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Jahnavi Vekaria

Jahnavi Vekaria

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Last updated: February 26, 2021

“I will find a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way of doing it.”- Bill Gates

This quote has always seemed relevant and relatable for almost anyone and every one of the modern-day. The tech magnate has been a stalwart in various industries and now in philanthropy. However, some of his mantras have become the battle cry for product lineups. 

One such product that draws on the lines of being a lazy guy’s solution to a challenging job is enterprise billing and invoicing. In crude terms, enterprise billing is the practice where the enterprise itself bills the customer and does not need a physical person doing it for the company for every single sale. 

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Running an enterprise is a hard job, and hence once the business starts booming, enterprise billing and invoicing can become a very tedious job. So, instead of piling the pressure on yourself, or a guy in your accounts department, it’s time to raise the game. 

Enterprise Billing Systems are the unsung heroes of the modern era of the product planning process. The system is responsible for planning a project from raw material to the product as per your own custom-made definition of perfect. It can start from where you pick up the material to where the final product is to be stored while also maintaining a list of clients and vendors. 

Enterprise billing software systems have already seen 3.92 trillion USD of spending worldwide till this year and are forecasted to add up more than 506 billion USD in 2021.

These systems can help automate many mundane tasks about billing and yet pave the way for more efficient workflow in many other aspects of the business, from enterprise resource planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to custom workflow management.

Additionally, they help in bettering workflows, adhering to guidelines for a particular industry, and overall, reduce the amount of handiwork on the enterprise invoicing. It ultimately makes the accounts and finance department’s job slightly more manageable, precise and streamlined. Hence, by employing enterprise invoicing software, you are opening up a new world of comfort.

3 Effective Ways to Manage Enterprise Billing and Invoicing

If you want to know how exactly you can benefit from it, then the following are the ways that enterprise billing can help your business to grow:

1. Efficient Management of Client Base

As the business grows, your client base automatically grows. Maintaining a hard file record of each client is not just tricky but also tedious. Integrating enterprise billing with a CRM system will automatically solve 90% of those problems. 

The software will automatically create a contact directory for all of your clients and cross-reference them with the products they are billed for every time. So that when the client purchases from you again, an invoice is sent to them automatically. 

Additionally, for specific functionality, you can set up authorizations that will require hierarchical permissions to be executed. 

2. Manage your ERP and Invoicing Effectively

Enterprise resource planning has been the Achilles heel for many businesses. And when this is done poorly, the game is being rigged for loss. A misaligned ERP system will lead to many waste and delays, ultimately leading to higher costs. It might even eventually run the business aground. 

An enterprise invoice system automatically accounts for the processes and workflow from raw material to product. It also does inventory planning with the most optimum route towards obtaining the final product. If some part of the material will run short, the system can order it beforehand and bill the appropriate party with approvals. 

With staff permissions, you can also improve productivity since you can track the progress in real-time. The best part is that you can obtain an ROI report based on your needs’ custom parameters. It helps you to analyze which processes have scopes for improvement and which can be left as is.

3. Making your Business Processes Faster with Automation

With businesses, along with the responsibilities for a ton of things, comes the smaller nitty-gritty tasks that can eat your head up very quickly. However, a well-trained enterprise billing system can solve this problem and tell you where you can remove manual labor.

Automation has become the norm and is the current trend of the industry. Besides being a trend, it is also a need of the hour. With more and more hands full of other more critical work handling and managing workflows, there is no time for operational tasks. The AI-Based task management system automatically recognizes where automation can be used while planning the workflow.

It also tells you which processes can be automated and in what way so that you don’t have to run around in circles figuring out what is the way to automating. This helps in maximizing productivity, opening up working bandwidth, and overall paves the way for innovation. 

Enterprise billing and invoicing might sound like an unneeded aspect of running your business; however, it’s a boon in disguise. In a world full of fancy uptown gimmicks, the enterprise billing system is the true manifestation of Bill Gates’ statement.

Do you think we missed any benefits regarding enterprise invoices and billing? Let us know in the comments below.

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