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Last updated: April 22, 2021

“Content is king!” You heard that right. Digital marketing has to be based on effective content in order to produce the best results for your business. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then, to know that businesses are investing a lot in content marketing.

In Europe alone, at least 740 million euros were spent on content marketing in 2014, according to this report by Statista. This amount is also expected to grow past 2 billion euros by 2021. There’s also the fact that new content creation technologies are being developed every day, providing businesses with opportunities to significantly leverage their content for a better bottom line.

The need for content creation tools has become all the more critical to success, considering how most businesses struggle with understanding their markets and streamlining content for targeted segments.

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After all, content isn’t king unless you’re using the right content marketing approach. Let’s look at the specific ways of generating value from your content marketing efforts:

1. Start with Your SMART Goals

Many marketers would assume that it’s already enough to have content as-is. What they don’t realize, however, is the need for a strong base that can support their content marketing activities and help them realize short-term and long-term goals.

Of course, for this, you will need to have goals that follow the SMART approach:

Sspecific, significant, stretching
Mmeasurable, meaningful, motivational
Aagreed upon, attainable, achievable, acceptable, action-oriented
Rrealistic, relevant, reasonable, rewarding, results-oriented
Ttime-based, time-bound, timely, tangible, traceable

You already know what it means, so why not implement this principle when you’re coming up with a content marketing strategy.

2. Pay Attention to Your SEO Rankings

SEO is, by all means, a critical part of your content strategy. One thing’s for sure, content without an effective SEO strategy is like a plane without wings. So, in order for your content to truly shine, you will have to implement strategies that will help you secure better search engine rankings.

Presently, there are countless ways you can improve your SEO efforts. You may want to get a good mix of link-building and content optimization. Your rankings are based on your site’s authority, so using manual guest posting services or using guest posts to get customers through authority sites would an invaluable strategy to implement.

3. Conduct Extensive Market Research

Content has to have an audience, so you need to pay close attention to the types of segments that you need for your business. In this sense, it’s vital to listen to what your audience says and generate actionable marketing intelligence. After all, you need data in order to understand your audience as well as determine the type of messaging that’s relevant to them.

When conducting market research, you can use tools like Twitter Advanced Search and Buzzsumo. These tools will help you identify trending hashtags and map out what everyone is talking about. You can also consider content curation platforms like, which help you gather possible ideas you can include in your content marketing strategy. That way, you can produce content that gets a lot of impressions and, more importantly, conversions.

As you can see, content doesn’t have to be complicated. You just need to select the right Content Marketing Approach it correctly to make the most out of it for your organization.

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