Expert Interview with Kaushik Mistry – Managing Director of DUCEM


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Last updated: October 9, 2017

About Ducem Technologies:

DUCEM Technologies is software solution provider headquartered in Gujarat, India. With experienced IT expertise, the company has 15+ years of experience in ERP implementation to various MNCs. Ducem is specialized in delivering customised ERP Solution and HRMS-Payroll Software.

Enjoy the expert interview with Mr. Kaushik Mistry – Managing Director of DUCEM Technologies:

1. What inspired you to start your company?

We have always been very passionate about working with software solutions, mainly business applications. One fine day we decided to quit our jobs and start with something our own. This is something we do, not only for making profits but, we love our work and gives us the pure satisfaction. So this is how we started our company.

2. As the HRMS is turning more towards the use of mobile, what is your take on this?

We completely believe in mobility with flexibility. It gives us better data inputs from users because they have the flexibility to do the things from anywhere & anytime, and helps in running system successfully. It is a win-win situation for both users and the company.

3. Can you mention any three software/tools which are helping your business to run smoothly?

  1. ERP for end to end operations
  2. Payroll Software which takes care of employees’ leave/salary
  3. Lead Management tool

4. What is your way of handling tough situations or failures?

  1. Do not Panic, Relax
  2. Step back and Reassess the situation
  3. Work out the strategy/plan to deal with it
  4. Make sure to have a process in place for future prevention such situation

5. What do you appreciate about your direct competitors?

Their marketing strategies which get them the clients even when their product has the potential or not.

6. What are your experiences of highs and lows with DUCEM?

We have been a slow starter. So far we have not seen any much lows but at the same time now we are in the direction to making new highs.

7. If someone wants to create a Payroll Solution as a fresh entrepreneur, what would you suggest him?

Of course why not as long as you have the passion & patience both!

8. What is your strategy to balance professional and personal life?

I totally believe in this balance. I am a family man and I want all my employees to enjoy every bit of their life doing what they want to do. So I want them to spend time with family, with hobbies & then work. I do not encourage overtime working.  

9. What is your take on the decisions made by ego?

Short term gain but definitely a long-term loss, and this is something you cannot recover or cover up later. So one needs to be very careful with this.

10. What is your take on the Intuitions? Do you make business decisions driven by intuition?

Yes, we do make many decisions following our intuition, sometimes we succeeded sometimes we failed. But you cannot ignore your intuition!

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