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Last updated: March 8, 2021

Gone are the days when writers had to depend entirely on their minds to come up with words to put together. From pen and paper to typewriters and computers, the world of writing has come a long way. Now, books are being replaced by Kindles and libraries by internet archives.

While a whole lot of information is available at our fingertips, it is only wise to take advantage of whatever resources are available. Today, there are numerous tools accessible online to improve your writing skills. One can not only turn to them for sources, but these writing tools could also help in proofreading and ensuring that the text is devoid of any minor mistakes.

List of best writing tools:

  1. Google Docs

google docs

For decades, Microsoft Word has been ruling computer screens for being the writing tool. But today, with online sharing playing a significant role, Google Docs has become the favorite of many writers, Docs make it much easier to share your work with colleagues or share notes with your classmates.

Another key point of Docs is that it enables users to add comments about changes that could be accepted or rejected.

  1. EssayPro


Only the best essay writing service like EssayPro can deliver quality written content within the given deadline. Be it for academic or professional purposes, they can accommodate any request in the most popular formats including word.docx, PDF or Google Docs. You don’t need to worry about having writer’s block with so many creative minds around that are always ready and willing to help.

  1. Draft


Draft is an excellent alternative to Google Docs and Microsoft Word. With all the features one needs in a writing platform, including a visually pleasing interface, Draft is a great option for writing, sharing and creating beautiful works that can also be backed up online.

  1. Ulysses


Ulysses takes the appeal of writing tools to the next level. It is not all about word processors or organizers, but a bit of all, making it flexible to work with. You can also set goals in Ulysses, and it comes with a few reliable shortcuts that makes publishing content online much easier.


  1. Scrivener


If you are a professional with a plethora of work and considerably long ones at that, Scrivener would soon be soon your best friend. It is one of the best organizational writing tools available, and it definitely helps to sort out the thoughts with ease. Whether to restructure an idea or source research, Scrivener has features that could help to tackle all these without even having to switch the window.

  1. Grammarly


Grammarly is definitely one of the most used and most helpful writing tools. As writers, we all tend to make many mistakes, especially when the ideas are flowing well. But in the end, all you need to do is run it through Grammarly to make sure that all the errors are taken care of. With features like vocabulary and plagiarism check, now Grammarly is working its way towards being a perfect proofreader. ProWritingAid is a good alternative to Grammarly.


  1. Hemingway


Much like Grammarly, Hemingway editor checks the document for grammatical errors, spelling, and plagiarism. It also takes into account the readability of the text to make it more effective and efficient all in one place.


  1. Cliche Finder

cliche finder

For many varieties of writing, using common phrases will make it sound more appealing. On the other hand, there are a few cases where the writer wants to stay away from the many repeating cliches. Cliche Finder helps with original ones to stay away from expressions being overused.


  1. Readable


However talented of a writer you are, it is necessary to come up with text that is apt for your audience. Readable works to ensure that the writing sounds as good to your audience as it did in your head. Clarity is the key, and with Readable, you can be sure that the text is appropriate for the group it is aimed at.


  1. Copyscape


Articles are being spun and rewritten every day. Staying away from plagiarism is a challenge these days. Copyscape analyses the text for any similarities with the plethora of text that exists online, to detect plagiarism. These days, many firms require writers to pass the test to avoid content duplicity. Getting familiar with Copyscape would help you tremendously with writing original content for any platform.

  1. Evernote


Evernote is more than a mere writing tool. It has you covered on all bases – writing, sharing, taking notes, adding photos, and keeping it all impeccably organized. Make to-do lists, or even record audio when inspiration strikes. You can use it across multiple devices and even clip articles from the web, what more do you need in a writing tool!?


  1. Trello


Trello has an excellent interface which makes organizing your notes and clips very smooth indeed. With the look of a bulletin board, it helps you to arrange your notes in any way you want, manage multiple projects run at the same time and share the same with others.


  1. Scapple


Writers can never know when an idea starts developing in their mind. Scapple is an interesting platform to sort out ideas as they emerge and to keep up with their train of thought. Create charts, doodle with it or even scribble the words as they think of them. Writers are sure to have fun making flowcharts of the entire plot of their story/article with Scapple.


  1. Pomodoro Timers

pomodoro timers

For those who easily lose attention, Pomodoro is an exceptional technique that keeps the focus balanced. Download any Pomodoro app, set the timing, assign the projects and Pomodoro your way towards achieving all your word count goals for the day.


Final Takeaway

To err is human, but with these websites and applications, mistakes can easily be corrected, and your writing can be made exceptional. These tools make things a lot easier pointing out even the minutest mistakes. There is no substitute for creativity, but the process of reviewing, organizing and managing your content is made 100% more efficient and effortless with these tools.

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