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Last updated: April 13, 2021


Horizon : No. 1 In Billing and Invoicing Software

Are you are a freelancer or proprietor of a small to medium-sized enterprise? If so, then you must be putting up a lot of work into your business. Every hour spent on your hard work counts and no part of a job is so small to go uncompensated. However, getting paid means you have to send your client an invoice. And, that means you need super free open source billing software.

Looking for Invoicing and Billing Software? Check out SoftwareSuggest’s list of the best invoicing and billing software solutions.

Why do you need invoicing software?

I’m sure you are questioning the rationale behind this invoicing and billing software at the back of your mind. Well, to make things a bit clearer, you need to whip up something that has a professional appeal. You can prepare a simple document with your word processor or a spreadsheet. But, you need an application that can keep track of your payment and reminds you to follow up on the invoices you have already sent which can be provided by the invoice and billing software. So, hope that you understood the importance of invoicing software.

Top 10 Free and Open Source Invoicing Software and Billing Software

1. Simple Invoices

open source invoicing software - simpleinvoicesSimple Invoices is a free open source invoicing system that supports the recurring generation of sales reports, recurring payments, multiple customers and a variety of payment types. Install it yourself in case you need to use it or seek help from service providers supported by the developers. You can use the software to send invoices, track your finances and bill your clients. Download free invoicing software for Linux, Windows, and IOS.


  • Export to various file formats: PDF, MS Word, Excel or just plain text
  • Can create multiple invoice types: Itemized invoices and total invoices
  • Offers various invoice templates to choose from
  • PayPal integration for prompt payment
  • Recurring billing
  • Invoice templates – Be able to select (or create) different layouts for your invoices
  • Unlimited invoicing
  • Efficient payment tracking
  • Can be used in various languages

It is free.

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2. F-Billing

open source invoicing software F-Billing

F-billing is free billing software for service providers, businesses (small and medium-sized and freelancers. Besides, it has excellent expense tracking and cloud back up. The software enjoys a simple user-interface and is easy to create invoices. Moreover, the software supports multiple users. Download free billing software for small and medium-sized business.


  • Strong, secure yet editable products, services, and customers database
  • Let’s you easily manage your reports and invoices and print sales comments or messages on all the reports
  • Supports use of different currency symbols in different companies or different geographical locations
  • Manage your invoices and reports. Print sales messages or comments on all invoices
  • Built-in software updater making sure you always have the most current and secure application
  • Support PDF meaning you can email your reports or invoices in PDF support


  • Free Plan
  • Solo: $29 (single computer license)
  • Pro: $39 (multiple computer license)

3. Sleek Bill Visit Website

open source invoicing software - sleekbill

Sleek Bill is top free invoice software offering top invoicing features that make it the ideal billing tool for freelancers and small businesses. The software is designed to offer the best possible user experience. Besides, it lets you create customized invoices and other necessary documents in formats of your choice – Excel or PDFs. Billing has three plans: free plan allowing a maximum of 5 invoices per month, a single computer license at $25 (with unlimited invoices) and a pro version giving you multiple computers license at $35.


  • Easily create and send estimates to your clients for review
  • Easily add or edit client details from the database
  • Automatically backs up your data to a local file where you can easily retrieve it just in case you need it
  • Allows feature to append your brand, logo and any particulars you need, to your invoice
  • The software embeds pre-loaded data for tax (you can customize it to suit your state or country)
  • Can be used by multiple companies
  • Paypal integration allows prompt payments
  • Offers smart reporting


  • Offline Free
  • Offline Premium: 1999 INR per year
  • Offline Premium + Inventory: 3199 INR  per year
  • Online Premium: 1999 INR  per year

4. Invoice Expert

open source invoicing software inexInvoice Expert is your free and open source invoicing software package for your business. The software lets you send billing estimates to your client for your approval. The software is easy to use and is usable within 5 minutes of installing. Invoice Expert free invoicing software helps organizations reduce the amount of time spent on administrative tasks as well as reduce overall invoice processing time. The Lite Edition is free to use while the Advanced Edition goes for a one-time fee of $69.95.


  • Everything comes in the unlimited tag: unlimited payments, invoices, products, and customers
  • The app lets you get paid faster; thanks to the seamless PayPal integration
  • Allows you to easily export data to PDF or Excel or import existing data from Excel; thanks to its inbuilt data import wizard
  • Easily customizable meaning you can append your Branding or Logo; gives a professional impression to your clients
  • Always compatible with the latest operating system
  • Gives you detailed reports regarding your earning or expenditure
  • Stable and secure cloud-based data backup
  • You can send an SMS notification to your client’s when the work is done and invoices are ready for payment


  • Lite Edition: Free
  • Advanced Edition: $69.95

5. Invoice Ninja

open source invoicing software - invoiceninja

InvoiceNinja is a powerful software that states invoicing as its primary function but is actually loaded with a variety of features. For open source software, the number of functionalities it provides is commendable. With its hefty list of functionalities, InvoiceNinja ought to be your first preference when it comes to open source invoicing software.


  • Integration with over 40 payment gateway options
  • Create invoice PDFs in real-time
  • Kanban boards for project management
  • Google analytics eCommerce support
  • Professional invoice and quotation templates
  • Time tracking tools
  • Multiple company support
  • Automatic currency conversions


  • Free plan
  • Ninja Pro Plan: $8 per month
  • Enterprise Plan: Starting from $12 per month

5. Invoicely

open source invoicing software - invoicely

Invoicely is perfect for small businesses. It allows the user to create elegant, professional invoices in under 60 seconds. This software will take you from the estimate to the invoice in a smooth, effortless flow. Invoices created through Invoicely will allow payments from customers sitting anywhere in the world and in any currency. In fact, they can pay directly on the invoice.


  • Convenient dashboard with an extensive activity log
  • Monthly and yearly financial snapshots
  • Send unlimited invoices
  • Customize invoices and set up recurring invoice accounts
  • Fully customizable statements, icons, and logos for your invoices
  • Automatic payment reminders
  • Multi-business support
  • Track billable hours, expenses and miles


  • Free Plan
  • Basic Plan: $9.99 per month
  • Professional Plan: $19.99 per month
  • Enterprise Plan: $29.99 per month

7. InvoicePlane

open source invoicing software InvoicePlane

InvoicePlane is a self-hosted completely free invoicing software for use application for managing your invoices, quotes, clients and payments. Open source invoicing software and was built with the intention to offer a free application for billing, invoicing, client management and payment tracking. So far the application has garnered over 12,000 users in over 150 countries. Download open source invoice software for Windows and Linux operating the software.


  • Easily customizable to make sure it fits all your needs
  • Multi-lingual Interface with 23+ languages
  • Easy create an invoice with one simple click
  • CRM-like customer management making it easy for you to manage your customers.
  • Easily prepare and send quotes to customers with a single click
  • Makes it easy to keep track of payments
  • Integrates well with Paypal

It is free.

8. BambooInvoice


If you are an independent contractor, BambooInvoice is one of the best free, open-source invoicing software. In fact, it can also be used by small businesses. What sets it apart is its simplicity to use. Its intuitive interface allows a non-tech savvy person to easily access the system. 

Furthermore, you can create and edit invoices while also keeping track of them by client or invoice numbers you assign. It notifies you about the pending invoices. If that wasn’t enough, you can also email the invoices from within the application or generate PDFs.


  • Available in more than 11 languages, including French, English, Dutch, Spanish, German, Romanian, Swedish, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Italian, and Estonian. Plus, new languages are being added all the time
  • Extremely easy-to-use and actively used software programs amongst the users
  • Built on modern coding standards to keep things functional
  • Works with all modern and standard compliant web browsers

It is free.

9. Boxbilling


Boxbilling is another free and open source billing and client management software. It offers tons of pre-designed templates for billing, and it also gives you the option to customize it as per your preferences. The best part is even though it allows you to create an invoice in multiple currencies, you can calculate profits in your own currency. 

In short, it automates billing, invoicing, and product provisioning. The order automatically gets suspended if the payment is not received till the due date. Apart from that, it is powered by Intuitive Web 2.0 AJAX interface with 100% usability score. 


  • Allows you to accept one-time and recurring payments in multiple currencies
  • Enables selling of shared and reseller hosting accounts, software licenses, downloadable products or any recurrent billing product
  • You can configure the system to send payment reminders until the order is terminated or late payment is collected
  • Facilitates integrated helpdesk to communicate with clients easily


  • Free license
  • Pro license: $5.95 per month

10. jBilling


The last on our list in jBilling — an open source billing software that gives you full access to the code. You can customize the code to suit your business needs. Specially designed for small- to medium-level enterprises and agencies, it supports windows and web app platforms. 

Moving on, jBilling gives you full control over how your invoices are calculated and presented. This helps you perfect your customer touchpoint. Plus, its template generator feature lets you design every element of your invoices. You can maintain any number of formats, and easily update them from the user interface.


  • Facilitates accurate invoicing, customized invoice presentation, and flexible invoice delivery
  • Deployable on the cloud platform on-premises basis; designed for enterprise-level grade
  • Supports multiple currencies and internationalized language support
  • Automates the tiring task of collecting payments from your customers


  • Quote by request to vendor

Bottom Line

Never let any single minute of your hard work go uncompensated. Or, waste hours on end of productive time creating an invoice. Learn the art of intelligent delegation. And, in this case, the invoicing software can help you a great deal.

Sanjay Darji
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  2. It is very important nowadays to use software for your company to ease the workload and save time. This article made it easier for me to understand and choose which software I need for my company. Thank you for sharing this blog. Keep posting.

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