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Last updated: July 2, 2020

Are you planning an in-person or virtual conference, tradeshow, training program, concert, or any other event? If so, you’ve probably realized by now that there’s a lot of work involved – and it’s nearly impossible to pull it off alone.

Event planning can be challenging. It takes a lot of time and work to find a venue, convince sponsors to sign on, arrange speakers, coordinate logistics, etc. But the right event management platform can help you make this process easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

EventTitans is the Preferred Event Management Software. 

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, EventTitans is an innovative all-in-one event fundraising, engagement and management platform that not only simplifies the planning process but also ensures an  exceptional experience.

EventTitans has a full spectrum of tools to make your event a great success, whether it’s one day or many. You’ll also be able to keep your attendees engaged in a multitude of ways, whether through a Live Q&A or a special giveaway. Here’s a rundown of EventTitans and its many fantastic features.

A Look into EventTitans’ Core Components & Its Benefits

First off, we’ll walk you through it as an event organizer.

1. Events

What we generally look forward to when interacting with a tool is its user interface. EventTitans goes beyond your expectations with a smart intuitive dashboard that is easy to navigate.

As soon as you start creating an event, you see this:


It should be noted that an event can be a public event and will remain visible to everyone, or a private event which will be accessible only by the invited guests after login.

  • Online Meetings: As COVID-19 has derailed almost all business operations, virtual and online meetings are becoming the new normal. Fortunately, EventTitans has enhanced  its platform to account for the new state of the business environment. It’s easier than ever  to organize an online meeting with EventTitans. For an online meeting, you can either insert a Zoom Meeting link or an embedded code, whichever you prefer.
  • Easy Search Code: Thousands of events are held every day around the world. So as an organizer, one of your primary goals has to be that your event is easy to find. EventTitans understands the importance of this, which is why we provide our users with an Easy Search Code.Unlike other existing event management platforms where you can view only a single page or window regarding event information, EventTitans creates a website encompassing every  detail of your event. For example, let’s say you’re organizing an event called “IT Automation” App will automatically create a URL for your event – in this case, webpage for freemium users and dedicated subdomain website for Premium users.
  • Hide/Display Tabs on Event Website: Among EventTitans’ extensive features is the ability to customize events   as per your requirements. Adding sections to the website or hiding any pages is just a matter of a few clicks with no development experience needed.
  • Default Coupon Code: Should you decide to provide any pre-booking or early bird promotions relating to your event, EventTitans has the ability to apply a default coupon code to everyone who is registering.
  • Tickets: Statistics matter! EventTitans helps you keep track of every user that registers for your event. Hence, it enables you to ensure that all event attendees register. You can also set up a specific Landing Page URL where attendees will be directed after registration.Here, you can also set the return policy – No Refund or Refund with Conditions. You can also have a custom-made cancellation policy in the event if a user cancels the registration.

2. Ticket Type

Depending on your objective for the event, you can create a wide range of tickets. Moreover, to enable easy check-in, you can assign a badge template for different attendees (speakers, audience members, sponsors, etc.). When they check in, their badge type will be automatically printed. Monetize your Lead Generation app by charging a fee to have advanced QR scanning capabilities and view attendees for networking purposes.

Ticket Type

  • Easy Session Management: You can restrict access to sessions based on ticket type. For example, if a user purchases a Bronze ticket, they will only be able to access the sessions that the Bronze tier allows them, whereas a Gold ticket owner will have access to more sessions.Moreover, depending on the type of ticket a user chooses to purchase, you can set a different Attendee Registration Form.
  • Gamification to Sell Tickets and Organize Raffles: One of the most unique features about EventTitans is its ability to use gamification to help increase sales. Our platform allows you to easily and quickly create an event that incorporates gamification. For example, you can set up a raffle that attendees can enter, and EventTitans will select random winners for a prize of your choice. Let’s say; you wanted to give away prizes to 10 people amongst the 150 attendees. You can set the platform to choose a winner based on your criteria, whether it’s 1 free ticket after every 100 sold or one given away every hour. All you have to do is set the parameters in the Reward Survey – EventTitans will do the rest.
  • Leveraging EventTitans as a Donations Platform: Many people like to use their events as a way to give back and raise money for the causes of their choosing. With EventTitans, funds or donations can be collected at any of your events, perfect for non-profit organizations or any fundraising initiatives. All you have to do is use the platform to create a special donations ticket, and select whether you would like to give the money outright or contribute it in the form of a physical item (canned food, computers, etc.).
      • Money Donations: EventTitans enables you to set up to 4 different recommended donation amounts which would be displayed on your event’s main page. You can also set a target amount, or even set a target date for the end of the fundraiser. You also have the ability to show how the money will be spent, so that potential donors know where the money will go and feel more comfortable giving. More trust, more money raised.
      • Goods Donations: Sometimes, fundraisers are looking to raise more than just money. Let’s say; you’re organizing a coat drive, and you want to allow people to donate their items directly. Here, you can give users different options, including “drop off the items”, “I need someone to pick them up”, or the ability to donate a certain amount to the purchase of an item.

No other event management system has a donations platform that is as comprehensive as the one EventTitans offers.

3. CRM

Again, this is where EventTitans stands out from all other event management tools. The CRM is what ties the whole platform together, and the information you enter for other features is saved to CRM. For instance, every participant, speaker, Sponsor in your event or challenge is automatically added to your CRM, and that information is easily accessible should you wish to review it or add it to future events.

4. Surveys

You can use EventTitans to create, send and manage surveys. Your survey dashboard looks like this:


People rarely respond to surveys sent out by event sponsors or organizers. In order to increase the response rate, EventTitans incentivizes people to fill out surveys in exchange for rewards. 

You can embed your surveys on web pages, email them to attendees, and share it on social media channels. All the responses you get can be notified to a contact group in the CRM or a specified user. In addition to this, EventTitans lets you analyze the survey results and generate reports to help you build better strategies.

Moving forward, we have the Rewards section of EventTitans. As shown below, you can see the number of attendees filling in the survey responses. It gets updated in real-time.


For example, if you have 200 users participating in the survey and want to pick 5 winners, all you have to do is click a button and EventTitans will automatically choose the victors.

You can navigate to the Winner List and see all the winners, along with the reward they have won. Moreover, you can give participants the option to see the survey results.

5. Trivia

Trivia is an engagement tool that helps you explore your attendees’ interests and knowledge. EventTitans enables you to conduct live trivia competitions and learn interesting bits of information  from your attendees, as well as fun competitions with a live winner showcase for every question the user answers correctly.

6. Admin Controls

  • Challenges: Audience engagement is a must! So, ensure you do your utmost to engage attendees. Have them vote for the best contestant, along with your judges. Automate the voting process by weighing the results from online quizzes, judges’ scores, and audience votes.

eventtitans admin control challenges

You can even arrange a competition between individuals or companies. First, contestants register by buying a ticket. Judges will be notified and asked for their nominations. You decide who will be part of the competition; as an organizer, you can choose when to start or stop voting for a particular participant or leave it on auto mode. EventTitans also allows you to set the winner selection criteria by specifying the weightage of judges’ scores, quiz results, and audience votes, and winners will be selected automatically. So, no need to worry about monitoring every minute of the competition and doing complicated math yourself; EventTitans will do the hard work for you, and free you up to focus on more important matters.

  • Live Chat / Live Q&A / Live Poll: Let loose attendees hesitate in standing up and ask questions. Let others show their likes or dislikes for a question so the speaker can decide which one is the best to answer. The Event Administrator has the option to approve or reject the questions being submitted. Ask users for their opinion and showcase the results live to the public.  All these insights can be saved to your CRM for further action, so no information is lost.
  • Agenda Management: It is essential to analyze audience response after events in terms of the number of people who attended your event, etc.

EventTitans can also determine how many of your attendees were prompted to fill out survey responses, which sessions they participated in, and, or whether they won a reward.

  • Attendees: Ability to add  attendees to an event and check in quickly at the same time. View their status – registered, checked-in, print badges or even send participation certificates.
  • Activity Points: Keep your attendees returning to each of your events by incentivizing them to come back. EventTitans allows you to award attendees points for every activity they do on your website. Whether it’s watching a video, voting, attending a session, indicating their interest in a product, and so on, EventTitans give away points for every action. The number of points awarded varies depending on which activity the user does, and you can set awards for various point totals; for example, you might decide to give a tablet to every user who collects 50 points. Those with the highest points  will appear at the top whenever you log in to view your attendees.
  • Offline Tickets: There are times when you may need to print tickets. EventTitans allows you to do so, an offering which no other competitors have yet provided.

7. Marketplace

EventTitans’ marketplace is a platform where you can sell and advertise products. Users who have earned rewards for certain activities on EventTitans can also redeem those rewards in the marketplace.

Thus, EventTitans reflects on an end-to-end event management solution.

Sneak Peek Into EventTitans’ User Experience

The success of any event is dependent on the experience of the attendees, speakers, and sponsors. That’s why EventTitans’ focus has always been to provide a great experience for its users, and enable them to provide a great experience for others.

1. Events

While navigating through EventTitans, below is how you see the grid of events.


While you can see an overview of the event on the homepage, clicking on it gives you access to more detailed information. It will looks this:

eventitans homepage

What makes EventTitans different is that it builds a dedicated website for each event. From general information about the event and the company organizing it to showcasing speakers and sponsors, it displays everything that attendees need to know. People interested in attending can also take a survey for the event they wish to attend for a chance to win rewards.

Here’s what you as an attendee can get from EventTitans,

  • Browse Reviews: How do you know if an event is worth attending? EventTitans allows registered attendees – and registered attendees only – to submit surveys about their experience, so that people can get a true understanding of what it’s like to attend. An event’s ratings, the number of recommendations it’s received, and the number of professionals who have attended in the past are all visible to the public so that you can make an informed decision.
  • Sponsors & Speakers: EventTitans is a sponsor-centric event management platform, meaning it gives you an overview of the event sponsors on the event website page, which allows you to determine the credibility of the event. If you want to be a sponsor or speaker, you can reach out to the event organizers.

As an attendee, you can rate any event you attend, access the event details, and also reserve a spot for sessions or other activities, but only if you have registered for the event. You can also rate a speaker on different attributes, on a scale of 1 to 5. Event organizers will be able to see your rating and use that information to make more informed decisions about their future events. In addition, every action you perform on EventTitans earns you reward points, which you can redeem in the marketplace.

  • Agenda: Knowing the agenda of the event beforehand helps you stay prepared, and figure out which sessions you want to go to (and which to skip). EventTitans will give you the details of every event agenda on the event page – location, speakers, sponsors, etc. You can also rate the agendas on a scale of 1 to 10, which will help the organizers better understand what topics people are interested in. Each agenda also has a Live Questions forum, where speakers and attendees can interact during the live session.
  • Exhibitors: Most event management platforms only show you a sponsor’s logo, but because of EventTitans’ dedicated event webpages, exhibitors can play a larger, more visible role. Attendees can rate the exhibitors and comment about their experiences. If you are a premium user, you can get a virtual view of the exhibitors, i.e., you feel as if they are really present, which is not the case with free users.
  • Hotel: Organizers can partner with Hotels where they can set up a revenue share for the rooms booked by the event attendees. Hotels can set up rooms and their availability so less work for event organizers.

Wrap Up

Whether you are organizing a small event with 50 participants or a huge one with over 20000, EventTitans provides you with a platform where you can showcase your event outstandingly. At the same time, it provides users with a better understanding of what your event will entail.

By blending technology and gamification, EventTitans makes organizing and managing events a breeze while keeping users engaged throughout with surveys, polls, live Q&A, rewards, and much more.

You can explore more about EventTitans on its website or its SoftwareSuggest Profile Page.

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