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An established HR solutions business for 10+ years, Farsight HCM is the choice of 5000+ core HR professionals and over a million employees. It is a robust, cloud-ready and flexible HR solution which is dedicated to helping your company find the right personnel and retain them. The dynamic Farsight mobile app keeps your stakeholders connected and in the know, wherever they may be. Companies such as Schneider Electric, Relaxo, and Casio are proud of Farsight customers.

Farsight HCM gives your HR department everything it needs to manage the entire employee life-cycle in the smoothest manner possible.

So, you have the resources to manage an employee right from recruitment until the exit interview. Farsight goes beyond ordinary HR software capabilities and brings all the relevant stakeholders together on a singular platform. It connects:

  • HR Professionals
  • Recruitment Consultants/Agencies
  • Background Verification Agencies
  • Travel Desk
  • Employees

Overview of the Primary Modules of Farsight HCM

We’ll keep it simple, and focus on the salient features of the modules. Let’s get started.

1. Recruitment + Onboarding


Farsight brings all the recruitment stakeholders on a single platform. The HR/Recruitment consultants can use it to post jobs to various sites. Potential employees can have access to the system for material relevant to further processes. The candidates’ information gets forwarded to the relevant background check agency to verify. Once a candidate is selected, they get access to the ESS (Employee Self Service) portal wherein they can enter the relevant details.

A data ecosystem is created wherein relevant data is made available to each stakeholder as and when needed, be it the employee’s previous certifications for the training consultant, or learning material for the new/existing employees.

Get an overview of the number of vacancies in your organization. See how exactly how many employees have been acquired from a particular source.

By incorporating various job portals, recruitment consultants as well as social media recruitment portals in one platform, the scope for finding better quality recruits increases.


In a single glance, the user can see which sources have yielded the most successful recruits, and hence budget allocation can be done accordingly. You can link it with your ERP systems in order to generate reports and map the performance of the employees.

Talent AcquisitionAdditionally, the mobile app allows the relevant stakeholders to stay updated on each step of the process.

Once in the onboarding phase, the HR personnel can track the entire onboarding process in real-time, allowing them to fill any gap ASAP. It is fully customizable; different onboarding templates are available for different profiles. The new employee and the HR can not only track their progress in real-time, but they also get automatic reminders and follow-ups. It also makes the documentation of new hires seamless.

OnBoarding Survey
To make for a seamless transition, the module allows you to pair up the new employee with a peer under a mentorship/buddy system as well!

2. Learning & Development

Without the right platform and planning, catering to the training and development needs of the workforce can be a major pain point for organizations.

With Farsight, your organization can make use of customized training workflows for your teams and employees. The multi-level workflows offer capabilities for planning, feedback, nomination, and much more. The Training Calendar allows HR to stay on top of various departments’ training schedules throughout the year.

Learning & Development

There are timely reminders and notifications to the relevant employees and stakeholders for the training programs they are enlisted for.

Get customized forms in order to conduct training tests and an overview of the success of various training programs with advanced analytics and reports.

With automatic email alerts and in-system notifications, fully customizable and configurable modules, your organization can meet your workforce’s exact training, learning, and development needs effortlessly, enabling you to harness the true potential of your workforce. With easy reports and analytics, you can identify and fill the learning gaps as necessary.

3. Performance Management/Appraisal

Farsight HCM gives organizations 90-360 degree appraisals, with an open two-way communication channel allowing feedback to be recorded from both parties. The 360-degree feedback allows employees to be rated on multiple skills.

Performance Appraisal

You can automate your entire review/appraisal process, allowing for different review cycles for different employees. Focus on actually appraising the employees as opposed to wasting time on scheduling and setting up workflows. Farsight will do that for you.

Get thorough evaluations of your employees and identify training needs, increments, promotions, and more. With in-depth analytics that include over 400 graphical interfaces, visualize relevant data using the right graph or table, to make the data easier to interpret.

The ESS makes it easy for any employee to submit their self-appraisals or review their own performance, even on a smartphone.

4. Attendance and Leave

Users can enjoy a robust attendance management system. Farsight integrates with all major biometric systems available in the market. It can also integrate easily with tools such as Geo-fence and Geo-tagging, which can be very useful when it comes to remote teams and freelance/gig-workers in your own organization. Users can raise leave requests and the relevant superior can approve it. It can go through multiple levels if need be. There are web as well as mobile app based approvals available to users.

Month Wise Absenteeism

Get real-time attendance reports along with 100+ standardized reports such as monthly performance, continuous absenteeism, and more. With these reports, you receive accurate insights into workforce management and experience enhanced productivity by identifying repeat offenders.

Time Office Reports

5. Travel and Expenses

For medium to large scale enterprises, travel constitutes a major part of many employees’ salaries/individual budgets. So, along with attendance and leave, a sound travel expense management system is also necessary.

As with recruitment, Farsight brings the stakeholders in a single place. It makes employee travel plans very easy to manage with the Travel & Expense module. Email notifications and reminders are promptly sent to relevant stakeholders/managers for follow-ups or pending approvals. Approval can be done via email also!

Project Wise Travel Days

The employees can even opt for advance payment for smoother travel plans. They can manage their local conveyance plans with the specialized module for local conveyance.
Lastly, employees can get approvals on email and submit their claims seamlessly, all through the mobile app. Ease of use is maximized for all the parties involved.

6. Payroll

An inefficient payroll mechanism can lead to disgruntled, unmotivated, and ultimately unproductive employees.

Farsight HCM allows timely and accurate payroll processing with its unified and integrated attendance and leaves systems. The system allows for automatic CTC breakups through pre-configured CTC structuring that follows the required policies and statutes.

Statutory Compliance

You can lock the monthly salary dates after configuration and automate the process, enabling you to process the payroll of thousands of employees in minutes. Employees can get the payslip, make declarations, submit income tax documents, etc through the mobile app.

Monthly Net Pay Trends

The audit trail is retained automatically and amendments can be made whenever needed. Farsight Payroll takes care of all the required statutory compliances and effectively manages employees’ PF, ESI, professional tax, and income tax.

Import your existing data from Excel and convert it easily to predefined or custom formats on Farsight.

7. Separation

Many organizations and therefore, HR software developers too, forget that Separation is as important as say, onboarding is, in the employee life-cycle. An employee’s transition has to go over smoothly, but when an employee leaves, there should be a proper workflow in place in order to make the process smoother for each stakeholder involved.

Farsight HCM has extensive capabilities to make the separation and succession process as uncomplicated as possible. Complete resignation and clearance workflows and diverse exit interview modes help the HR department to ensure that the process goes off without any undue delays or glitches.

It also enables the entire system to be transparent. Diverse exit interview forms are available in the module. Employees can submit their resignations on the mobile app and clearances can be given for the same too, if one or both parties happen to be off-site. 


As the second line and third line commands are previously defined clearly, the right successor for any employee can be located easily.

Separation Workflow

As always, the analytics provide such trends as voluntary vs involuntary attrition trends, overall attrition trend, and more. Your HR department, therefore, can keep an eye on the factors that are leading to attrition and focus on eliminating them or at the very least, improving upon them.

Apart from these features, there are a few additional modules as well such as Project Tracking, Social Portal, and Time Sheets. It’s a complete portable, enterprise-class HCM solution that is scalable, flexible and customizable. The Farsight iOS and Android mobile apps improve accessibility for employees as well as their supervisors and the HR personnel. It brings the various Human Resources stakeholders on a single focused platform. The providers follow a thorough regimen to ensure that no stone is left unturned when a client switches over to Farsight HCM from their existing legacy systems.

The Farsight team performs continuous analysis of changes in statutory requirements, and will, therefore, make the required updates to the software as soon as it’s feasible to do so. Your HR management solution will always be up-to-date with Farsight. With its standard ERP integrations, custom integrations, advanced analytics, and excellent customer support team, Farsight is the go-to HCM solution of thousands of HR professionals, it can be yours too!

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