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Invoice’ is an integral component of sales. Once the selling terms are fixed, the first thing that comes to your mind is to generate the invoice. This becomes proof of the sale and the buyer cannot deny taking your products once the invoice is generated, except in some special cases.

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The invoice includes the details about the sale transaction. It has information about the product, quantity, quality, price, mode of payment, and so on. Invoice generation is a time-consuming process, it requires all the requisites about the sales to be included in it which depends on the type of product/service you deal in.

Gone are the days when invoice generation was done manually. Modern online invoices are taking the place of physical invoices. Companies require prompt online invoice generator to prepare suited invoices.

List of Best Online Invoice Generators to watch out

1. Zoho Invoice

zoho invoice

Zoho Invoice can definitely be called an all-rounder. It helps in making almost all the undertakings of your organization swift and untroublesome. Apart from helping in all other aspects, it also has a bill generator software version. Using this you can not only generate an impressive and useful invoice but also send payment reminders and accept credit card payments online.


  • Customization of invoices from the available templates, with almost 30+ fields addition
  • Invoices easily sent through email with the option of scheduling
  • Printable invoices, with easy sharing options
  • Real-time reports from invoices, namely, sales, taxes, expenses, dues, etc.
  • Multi-currency and multi-language support
  • Scheduling recurring invoices
  • An option of sending hard-copy of invoices

2. Referens


Referens is the fastest-growing online invoice generator. Freelancers and service agencies can benefit the most out of it. By using this software, you can create and share the invoice in just three simple steps. With short turnaround time and straightforward usage, it a very demanding software in the industry. This online invoice generator equips an enterprise-grade secure architecture eliminating any third party breach during payment. It automates repetitive tasks of invoice generation, saving plenty of constructive hours. Taxes tend to confuse people but the learning curve ability proferred by Referens takes care of the entire taxation process.


  • GST enabled
  • Create GST and non-GST invoices for free
  • There are optional payment gateways available for India 
  • Auto reminder facility to notify about the due dates
  • Automated tracking of the invoice emails for follow-ups
  • Collect payments through international credit card
  • Track and maintain all the financial records seamlessly
  • Time-based discount for its users
  • Easy and uninterrupted accessibility from any location

3. Free Invoice Builder

invoice builder

Using this free online invoice generator you can prepare smart invoices, in a smarter way. It is an intuitive billing software for retail shops. It helps you to send PDF invoices to your clients/ customers so that they can process your payment. Whether you have an online store or you are working offline, this online invoice generator software will definitely turn to be a boon to you. It takes care of VAT, shipping costs, and other charges efficiently.


  • Ready-made templates available
  • Impressive PDF invoices
  • Client-specific customized invoice
  • Logo embedded invoice
  • Easily trackable invoices
  • Easy and secure international payments

4. Wave


Wave helps you simplify the process of online invoice generation. It helps to create customized invoices from scratch, within seconds. Using this you can send estimates to your customers, and as soon as your customers approve it, this bill generator software automatically converts it to an invoice. It also sends automatic reminders to your customers for any outstanding payment.


  • Payment can be received through credit card and bank
  • Automatically payment for recurring invoices
  • Logo with colors- added invoices
  • Accounting integration
  • Integration with Wave, Gmail, Outlook, and so on
  • Duplicates invoices- time saved
  • Automatic tax calculation
  • Tracks payment- partial and full, overdue, etc.

5. OnlineInvoices

online invoices

If you’re looking for an online invoice generator to create professional invoices, OnlineInvoices will definitely be helpful to you. It understands that for any business to keep running and prosper, sending invoices on time with the required specifications is of utmost importance. It helps you track your inventory, by notifying you when the stock of the product is nearing the finish line.


  • Unlimited products, clients, suppliers, etc.
  • Real-time reporting features, for monitoring sales, profit-and-loss, etc.
  • Business accounts and tax calculations
  • Manges recurring invoices and payments
  • Manages estimates and quotes
  • Inventory management feature
  • Allows creating staff profiles
  • Instant conversion of estimates to invoice
  • Barcode integration

6. Shopify


Whether you have a Shopify store online or not, Shopify bill generator software will help you create and sent helpful and impressive invoices. It integrates with your and your customer’s bank accounts and helps them make the payment online easily, through the phone. This free online invoice generator provides you with the option of fixing shipping rates as free, fixed-price, tiered pricing, weight-based, location-based and so on.


  • More than 100 payment gateways. Such as Credit/debit card, cheques, IOUs, etc.
  • Can use various modes for a single payment, breaking it into many parts
  • The gift card can be introduced which can be redeemed in-store or online
  • Provides credit notes
  • Supports deposits or layaways
  • Secure checkouts by customers
  • Automatic state tax handling

7. Hiveage


Hiveage, an interactive online invoice generator,  helps you to generate and send modern online invoices.  It can be used to send estimates, with expiry dates, and reminders about its expiry. This software helps you auto-bill your customers by sending them subscription fees update and recurring invoices manually or automatically.


  • Sends invoices in one click
  • Tracks status of invoices, namely, saved as a draft, sent to clients, viewed by clients, and so on
  • Sends automatic reminders
  • Applies flexible taxes, discounts, shipping rates, offers, etc.
  • Supports multiple currencies, accepts online payments
  • Sends invoices with file attachments
  • Subscription billing software

8. Invoicequick


It is an innovative free online invoice generator which empowers small business organizations to create, optimize, sent and track invoices efficiently. It can be used for online invoicing as well as in-store invoicing. It also helps you receive and track payment.  It allows your customers to make payments through various gateways, such as credit card, PayPal, etc.


  • Customization of every aspect, including, currency, payment terms, appearance, and so in
  • Tracks customer behavior and works accordingly
  • Creates recurring profiles for repetitive use of data
  • Cretes reports of financial position every month
  • At one place, you can track all payments
  • Tracks all expenses
  • Tax presets included
  • Unlimited payment options

9. Invoice Simple

invoice simple

It is a free online invoice generator suite. Using this software you can easily follow-up your clients, invoices, payments, and so on. It helps you send exclusive invoices with logo, photos, notes, signature, discounts, due dates, etc., attached to it. It helps you track whether the customer has viewed the invoice or not, sending you a notification when it is viewed.


  • Pre-build templates with easy customization
  • One-click estimate conversion to invoice
  • Easily text, print or email invoice
  • Invoicing on the go
  • Fast receipt generation and sending
  • Accepts debit and credit card
  • Saves items for recurring invoices
  • Built-in reporting features

10. Invoicely


Invoicely, a web-based bill generator software which helps you prepare unlimited invoices which can be sent to an unlimited number of customers. You can send these invoices through your phone or laptops. It has got templates which can be easily downloaded, printed and fully customized. You can be assured of the security of your data, using this bill generator software.


  • Invoice generation thorough tracking of time, expense, miles, and so on
  • Customized invoice with any design and multi-color
  • Manages multiple businesses
  • Multi-language and multi-currency support
  • Online payment gateways through WePay, PayPal, Stripe, etc.
  • Manges all finances under one roof

11. Quickbooks


The very name of this software is enough to gain your attention and confidence. Quickbooks, the invoice generator software, helps you invoice your customers/ clients within seconds. The best part is you do not need to have an account with Quickbooks to use it, it comes absolutely free of cost. You can securely access this free online invoice generator from any device, anywhere. It has pre-built reporting features which can track your monthly income, taxes to be paid, and so on.


  • Add branding and logo in multicolor
  • Cloud-hosted
  • Opens up many modes of payments
  • Automatically calculates prices with integrating with other apps, such as time tracker, inventory monitor, etc.
  • Invoice preview and downloading
  • Categorizes income and expenses
  • Detailed view of customers to track their behavior
  • Works awesomely with QuickBooks Online

Invoices are no more a cumbersome job!

Invoices help you get paid for the services/ products delivered by you. It is a must for you no matter what profession you belong to. Whether you are a business person, insurance agent, contractor, accountant, and so on, you need to prepare invoices. Creating invoices might seem simple but the art is to make them look professional and organized. An online invoice generator is a must have for the same. The above online invoice generating software will definitely help you generate exceptional invoices.

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