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Last updated: February 22, 2021

When you are in marketing you know how difficult and important it is to generate leads. Usually, you would work with the small amounts of leads you have and try to squeeze all you can out of them. But most of the time this is not a very successful strategy. Another technique companies use is to buy lists of leads and then relentlessly follow them. This just results in frustrated prospects who weren’t interested in your products anyway.

There is a solution to your lead generating and nurturing problems, it’s called Marketing Automation. Marketing Automation automates a lot of repetitive processes that would otherwise require a lot of manual time and effort. This will improve the efficiency of your marketing team and help you get more out of your leads.

Offers a better customer experience

The goal of marketing is to generate and nurture leads so that they can then transfer them to the sales team. In today’s fast-paced lifestyle nurturing all leads becomes a daunting task. Doing it manually is not feasible. So you can automate a lot of tasks and launch lead nurturing campaigns.

Marketing automation system helps you build dynamic lead nurturing campaigns that would help to keep a large number of prospects engaged simultaneously, improving the conversion rate of your leads to sales. The aim of leads nurturing campaign is to move buyers through stages of awareness, inquiry, to consideration, to purchase by appealing to different audiences in different stages of this buying process. CRM Software like Kreato can easily manage the entire cycle & results into a complete CRM solution for your business.

Generate more leads with Inbound Marketing Automation

There are 5 crucial steps to get the most out of inbound lead generation:

  1. Collaboration between the Marketing and Sales team: Automation helps two teams to collaborate so that the Sales team can take up the leads that are ready from the Marketing team. Scoring the leads will help you determine when they are ready for the sales team.
  2. Drip Campaigns: Around sixty percent of consumers read promotional emails. Categorizing each prospect based on demographics and behavioral data and then designing auto-responders campaigns based on this data helps improve the relevance of each email. Email is also 3 times more effective in prompting a sale than social media.
  3. Landing Pages: Drip campaigns direct leads to the landing pages where the leads can provide their contact information for relevant details. CRM is not just a software. You can generate leads directly into CRM from landing pages, website forms & marketing campaign responses. Automation combined with landing pages can lead to as high as 50% in conversion rates.
  4. A/B testing: 3 out of 5 companies agree that A/B testing is a useful tool for getting better conversion rates. Testing this way lets you know which approach appeals most to your prospects. Testing will also reduce the amount of guesswork from your marketing strategy.
  5. Marketing Channel ROI: All in one CRM solution like Kreato can help to automate your sales & marketing management. You can calculate the ROI against marketing spend by all the channels like Print, web or social to narrow down the high impact marketing channel for your business.
  6. Personalization: With personalization, you can pull data from the prospect’s social profile so they don’t have to enter it manually on your landing pages. Personalized emails have been known to generate six times more revenue than non-personalized emails.

Use Outbound Marketing to Nurture and Qualify Inbound Leads

The inquiries you receive from the inbound lead generating campaigns should be sent to outbound Marketing follow-ups like emails, newsletters, phone calls and postal mails. This is the next step in nurturing your leads. Use Marketing Automation software to send personalized and automated responses to initial inquiries. Depending on the replies you get to send out personalized offers to attract the leads.

Use Marketing Automation to get more referrals

Referrals can be the best way to get more leads for your marketing campaigns. To utilize this potential, you can use Marketing Automation and design campaigns specially geared towards getting referrals from your existing customers.

Begin with offering your satisfied customers a satisfaction survey. Send a referral request email to those customers who reply positively. These referrals are very strong leads because they were given by customers who already like your product.

You may look at other places for referrals like suppliers, associations and even your own prospects. They might not be interested in your product but might know people who will be.

Re-sell, Cross-sell and Up-sell with Marketing Automation

The marketing team should not only focus on new customers but also look at existing customers as leads. As you already have ample information about your existing customers, marketing automation can help you get the most out of them. Campaigns can be targeted to renew existing customers or offer them better deals that will convince them to keep doing business with your company.

Reactivate old leads

The information you gather from Marketing Automation can be used to revive old leads. A lead management software database based on activity levels, length of purchasing process, email correspondence and website activity levels can be created to recognize which old leads can be reactivated. If there is activity from a lead but no communication then it is time to reactivate that lead.

In Today’s world, Marketing Automation offers great benefits to any marketing team that wants to generate and nurture quality leads and gets the best conversion rates possible.

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