How Can You Get a US Phone Number from Outside The USA

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Last updated: July 29, 2021

Are you working with US customers, but your business is not based in the US? If the answer is yes, you are at the right place. This blog will explain how you can get a US phone number instantly, even if you are based outside the US.

But, now you might be wondering why you should get a virtual phone number? Well, it will make your company look younger and legitimate. Besides, you will also save on international calling fees when you call your customers.

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Your customers are more likely to answer your calls from other US phone numbers. Moreover, you can even select a phone number for specific cities where you have more customers. But, won’t a Google Voice number be a better choice for this?

Unfortunately, you cannot create a Google Voice account till the time you have a US phone number to verify your account.

So, what is the solution for this?

All you need to do is contact a virtual service number provider, get a US phone number, and you will be able to use it in just a few minutes! Sounds interesting. Right? Let’s understand the process of getting a US phone number.

Phone number from outside USA

How To Get A US Phone Number?

You can easily get a US phone number. Here are the steps you need to follow to get one.

  • Contact a virtual phone number provider
  • Create an account with them
  • Choose your city or area code in the US and select your phone number
  • Once the process is complete, you’re done.
  • Congrats, you have a US phone number!

How Can A US Virtual Phone Number Help Your Business?

Here is how a US virtual phone number can help your business.

1. Cost-Effective

Buying a US phone number is very affordable and easy. When you compare the cost of buying a number with setting up a firm in the US, it is a viable alternative. Moreover, when you call a US client from a virtual phone number, they will feel more confident in opening up to you. As a result, it will be easier to sell your products and services.

2. Eliminate Geographical Boundaries

It doesn’t matter which part of the world you are in; you can get a US phone number. Also, your customers can contact you at that number anytime. Thus, giving your business a global advantage. 

Besides, virtual phone number providers ensure that communication is always seamless and facilitates business objectives. So, if you are sure about getting a US phone number, then go ahead; this is the best time!

3. Easy to Set Up

It hardly takes minutes to get a US phone number. All you need to do is contact a service provider, fill out their form and give relevant details, and the rest of the details will be handled by your vendor.

4. Increase Your Customer Base

Well, you have some US-based customers but have you thought about expanding your client base. Well, the time is now! Your US phone number can help you converse better with existing customers and even onboard new ones. All you need to do is select the pin code of the area where your customers belong and start making calls from your US phone number.

Increase customer base from usa

5. Call Tracking and Call Recording

Besides letting you make calls with assured call quality, virtual phone numbers come with a host of other features too. So not only will you be able to give unbeatable services to your clients, but you will also be able to establish a strong foothold in the market.

Most virtual phone service providers offer facilities like call tracking and call recording. These let you analyze the quality of your calls and train your agents better.

6. Port Your Existing Phone Number

Buying the USA office phone system is one thing, but what if you have a local, toll-free or international number you want to port? Well, most virtual phone number service providers let you do that with no hassles. As a result, you no longer need to change your number.

Once the porting is done, you get to enjoy all the benefits your service provider gives. Moreover, you save the effort of informing your customers, updating your address, and marketing communications with the new number.

Wrapping Up

This post explored how you can get a US phone number even if your operations are outside the US. From saving on costs to having excellent call quality and enjoying easy porting facilities to increasing your customer base, a US phone number can help you achieve all. Still worried about finding the right service provider? Allow us to help you find the right one!

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