12 Easiest Ways To Generate Leads for a SaaS Product

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Last updated: June 28, 2021

Effective Marketing of products these days is a lot different from what it used to be. Customers do not buy products just by looking at the advertisement. Instead, they research products and choose the ones that fulfill their exact requirements. 

If you want to generate more leads, you have to do a lot more than posting online ads. Choosing the right marketing strategies for SaaS products is now more critical than ever. 

Best Marketing Strategies for SaaS Business

In this blog, we have mentioned 12 marketing strategies in which we can generate maximum leads for SaaS business.

1. Content Marketing

content marketing

The two major elements of lead generation are the landing page and the content on that landing page. Content marketing is a trending marketing strategy globally. It not only helps businesses generate leads but also helps in branding. 

While creating content, keep your audience’s perspective in mind, write content that best suits them. Content is resourceful for your business; its value keeps increasing over time, offering leads continuously.

Content marketing comprises creating the right content, blogging, identifying influencers, guest posting, e-books, white papers, and landing pages. You can create a great content strategy and generate leads by considering these factors.

2. Search Engine Optimization

search engine optimization

When it comes to generating leads, Search engine optimization is unskippable; it offers the most effective solutions. SEO and Content Marketing is a cooperative duo that helps you reach out to potential audiences. 

The primary function of SEO is to increase the visibility of your brand and products on search engines such as Google, Safari, and Bing. However, this is achieved when you make use of both on-page SEO and off-page SEO.  

On-page SEO comprises factors that you can manage on your websites like keywords, meta description, Alt text, title tag, URL structure, Internal linking, page performance, HTTPS, and more. 

Off-Page SEO covers page ranking factors that take place off your website. This includes social promotion, backlinks from other sites, domain authority, and more.

All these factors will help you target the right audience, the ones who will be most interested in your products. Thus, enabling more leads for your business.

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3. Social Media

social media

Social media sites are great mediums for any business to generate leads and build customer relationships. According to the Content Marketing Institute survey, 93% of the B2V marketplace post content on their preferred social media sites. 

When SaaS products are concerned, Twitter and LinkedIn are found to be the most engaging social sites. 

The content you post on your social media business account should spark some ideas to your customers; you can guide and educate your audience to grow their company. Good conversation and right arguments will enable trust in your audience that can lead you to loyal customers.  

Social media can be used to increase inbound sales. In order to achieve this, you need to reach out to your customers and engage with them with social media trends or strategies.

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4. Optimize Website Speed

optimize webiste speed

If the load time of your website is more than 3 seconds, it is high time for you to optimize your website speed. Sites with high loading time can drive away potential customers as well as decrease your search engine ranking substantially.

Make efforts to reduce the load time of your website, even if you reduce the load time in the millisecond it will have a significant boost on leads. Even America’s leading retail company Walmart was able to hike 2% sales for every 1 second of improvement in load time.

5. Make your Website Mobile-friendly

mobile friendly website

Most of the consumers use mobile devices for searching and purchasing products online. Thus, it is essential for every business, including SaaS, to make their websites mobile-friendly. Statistics show that over 62% of people in the USA use the internet on their smartphones. 

If you are a startup with no in-house web development team, you can select a theme that automatically changes, depending on the device used by the user, viz mobile, computer, etc.  This makes sites easy to navigate with better loading time. 

Also, using Click to call links rather than appeal to action buttons will help your audience reach out to you and your products easily.

6. Write a Good Guest Post

good guest post

Guest posting is an effective solution for driving high traffic on your websites. If done correctly it helps you to generate great leads. For effective guest posting make sure you follow the below-given tips:

  • Choose the right website for your guest post. 
  • Find a site that best suits your audience and review it before confirmation. 

Your website’s SERPs get boosted once you get relevant backlinks on websites having high domain authority.

7. Free Trial 

give free trial

For SAAS marketing, Free trial is an excellent lead generation strategy. Provide your audience access to your products for a limited time and get their contact information which will help you pitch to them later on. 

A lot of customers would try your service initially if it’s free and if they find your service excelling, they will stick with your business for a long time.

8. Use CTAs in your Email Signature

use cta in email signature

Emails are the lead driving vectors of digital marketing. Every business present online can benefit from this marketing channel, especially SaaA businesses. For SaaS businesses and startups, sending even a simple mail can do wonders.

According to an email statistic report by Radicati Group, over 205 billion emails are sent and received daily. A person gets 34 business-related emails daily. 

By adding the Call-to-Action button instead of the URL address of your SaaS business, you can expand reach further. Also, CTA buttons will help you in grabbing user attention and urge them to click to learn and more.

9. Add Live Chats on Essential Website Pages

use live chats

Live chat has been in the market for long, but brands have now understood its real value in lead generation. Live chat is one of the fastest and affordable ways of increasing user engagement.  

According to a Vtldesign report, over 91%, users enjoyed a live chat experience, and 38% of users said that live chat sessions influenced them to purchase products.

One customer representative gets up to four conversations at a time. Hence, you can address more visitors and minimize the responding time that keeps potential leads waiting.

10. Video for your Product

video content for product

Using video content for answering the common question of customers is more beneficial for your product than the standard FAQ section. Video content is the most-loved content on online platforms. 

According to E2M, 92% of B2B marketers incorporate video content in their lead generation campaigns. 

Visual contents are not only more appealing but are also easy to graph. Over 65% of people are visual learners which means they understand better through videos than any other medium like audio or visual. 

Targeting such an audience becomes very easy with video content. Create videos describing or educating the audience about your products and hence generating more leads for your SaaS business.

11. Lead Nurturing 

lead nurturing

Lead nurturing is a method of building a long term relationship with customers that includes continuing communication on relevant content. It is a powerful lead generation strategy that helps SaaS businesses to establish trust and credibility with potential audiences. 

Through lead nurturing (constant communication), you can show your audience what your expertise is. According to Genius.com, consistent communication influenced 66% of buyers to choose a service provider.

12. Create Trust with Testimonials

Marketing trends keep on changing over time, but they still hold old but valuable marketing strategies like testimonials. By adding testimonials on your website’s landing page, you show your audience the benefit of choosing your products and what makes your business different or unique.

By sharing positive reviews of your existing or former customers, you can enable the trust and security of your target audience. This will further boost the revenue growth of your business. 


These are the most efficient lead generation strategies used by several startups and professionals. However, you do not have to use everything for your business, try and analyze which strategies work for you and which don’t. Don’t waste your money and effort on implementing policies that don’t fulfill your requirement. 

We hope our article came to your assistance! Include these tips in your marketing strategies and share your views in the comment section. Tell us which of these tips were most useful for your business.

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