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Last updated: June 28, 2021

Update 6/25/2021This post has been updated with additional information about top Indian websites and their first looks.

Indian websites have been dominating the world wide web for decades. Millions of India-originated websites out there are attracting billions of traffic every month. While some of these websites are new, most of them have been out there for a while. These include websites like,,,, and more.

When you visit these top Indian websites today, you see the amazing design, interface, and responsiveness. But these sites haven’t looked the same all the time. Back in the day, these websites would have a basic design with static pages. But web development technologies have significantly advanced over the years, and the look and feel of these websites have changed. 

Let’s take a look at the first look of top Indian websites and compare it with how they look now.

1. is one of the oldest and best Indian websites out there for posting and searching jobs, founded in March 1997. Currently, the website operates in India and the Middle East. Back in 1997, it was launched as a recruitment classified. 

As of March 2014, had about 37 million registered job seekers. Moreover, approximately 11,000 new resumes were being added daily, and 130,000 were being modified. As of June 2021, the website gets over 30 million total visits every month, ranked 1,257th globally and 83rd in India in terms of monthly traffic.

The modern-day look of is as good as any other job portal website out there. Here’s how it looked when it was first launched in 1997. 

Naukri first look


Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Bengaluru, India, Myntra is one of the oldest and largest fashion eCommerce companies in India. It was initially launched as a place to sell personalized gift items, and gradually, it became one of the largest fashion retailers in the country. 

In May 2014, Myntra was acquired by Indian eCommerce giant Flipkart. At that time, the platform listed over 150,000 products from over 1,000 brands and delivered to around 9,000 pin codes in India. Moreover, Myntra acquired its rival to become the largest fashion eCommerce platform in the country. 

As of June 2021, Myntra gets 35.77 million monthly visits and is ranked at 1,008th globally and 69th in India in terms of monthly traffic. It’s also ranked first in the Fashion and Apparel category. 

Here’s how the website looked when it was initially launched in 2007.

Myntra first look

3. is an online business directory that lists all types of local businesses in India. Business owners can register their business on Justdial and be found by users across the country. It was launched in 1997, and as of June 2021, it has more than 30 million small business listings. 

In addition to a responsive website, Justdial has apps for Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows platforms. And as of June 2021, it has about 130 million quarterly unique users across its web, app, and voice platforms. 

Justdial also offers advertising features, and as of June 2021, it has had over 450,000 campaigns. Moreover, Justdial users have contributed more than 120 million ratings and reviews across the web to date. 

Take a look at how the website looked when it was launched in 1997.

Justdial first look


Flipkart is one of the most popular Indian websites. Flipkart is an Indian eCommerce company launched in October 2007. It’s the second-largest eCommerce site in India with more than 210 million monthly visitors, second only to Amazon India. It’s ranked 138th in the world and 13th in India in terms of monthly website traffic. In 2018, Walmart, a global retail giant, bought a 77% stake in Flipkart for $16 billion. 

Here’s a fun fact about Flipkart. The co-founders of Flipkart – Sachin and Binny Bansal – were co-workers at Amazon. Moreover, Flipkart, just like Amazon, started as a small online bookstore. And later, it ended up becoming the biggest rival of Amazon in India. 

Here’s how Flipkart’s website looked when it was initially launched in 2007.

Flipkart first look


Matrimonial sites have been quite popular in India over the past few years, with being one of the top websites in India. It was launched in  1997 as an online wedding service in India, catering to people in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. However, the company has offices in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. 

With 12.51 million monthly visits, is the largest online matrimonial website in the world in terms of monthly traffic. Also, it’s ranked at 3,248th globally and 257th in India in terms of monthly traffic. 

Let’s look at how’s website looked when it was first launched in 1997.

Shaadi first look

6. is an Indian eCommerce company launched in February 2010. With over 6,000 brands, 4 million+ products, and 500+ product categories, Snapdeal is one of the top Indian websites in the eCommerce space. 

The website gets more than 22 million visitors every month, and ranks 2,225th globally and 134th in India in terms of monthly traffic. It also ranks fifth in the eCommerce marketplace category.

Snapdeal first look

7. is an Indian news, entertainment, shopping, and information website. Founded in 1996, is one of the oldest and best websites in India. Moreover, it was one of the first digital-only companies to get listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange. 

Over the years, Rediff has expanded its offerings to email services, enterprise email services, business email services, online shopping, and the stock market and investment tips. 

With close to 40 million monthly visits, is ranked 1,205th globally and 90th in India in terms of website traffic. Also, it ranked at the 14th position globally in the News and Media category, making it one of the top Indian websites. has tried to maintain a unified look for its website since its launch in 1996. Here’s how the site looked in 1996 when it was first launched.

Rediff first look


RedBus is an online bus ticketing platform in India founded in 2006. The platform is available as a web-based portal and mobile apps for iOS and Android. Redbus has a network of more than 2,500 bus operators across India, Singapore, Malaysia, Colombia, and Indonesia. 

The website has a customer base of 20 million and claims to have registered more than 180 million trips. In 2018, Redbus had a 70% share in the Indian online bus ticketing segment. In 2013, RedBus was acquired by Ibibo Group, an Indian travel company. 

As of June 2021, gets close to 2.5 million total monthly visits. It’s ranked at 1,573rd position in India in terms of monthly website traffic. Moreover, it’s the largest website in the world in terms of monthly traffic in the Transportation and Excursions category. 

Here’s how the website looked back in 2006.

Redbus first look

9. is one of the oldest digital media publications in India. Founded in 1998, Indiatimes is an initiative by the Times Group, the largest media conglomerate in the country. is a news website covering news and stories about everything from technology and lifestyle to sports and entertainment. 

With about 230 million monthly visits as of June 2021, Indiatimes is ranked 184th in the world and 18th in India in terms of global traffic. It’s also the largest News and Media website in the world when it comes to monthly website visits and is also one of the most visited websites in India. The website is available in both English and Hindi and is one of the best websites in India for news and infotainment. 

Here’s a quick look into how the website looked when it was first launched in 1998.

Indiatimes first look


The only government-owned website on the list, is a website owned by Indian Railways that provides ticketing, tourism, and catering services. The Indian Railways launched the IRCTC website in September 1999 to upgrade, manage, and professionalize the train reservation, hospitality, and catering services across entire India. 

With close to 10 million visits per month as of June 2021, IRCTC is the largest Travel and Tourism website in the world in terms of monthly traffic. Earlier, lRCTC’s e-ticketing system was capable of booking 2,000 tickets per minute. In 2014, the website was upgraded, and it’s now capable of booking up to 7,200 tickets per minute

Here’s a screenshot of the IRCTC website captured in 2002.

IRCTC first look

11. is the largest Business-to-Business (B2B) and Customer-to-Customer (C2C) eCommerce marketplace in India. Founded in 1996, IndiaMART is an online portal where users can find buyers and sellers of all types of products and services that can connect with each other. 

It has more than 50 product categories, from pharmaceuticals and foods & beverages to textiles, cosmetics, and electronics. It also allows you to find suppliers by region and has a presence in ten Indian cities. 

The IndiaMART website has more than 71 million monthly website visits. It’s ranked 1,129th globally and 84th in India in terms of monthly traffic. It’s also the fourth-largest shopping marketplace in the world in terms of website traffic. 

Let’s look at how the IndiaMART website looked in 1996.

Indiamart first look

Wrap Up

These were 11 top Indian websites that have been out there for a while. The internet has come a long way, and so have web development and design technologies. Nowadays, you can build stunning websites with amazing designs and effects without even writing a single line of code. That wasn’t the case back then. 

So, which of these websites did you use back then, and which website do you think has transformed the most?

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