the right applicant tracking system/recruitment software allows the company to deliver exactly – a fulfilled and enhanced candidate experience!



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