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Last updated: May 21, 2021

Great mobile app design can do wonders for any business organization. Mobile Application can help you gain visibility in the digital world, and increase customer loyalty towards your brand.

Considering that there are over 2 million apps in the google play store and 1.83 million apps are available in the Apple app store. we have to realize that competition is stiff – you need to innovate to stand apart from the rest!

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People use apps for everything nowadays. Grocery shopping, weather updates, checking the news, and online shopping – just about everything that can be done on a mobile application. It is hence, no surprise that the mobile app development industry is booming.

If you want to capture user interest and grab their attention, it is essential to develop a captivating mobile app design. The key features of the mobile app are its main focal point – invest time and effort to make sure that your designers provide an excellent user interface.

You know the mobile app market is on an explosive growth path, so take the required steps to break through all the extra noise and get noticed.

So, what exactly are mobile app users on the lookout for? Is there any secret formula that can help you create a perfect app? Well, the truth is that you need to strategize and decide what works best for your customers or clients. However, some vital aspects cannot be compromised or ignored.

Top 5 Features of Mobile App Design

1. Navigable Menu Structure

People do not want to waste time learning to use a complicated or tough mobile application. They want a sleek, user-friendly, and navigable interface. It is essential to make sure that your mobile app design does not seem cluttered or messy.

Users should be able to view all available features at a glance and have a handy search bar to find the content that they are looking for easily. Many designers also develop a responsive interface that can vary according to screen sizes, as this helps in better user experience.

First impressions make a lasting impact – the way your mobile app looks and functions could make or break its success rate. So, invest time, money, and effort in developing a streamlined and intuitive menu structure that provides seamless service.

2. Fast Loading Time

It is very frustrating for users to wait endlessly for a mobile application to load, and the worst part is when it crashes or hangs. Moral of the story – if your app takes too long to load, users will shun it and look for better options.

Winning mobile applications are responsive and make just about five minuscule seconds to load! Designers need to reduce the number of clicks or taps to ensure a quick load time.

In case your app requires a little longer time, make sure to have a loading screen display that lets users know that the app is loading and to bear with the process patiently kindly.

Faster loading time and mobile app design allow users to enjoy the features of the mobile app, and they do get bored of merely waiting for the content to appear. Mobile app designers need to optimize mobile app design to reduce data-heavy animation, and provide a navigable simple menu structure that loads in a matter of seconds!

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3. In-App Analytics

Many mobile apps are integrating with built-in analytical tools that allow developers to track user experience and focus on improving strategy. App designers can download the number of site visitors and monitor online reviews so that they gain insight into the reasons for success or failure.

Analytical solutions make it possible to enhance functionality by tweaking mobile app features so that they appeal to users and boost engagement levels to the maximum limit.

Some analytic tools that work with mobile applications include Google Mobile Analytics, Flurry, and Apsalar. They give real-time data on customer traffic, retention rates, and client behavior patterns. This app analytics tools enable better decision-making and help mobile app developers keep customers satisfied through regular updates or modifications.

4. Ability To Function Offline

It is never possible to have internet connectivity round the clock, and there will be instances that you will be rendered without any data on your phone. One of the essential requirements of a mobile app is to function offline so that users do not have to worry about their data limits.

It is vital to ensure that your mobile application can work smoothly for people who do not have data plans installed in their phones or access to a Wi-Fi connection. Apps should provide maximum features even without being connected to the internet – this will allow even people in remote regions to access your app on the move!

5. Responsive Support

If you want to develop a winning mobile app, it is essential to have collaboration between your target audience and the app designers. You need to provide an in-app feedback system so that users can click on a link and give instant feedback on problem areas.

There are many in-app support tools such as User Voice, HelpShift, and Instabug that enable users to communicate with the mobile app development team. They can report any bugs and provide real-time information on any changes that need to be added or removed for better efficiency.

If you respond proactively to feedback, the chances are high that your mobile app will satisfy users and succeed in the competitive market!

It is certainly not easy to develop a mobile application that wins hearts instantly. The features of the mobile app provide a strong foundation for its long term success. You need to assess your objectives and continuously evaluate your design to make positive changes.

Mobile usage is at an all-time high. Plan the design of your mobile application with care, and focus on developing some unique novel features of a mobile app that will help it stand apart in the cluttered market space.

These features of the mobile app will make your mobile app click with target users, and skyrocket your business to commercial success!

Chanchal Soni is a Growth Hacker and CRO Specialist at Appitsimple. She has experience in digital marketing, social media, content strategy, and marketing communications. Lover of huskies, the ocean & Boston sports.

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