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Last updated: July 19, 2021

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you can operate your entire sales process at the tip of your finger? This is particularly very interesting and important to start-ups. They have limited budgets and resources in hand and they are typically looking for rapid growth with disruptive ideas.

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Sales are like a heartbeat for any business. Sales get you the customer who will buy your product and generate business for you. Having a pocket-friendly device like a mobile CRM app which is enabled that you can carry almost anywhere will be no less than a blessing.

ENJAY CRM understood this need of the business and came up with an extremely intelligent CRM that will streamline your entire sales process. Their CRM is not just limited to the mobile phone it works on browser too. On both the platforms it is synchronized effectively with customizable fields that can be changed as per as your convenience.

ENJAY CRM Dashboard for Sales Management

The very first Page of ENJAY CRM will give you a glimpse of all the activities you are supposed to do on that particular day. You can know how many tasks are assigned to you by your team lead, a number of meeting lined up, inquiries and tickets to be resolved on that particular day.

This CRM Marketing automation really helps the employee to measure the amount of work they are able to perform, what’s done, what remains pending and how can the next few hours of the day planned so the assigned work gets completed on time.

Enjay CRM prouct review

Another sub-functionality is the Dashboard switching, which means you can also check the other user activities records besides your own.

If you are a team leader of the team you will also get to have an idea of all the activities your team is supposed to cover on a particular day. Each activity can be broken down further to give more specific information. As shown in the image below the moment you click on the inquiry section the ENJAY CRM will take you to a whole new page which will give you a user-wise breakdown about each member and the task that is assigned to them.

This is not over yet ENJAY CRM can give you a more refined breakdown. If you want to know more about how many the over-due inquiries are assigned to each member ENJAY CRM can do that as well.

Enjay CRM prouct review

As soon as you click on the “All” you will be taken to a call log screen where multiple options are integrated with a call, SMS, WhatsApp, and Email. Just do a simple swipe select mode of communication that seems most suitable and start a conversation with your customer.

enjay crm product review

ENJAY CRM can lock the calls you have attended so that in your absence your team member can know the most recent time the client was contacted. But what about the personal calls you receive. Obviously, you will not want your wife call to be locked in the CRM. To deal with this situation as soon you are done with a call a dialogue box will prompt up and it will ask you to whether you want to record the call. You can decide and proceed further.

Make Follow-Ups simpler with ENJAY CRM

  • Phone Inbox (SMS) and WhatsApp

ENJAY will make follow-up procedure seamless not only on calls but on other mediums as well. You can send Inbox messages to your clients. ENJAY have specially designed templates which can all be used for different purposes. Just select the most relevant template for the type of follow up you want and send it to your customer.

This along with providing consistency saves a lot of time which would be otherwise spent on composing messages. Everyone knows the trend of WhatsApp this days. It is still possible for people to forget checking their inbox message but WhatsApp is something we use very often.

ENJAY very well understood this and to make follow-ups easier also gave a facility to drop follow-up messages on WhatsApp. Not only this you can also send acknowledge messages with WhatsApp like a Thank you mail for signing up, to collect feedback message, Ticket closing messages etc.

  • E-mail

This goes the same way with emails as well. Ready-mate templates are available. All you need to worry about is the content in the body. These emails can also be sent on the behalf of the company profile. At the bottom of the email, you also have two options which will notify you when the email is opened. This way you can resend a mail if it is not opened for a long time by the customer and can continue with your follow up procedure.

Scheduling of emails this day has become very important. Research says that they are certain times when there is maximum chances customer will open your email. The scheduling facility by ENJAY comes with a “send later” option you can create a mail and send it later whenever you chance for maximum opening rates. You can attach a mobile number of the people in the email even If they are not on your CRM contact list.

It also provides a facility for tagging. You can tag almost anything using mobile CRM strategy. This tagging can be particularly useful while sending bulk e-mails. Let us take an example to understand this situation. While entering customer details into the database you can assign them tags say for example “CRM seller”. I am sure many customers can be assigned this tag.

You can assign as many relevant tags as you want to a particular customer, as this will help you with more precise filtering. In the tag field just enter “CRM seller” and the bulk email will be sent to all the customers with this tag.

  • Track your personal meeting with ENJAY CRM

The ENJAY CRM can also be useful during the face-to-face meeting. It works similar to Facebook check-in functionality. Suppose if you are meeting your customer at some coffee shop or restaurant you can check in when the meeting is started and check-out when it’s done and dusted. The geographical location and time-stamp will be tracked and locked in the system. The team leader can also keep a track on these activities and can keep an eye on the day-to-day activity of its team member.

enjay crm product review

You can also take pictures of some important documents or equipment thinking that might be helpful to your company in future and lock them into your mobile phone. They can also be used as an evidence when things go wrong. There is also a remark field where you can jot down important points about the product or document to remind you about the photograph captured.

Enjay CRM

ENJAY CRM on mobile is configurable, you can include the data you want to see and eliminate the unnecessary details.

  • Global search

Global search is also possible using ENJAY CRM. A minute detail about the customer will get through his complete profile information. Just Type whatever comes your mind in the search box and get a profile of the person you are looking for.


Enjay CRM product review

  • Don’t Miss any Missed Calls

You can also track your follow-ups. SMS/ Calls are integrated on a single screen. Sometimes you miss out on certain calls, With ENJAY CRM you can easily know whether you have called back, or reverted message by seeing a green tick.

enjay crm product review

  • Auto-detection of unknown numbers

It is possible that your CRM gets a call from an unknown number which is not registered in your CRM. Here ENJAYCRM works like a true caller. It will automatically fetch all the details available and create a new inquiry in the CRM. You can call, message or email that person and take the procedure ahead. Follow-ups can also be scheduled and you be notified automatically so that you don’t miss to conduct the meeting.


enjay crm product review

  • Tickets Management

It is also useful for ticket management or says ticket escalations. These escalations will be automatic if the issues are not getting resolved at lower levels than they are directly brought into the notice of the responsible manager.

  • ENJAY CRM on Web Browser

You can also use the CRM on the web browser. It works almost the same way there. The user interface may differ a little while most of the functionalities remain the same. Notification facilities, email templates, Email Tagging, SMS templates. Create your own customized dashboards, keep the fields and information you want to see on the dashboards, remove the ones not needed.

Bottom Line

ENJAY CRM software will get all you need at the tip of your finger. It refines every possible information at the most granular level possible, manages your sales team with greater efficiency, you can easily know what they are doing, where they are, the activities pending on their end, a complete profile information of your customer and almost everything an Ideal CRM should have. I would rather say much more than what you require. ENJAY can be one of the best CRM solutions if managing your sales is the next big thing on your mind.

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