How Future of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will Change your Lives

Biswajit Chowdhury

Biswajit Chowdhury

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Last updated: April 14, 2022

Technology is on the cusp and is becoming ubiquitous. In the last decade, numerous technological advancements along with the proliferation of various software and hardware have introduced augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality. This in turn gave rise to mixed reality (MR). These technologies are going to change human life beyond imagination. AR and VR are going to transform every aspect of the future that is related to us right from traveling to education, human health to entertainment.

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With the popular game, Pokemon Go AR technology came into use by consumers. With the huge adoption of gaming applications, augmented reality became the mainstream for consumers. Following the success of Pokemon Go, Facebook and Snapchat also introduced augmented reality experiences on their individual platforms. The adoption of AR technology went on increasing with its application in the retail industry.

augmented reality


Smartphones used with the headsets made it possible to deliver a virtual reality experience for the consumers. Virtual reality experience disconnects the user from the real world and connects to the different levels of experience in the virtual world. There are numerous software and hardware available in the market when connected with the 360 cameras, provide a phenomenal VR experience.

Usually, AR and VR experience is delivered by using devices like headsets, smartphones, tablets, consoles, and wearables. Let us now understand what could be the future of these devices? What could be more changes that we will see in the future? How is this going to impact our lives and will change our lives?

Augmented reality and virtual reality markets are growing very fast due to the driving factors like huge demand for smartphone-based augmented reality, growing mergers & acquisitions in the market, advancing AR & VR technology, high demand for HMD’s in the entertainment sector, and huge adoption of AR and VR technology in retail and education industry.

Future of AR and VR technology

Excited to know where AR and VR will be used in the future? Here you go!

Future of AR and VR technology

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will have numerous applications in the future in every other industry. When it comes to training, VR will play a major role and training the aspirants and will enhance the quality of education they will be getting. On the other hand, AR will be widely implemented in the retail and e-commerce industry where it will guide through the selection of their products. It will give a try-and-buy experience to the users. With such a wide spectrum of applications, AR and VR are going to be life-changing for our lives.

Big companies are continuously developing devices with powerful processors that can be used for experiencing virtual reality. This continuous progress in technology makes the market going and in turn, makes it affordable for the consumers. Virtual reality is no more only science fiction, but it has become the main part of human life and shaping the future. AR and VR trick our brains in a way that we feel as if we are living that life which we are seeing and experiencing.

There are numerous industries using AR and VR in their daily processes. Here is the list of industries and the way they are using AR and VR:

1. Automotive:

With virtual reality, engineers are able to get the look and build of the design they are shortlisting. This helps companies in saving the costs that they will need to manufacture the parts and build the prototype. Augmented reality on the other hand helps automotive manufacturing companies in optimizing their process of prototype and car assembling. It also helps mechanics in repairing the cars in no time and with minimal errors.

2. Healthcare:

Healthcare is considered as one of the most critical industries that use AR and VR widely. Virtual reality is mainly used by healthcare professionals in preparing themselves to work on the real human body. VR provides surgical training and acts as an assessment tool. Augmented reality is used in the healthcare industry in a number of ways such as surgical and veins visualization and medical training. Other examples of AR include AR-enabled HMD for surgeons, simulations for explaining insurance plans, and even for marketing and customer engagement.

3. Retail and eCommerce:

In this industry, customer satisfaction is considered a very important factor. Usually, if the customer buys a product without trying it then they end up getting an incorrect size product. VR uses body scanning technology which will enable customers in trying the clothes virtually. Virtual reality is going to enhance the customer experience in the retail and eCommerce industry. Augmented reality can help retailers in navigating around the warehouses or stores, customer engagement and advertising campaigns, 3D product reviews, and many more such ways where AR can be successfully implemented.

4. Real estate and Architecture:

VR in the real estate industry will enable you to check out the houses virtually. It will save your time in going and checking a number of houses and will help you in shortlisting the one you will actually love. When it comes to architecture, VR is enhancing the way architectures are designing and experimenting with their work. It will make it possible to have a look at the building and even feel it. With VR architects can understand and explore the space so that they can make the best out of it.

Augmented reality superimposes pictures or texts on the view of the world. With AR, you can visit the constriction site with the help of your smartphone. While in Architecture, architects can place the 3D model of their design on existing space with the use of their smartphone. Its main use in the architecture industry is space planning and design visualization.

5. Education and Learning:

Learning and Development have recently used VR widely. Virtual reality in this field is mainly used for providing training. Usually, corporates make use of VR for offering training as it saves cost, and is more accessible. Virtual reality is incredible in the education field as it wisely engages students. With VR students are able to learn topics in a more practical way and can access lectures across the globe that promotes collaborative learning.

With AR it becomes possible for getting more efficient, and cost-effective on-job training. It improves collaboration among the employees and helps them in solving actual problems in real-time. The customer care of the company can address their clients through AR which enhances the customer experience and also reduces the customer visits at the company. AR when used for students in the education industry, can be remarkable and interactive. With AR teachers can explain concepts in real-time and can also add contests and games while teaching. With such technology, it becomes easier for students to grasp concepts quickly.

Above mentioned five industries are highly impacted by AR and VR technology. However, there are many other industries that use Augmented reality and virtual reality. Those industries are Tourism, Gambling, Recruitment, Entertainment, Sports, Art & Design, Events & conferences, Well-being, Social, Charity, Marketing, Recreation, Law enforcement, and News & journalism.

This is how AR and VR have impacted the industries. Now let us see how Augmented reality and virtual reality is going to change our lives. With such huge applications in industries, AR and VR are reaching our homes. It is going to change our lives and is going to make it more interactive and easy to live.

6. Experience AR at your home:

With AR you will be able to shop the products for your home after trying

them at the desired location. Everything that you require for your home décor will be there to view and confirm if it suits the requirement.

Experience AR at your home


You can also view the home through AR apps and check the space with 360-degree cameras and videos before buying. This is going to be incredible for the long term as it is going to feel our world with huge technology and way improved buying experience. Looking for more such applications? Then do not forget to go through our website and check them out.

When it comes to VR, it is going to give you an amazing experience of watching movies, sports participation virtually, playing video games, virtually traveling across the globe, and even lets you perform work-related activities.

7. Navigations will become easy:

Augmented reality proves to be one of the solutions when it comes to navigation. It will show virtual guides in your smartphone or headset and will direct you correctly in real physical space. AR is going to be mainstream when it will come to navigate through indoor as well as outdoor space. The navigation powered by augmented reality is also called a visual positioning system.

Navigations will become easy


The use of Head-mounted displays is going to increase in the future as it gives an incredible virtual reality experience. 3D maps that are used for navigation that are used for navigation will be used in virtual reality. In the future, there will be gesture interfaces used in HMD-based navigation and it is going to add a lot of fun experiences in our lives.

8. AR and VR Assisting in work:

AR and VR plays important role in assisting in tasks. AR apps help in assisting the tasks and let us know when the task is completed. With this great assistance by the AR application, handling all the complicated tasks and completing them in time is going to be easy. Let us take one example; if you are an engineer who takes care of the electrical work. Suppose there is some problem with the electricity or power control and you have been called to take care of that. In this situation, the AR application is going to help you by letting you understand the root cause of the problem, and once you finish that task then Ding! It will let you know.

9. Entertainment & Games:

After the long day for working people as well as for students, some entertainment is needed to get rid of all the tiredness and stress. Yes! AR and VR will be there with you. There are a couple of AR games already in the market and people have gone crazy for them. Pokemon Go is one such game. Augmented reality lets us play games on the smartphone whereas, virtual reality makes this experience more exciting and real.

Entertainment & Games


This is all about games, but AR and VR add value even in the entertainment field. Few of them include theme parks, sports (gym), and VR museums. In theme parks with VR and AR implementation, you are going to experience a lot of fun with less life risk. Gym in virtual reality sounds exciting, right? It is going to be part of your fitness goal in the future. VR museums are definitely going to catch your attention in the future and will be your major go-to spot in the future.

10. Change in Lifestyle:

Augmented reality and virtual reality are going to change the way we travel and even it is going to affect our lifestyle. VR is going to change the way in which the experience is communicated. Companies interacting and approaching their customers will have a different approach with VR implemented. With perfectly suitable AR assistants, customers are going to get a great experience while communicating with the company. Let us have one example; a company dealing with the amusement park will have a VR-based ride experience for their client which will give deeper insights to them.

On the other hand, traveling across the globe is going to be an amazing virtual experience. Many resorts will have this listed in their service to give a luxurious experience to their guest. Of course, they are going to charge you extra for that!

11. Get ready to reshape the Food industry:

AR and VR are going to be one of the main investments in the future for the Food industry. It will be majorly used for enhancing customer experience, and food products. AR and VR will also be seen in conducting training for new joiners. With these interactive training, joinees will be able to understand the atmosphere where they will be working.

Get ready to reshape Food industry


With AR, you will be able to see the ingredients of the food that you will order at the restaurant. You will also have an amazing experience of meeting the chefs and even visit the restaurant from any location virtually. You can easily enjoy your waiting time at the restaurant by peeking into the kitchen through VR. Excited about visiting restaurants with AR and VR? Soon it will be mainstream.

12. Fashion:

AR in the fashion industry


We are already experiencing AR in the fashion industry. Have you used Snapchat? It uses AR lenses which is a great success. AR and VR are transforming the fashion industry to the next level. Trying and then buying products is just one part of AR implementation in the fashion industry. Apart from this, retailers are using AR and VR for marketing, for customer service, and even for warehousing and delivery. With AR now you can try any dress, any hair color, any eye color on yourself. Also, Do you remember that Bitmoji you created? Yes, it is created with AR.

13. Enhancing home décor:

Making our home look perfect is what everyone wants. But what if we buy some product and then we realize it does not suit our home? Everyone would want to check how any new furniture or home décor will look in their home. But practically it is not possible to get everything delivered, check it, and then return if you don’t like it at your place. Hence, AR and VR will be there to solve your problem. With 3D-enabled shopping experience, you can get the 3D representation of the product you are planning to buy. Combining it with AR, you can check how does that product look in your desired location.

You can also virtually visit the store to check more varieties and options for the product that you are planning to buy. This will make your buying procedure more fun and engaging.

14. Wondering what we will think of Health with AR and VR:

AR and VR are going to provide added care and efficiency to us. VR simulations will be used for a better understanding of the patient’s health and even for surgical training. We will be able to describe our health conditions or symptoms to doctor in a better way by using AR. Have you seen nurses struggling to find veins on our bodies? Now AR will take care of it and will help nurses find them quickly.

With VR simulations, it will become easy to find exact disorders and it will also help in psychological relief and treatment. Advanced diagnostics and risk assessment can be done without spending a long time for the patients. AR will provide exceptional assistance in surgery and patient treatment. Along with this emergency navigation and doctor, a consultation can also be done with the help of AR and VR.

15. Learning will become fun and interactive:

Learning will become fun with AI


With the use of AR and VR understanding, new terms will become easy. More elements will be added to learning that will make it more interesting like gamification, and simulations. Such contests will add value to what we are learning and is going to give proper curve to the education field. Students will become more and more excited to attend the lectures and will also develop skills like teamwork, and collaborative work. Understanding every concept through visualization will become quick and interesting. Exploring every concept in virtual world will give students a better understanding and make their minds innovative.

The future is already here…

The AR Future

Augmented reality and virtual reality are going to transform the way we live our lives in every aspect. More than just saying “Wow amazing!” these technologies are going to change the way we imagine our life. Our life is going to change as drastically as our smartphone. There are many things ahead to look for and cherish with Augmented reality and Virtual reality.

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