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ERPS or Enterprise Resource Planning Software is one of the types of Business Management Software that provides a multitude of business process integration ranging from Finance to  Production via modules real-time running on a variety of hardware and networking sub-systems based on a centralized database.

FCA Integral is one of the most highly sophisticated and sought after Enterprise Resource Planning software tailored by the Indian ERP software giant – the Escape System Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Introduction to  Escape System Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Based out of Kolkata, ESCPL is one of the global leaders in ERP software. Started as a vibrant organization in 2001 by a team of ambitious IITians (Engineers) and CAs, ESCPL has become the standard of highly efficient quality ERP software crafters.

ESCPL has been catering ERP software and Industrial Solutions to numerous business giants ranging from Manufacturing Industries to Real Estate Firms.

The Headquarters of ESCPL is Kolkata, India and they have a branch at New Delhi with plans to expand their horizons further.

With over 15 years of experience playing an integral part in growing businesses and productivity optimization, ESCPL has strived in their vision to help businesses grow and serve their customers better.

FCA Integral is the flagship ERP product of ESCPL, meeting every need of a business with cutting-edge precision, flexibility and efficiency.

Key Features of FCA Integral

Benefits FCA Integral ERP

  • Lightning fast speed of deployment! Very quick installation and configuration.
  • In built reporting engine allows the users to create their own reports as and when required, this makes the solution a lot more flexible and cost effective as usually ERP vendors charge heavily even for small changes in reports.
  • Extremely user-friendly customizable UI! Simple user-interface with engaging visual elements makes it easy to get the job done by anyone irrespective of technical-knowledge!
  • 13+ core modules and 21+ sub modules to handle everything seamlessly right from Finance Department to Customer Service (warranty and repairs) section.
  • State-of-the-art Dashboard and Reporting. Get all the essential info delivered to dashboard along with in-depth highly detailed and intuitive reporting in multiple levels to track every move in the business. All reports and dashboards can be configured at user level.
  • Switch the gears to next level with ease! Hassle free migration from other Business Management Software while being reasonably inexpensive!
  • Sophisticated Security and Access Control for all stakeholders! Built using Microsoft Technology Stack, FCA Integral boasts reliability, robustness and scalability along with multi-level high-end security protocols to make sure you are in control of every data byte accessible to the stakeholders.
  • Convenience is the key to accelerating productivity! Multi-Currency, Multi-language and Mobile App support for inherent data conversion without adieu.
  • Manage business from anywhere and anytime. Multiple platforms support ranging from Smartphones to dedicated Terminals with Cloud Support.
  • Easy Connection and Integration with numerous solutions through SOAP and other web-based APIs.
  • Enhanced Client Support. Dedicated logins for customers and dealers. Better self-service experience and increased productivity!
  • Supercharged productivity with Employee Logins. Keep employees in track with dedicated data access and features for self-service such as Leave Application and Expense Claims.
  • Multiple Business Templates to get your business running off-the-shelf ranging from Manufacturing to Media & Advertising Industries.

Modules of FCA Integral – Elements thatUnifies Business’

The Expert’s Review oN a Masterpiece in ERP – FCA Integral moduleFCA Integral is one of the most refined ERP software ever made with strong emphasis on the flexibility and overall productivity boost it can offer to optimize the business processes.

This integration is achieved through multiple core modules running on multitudes of platforms and hardware, handling processes on various levels with reference to a central database framework as listed below.

1) Financial Management

Keep track of every penny that trickles in and trickles out.  Real-time Financial Management ranging from Finance Allocation to intuitive insights and revenue prediction.

Monitor and plan financial schemes to make sure every transaction leads to climbing the steps to next level of profit.

Smart multi-currency transaction support reduces the human resource expenditure on conversion. Intuitive attribute based analysis provides in-depth monitoring over financials of an organization.

Tasks such as bank reconciliation and insurance payments or mortgage transactions can be tracked, notified and linked with ease.

2) Production Management

Achieve complete control over the production (BOM based or Process based) with stage-wise tracking and analysis of the complete production plant right from production order to QC and transfer of finish material to warehouse. In depth production reports are a part of the package like Day-wise productivity reports, material consumption reports and line load analysis.

3) Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management software are often standalone software that bears massive responsibility of handling every element related to customers or clients along with features such as sales prediction and sales optimization which also bears a heavy price-tag.

FCA Integral comes with a profound CRM module built right into the core, pre-integrated with all the parameters of the business to optimize every aspect of CRM such as logged interaction, customer database, marketing campaigns, sales analysis and sales prediction while adding it to the big picture.

4) Material Requisition Planning (MRP)

Avoid production crisis with intuitive Material Requisition Planning module that seamlessly integrates with Production Planning, Sales forecasts, and consumption.

Get real-time reports and alerts on materials required for production while keeping track of manufactured products in track while the intelligent algorithm suggests the optimum material volumes to stock up.

5) Service Inward and Outward (Job Work)

Maintain and manage Outsourced Job Work and In-sourced Job Work with surgical precision. Update job work status seamlessly and track status for every in and out movement. Exchange and define common database with other organizations to optimize workflow.

Schedule invoices and auto adjust as per pending.

6) Point of Sales (POS) Module

FCA Integral has a highly flexible, interlinked POS module that rivals even some of the world’s best dedicated POS software with intuitive multi-platform sales-terminal support and seamless data streaming with modules such as SCM, Sales Management and CRM to ensure maximum productivity, flexibility and real-time monitoring. Few highlights of FCA POS are, Promotions Engine, Loyalty Card management, Multi Tender schemes and salesman incentive management.

7) Inventory Management

Every production oriented business can fall apart without an efficient inventory management system. The FCA Integral comes with a highly profound Inventory Management module that stays in sync with modules such as Production Management and MRP to ensure smooth clockwork-like production 24×7. Maintain multi-tier inventory with attributes upto n-level.

Get real-time classified inventory-status, purchase and sales order tracking, material rejection and computer generated inventory-analysis reports.

8) Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management or SCM governs the sound functioning of a Manufacturing Business’ backbone – Production, Inventory and Finance Management. SCM is essential for optimum resource utilization.

FCA Integral’s SCM module channels and synchronizes the data flow from acquisition of raw materials to end-user/customer returns or service (if applicable) via web-based APIs to track orders and manage in-bound and out-bound finances with the central database.

9) HR & Payroll Management

HR FCA Integral ERPUnless it is a completely robot-run business, Human Resources and subsequently payroll management is inevitable. But both are very tedious process involving tons of paper-work and often errors in the same magnitudes during the draft.

FCA Integral’s HR & Payroll Management Module offers Centralized and coordinated employee information database with automated logging of respective tasks, schedules and work hours. Hassle-free employee self-service, work administration and performance review right from the desk!

Advanced Automated Payroll System integrated with Employee Database and subsequent work-hours and other incentives/compensations information to seamlessly deliver payments on-time to respective accounts.

10) Asset Tracking

Assets are critical for every business and paying attention to assents can supercharge the revenues and cut down on expenditures. Asset Tracking Module allows seamless tracking of fixed assets & related components (such as mortgage, registration, availability), capital assets management, account depreciation and costing, warehouse management and alerts and notifications for maintenance and warranty claims, all at the ease of few clicks!

11) Sales Management

The Sales Management module is much more effective with FCA Integral’s native meshing with the centralized database that runs along the CRM Module and SCM Module.

Micromanaging the Sales department and tweaking the business on multi-levels to boost the sales is as easy as a pie with correlated data from multitudes of parameters.

12) Budget & Targets Management

Targets and Budget management are the keys behind every successful business. FCA Integral knows the importance and thus comes with a Smart Budget & Targets Management Module that analysis and suggests the optimal budget allocation and sets recommended targets based on current and previous performance database records using intelligent predictive algorithm.

13) Warranty & Repairs Management

The secret behind a growing business is the support and trust earned from the clients. The Warranty & Repairs Management Module takes an ingenious approach at Customer Service while minimizing monetary penalty on the business. Get real-time reports and logs on Warranty and Repair claims, track defective products to their very cause and setout efficient countermeasures at the ease of few clicks!


FCA Integral from the mill of ESCPL is one of the best ERP Software masterpieces ever crafted. The FCA Integral comes with numerous premium features that as a standalone would cost a fortune to buy and integrate. But FCA Integral is an affordable ERP software that is ready-to-integrate right out-of-the-box!










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