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Last updated: September 17, 2020

The current business landscape is competitive and fast-paced. Organizations need to leverage the power of technology to save time, enhance communication, and manage project deadlines successfully. Nothing better than an automated solution to help you keep things in order, and boost productivity levels.

It’s a smart idea to research the various options available, assess your business requirements, and then invest in a time tracking tool to get ahead of the competition. FunctionFox is one of the leading timesheet and project management solutions in the market right now – it’s flexible, convenient, and has tons of novel features!

So let’s move right on, and check it out through this comprehensive review.

Overview of FunctionFox

What’s Great About FunctionFox?

Designed for small creative teams, FunctionFox is a versatile time tracking and project management software that works well for organizations from all kinds of industries.

An organized user interface makes it easy to navigate through FunctionFox. You can view the home page as soon as you log in, and customize the settings and preferences as required. FunctionFox is a permission-based tool, hence only personnel with authorization can view, edit, and utilize all it’s features.

FunctionFox Review

One of the most essential steps after you setup FunctionFox is to create a list of your clients, and set up a common task list. You need to mention all the active projects, assign them a code along with a name, and mention their current status. This enhances the visibility all across the project team, and managers get a bird’s eye view of all pending tasks easily.

The ultimate success of any time tracking or project management tool lies in its features. Let’s check out the advanced features of FunctionFox to find out what differentiates it as a market leader and makes it a must-have platform for organizations from diverse industrial sectors:

Project Schedule Management

This unique feature in FunctionFox enables users to manage all aspects of a project schedule in a streamlined manner. Users can select a particular project, and keep track of meetings, milestones, and actions.

  • Users can set up a meeting with a client, project manager or between all team members by checking their individual schedules, so as to find a convenient slot. The project schedule feature allows you to assign a start time and an end time for group meetings, and also sends out automated alerts to the invitees. It saves time, and helps to remain organized.
  • The project schedule feature ensures that managers are well aware of any upcoming milestones that are critical for successful completion. This helps team members to have comprehensive knowledge on the real-time status of the project, so that they can prioritize their tasks effectively. Managers can also customize the software to send timely reminders to members who are lagging behind on task completion.
  • The ‘add action’ is another exciting tab in the Project Schedule feature that allows project managers to assign tasks to team members along with action deadlines. Users can also add a time estimate for the action. For example: A manager may assign the task of ‘copyright editing’ to employee X, with an action estimate of 3 hours.

Gantt Charts

  • FunctionFox enables project managers to gain clarity at a glance by using specialized Gantt charts for scheduling. Left to right scheduling Gantt charts that clearly depict the project timeline are a huge help in tracking project activities. The Gantt charts feature in FunctionFox enhances transparency, and lets team members know how far they have progressed on project activities. This keeps all team members aligned towards the final completion of the project, and makes sure that they do not miss deadlines.
  • FunctionFox simplifies workflows and streamlines all tasks through the customizable Gantt chart feature. It can display the status of multiple project activities, and visually represent whether all key milestones have been achieved. This helps in setting clear priorities, managing workload, and optimizing resources to prevent any kind of delay in the project timeline. 


  • One of FunctionFox’s most useful features is definitely the Project Calendar that has a drag and drop interface. It represents project activities in a colour-coordinated view. This enables project managers to get a broad idea on where they stand with respect to the project timeline. Managers can take proactive action to make sure that the team does not delay critical tasks.
  • The Calendar has filters that make it possible for project managers to view the schedule of each team member individually, so that they can assign resources better. It is a great tool that keeps things structured and boosts transparency to all applicable team members.

FunctionFox Review

Reports and Analytics

  • FunctionFox ranks high on the reporting front, and has numerous report templates that can be customized according to business requirements. The Production Report enables users to view the schedule of all projects and clients-related activities. Managers can view either a single project’s schedule or check out the progress of all the currently active projects that the organization is handling in real-time. Useful filters such as client name, project type, date range, milestone status and project status make it easy to navigate reports and analyze data better.
  • FunctionFox makes it super easy for project managers to generate reports on weekly traffic meetings. This throws light on the workload of each member, their availability, and alerts employees on what tasks need to be urgently completed. Project managers have access to view the entire team’s schedule through the click of a button – this surely helps in better prioritization and assignment of tasks.

CEO Desktop

  • Another winning feature of FunctionFox is the CEO Desktop that provides information about all the clients of an organization and displays critical tasks that have to be performed for their projects. Project managers can check out the timeline of a particular project activity, the estimated cost, and the actual expenses so far. What’s great about FunctionFox is that it provides alerts when you are getting close to overshooting your budget; hence managers can reassess their expenditures in a structured manner. 

FunctionFox Review

  • The CEO Desktop function is ideal for senior management and executives so that they can track the budget of all projects simultaneously, and make proactive changes if required to prevent overspending.

To-Do List

  • Time is a precious resource, and FunctionFox has another beneficial feature called To-Do List that makes sure that project team members monitor their daily activities to remain super efficient. It allows users to view their actions for the day, and also shows upcoming and overdue actions. A highly useful tool for planning project activities, the To-Do list function helps in individual time management, and ensures that all members of the team focus their attention on urgent project actions that are due.

Project Blog

  • Seamless communication is a vital prerequisite for any engaged project team. FunctionFox has a unique project blog feature that is basically an interactive platform for team communication. Project members can conduct centralized chats so that everyone is informed about the status of work progress, and upload important files on the blog instantly, instead of sending emails. It is highly beneficial as it provides an open channel for dialogue between all project stakeholders, and aids in better team collaboration.

FunctionFox Review

The Final Verdict

A complete time tracking and project management tool, FunctionFox indeed can transform the work environment of any kind of organization for the better. It consists of a simple visual and user-friendly interface; hence users do not require any kind of technical training and can easily use all the features. 

Excellent free customer support, an innovative set of features, and a plethora of report templates are just a few reasons to go ahead with FunctionFox – it is definitely a smart business decision that will have a long lasting positive impact on your bottom line results!

You can learn more about FunctionFox from its website or its SoftwareSuggest Profile Page.

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