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Last updated: April 18, 2019

It’s easy to think that after putting a lot of hard work into building your website and creating your social media accounts, all will go well and the clients will soon start rolling in. If only it were that simple! Maintaining your online business presence is a continual task that is never complete, and it takes effort and constant monitoring to get the best results. There are several key areas that need to be worked on constantly, and every element of your website and social media structure and content will influence the effectiveness of your search engine optimization tactics.

Key areas to improve online business presence:

1. Getting User Experience Right

Gone are the days when the quality of your content alone was adequate to rank your website on top on search engines. Today, your business presence is determined by a host of other user experience factors like visitor engagement, time spent by visitors on your website, mobile responsiveness, and so on.

It is thus important to build a website that offers the best experience to your visitors. The first step in this process is to pick a website template that is aligned with what users in your industry are looking for. For instance, visitors to a fashion or photography website expect to see a lot of visual content that they want to engage with. On the other hand, a local business may want to showcase their address, phone number, and geographical coordinates prominently on the home page. Use the right templates and also monitor visitor engagement on a routine basis to make sure that engagement is indeed high on your website.

2. Getting your background functionality right

How many times have you been on a website and clicked on an interesting looking link only to be taken to a dead end “Error 404” page? If you have too many of these on your own site, it will degrade the quality of your offering and visitors will be frustrated not to be able to access the content they’re looking for. These notices are created when pages are removed or given a new address and are an almost inevitable result of making changes but can be avoided by using 301 redirects that tell search engines where the page is now located.

If a 404 page is unavoidable, it should at least be personalized to your site and contain links to similar content to that which has been removed. This functionality can be incorporated by getting websites built with technical SEO in mind, and companies that specialize in building websites can help with other issues such as XML sitemaps, coding that optimizes page loading time, and canonical programming.

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3. Getting your content right

The text and images which you use need to be of the highest quality to encourage visitors to stay on your site and interact with your business. That means well-written articles and posts that provide useful and interesting information aimed at the people most likely to be visiting your site. Articles need to be truthful when stating facts, not be plagiarized (stolen from other sites or writers), and contain links to other useful and authoritative information and resources. If you don’t bother with these requirements, your visitors won’t be hanging around to see what you have to offer.

Using good quality, original photos are best, but if you make use of any images from the Internet, make sure you either pay for a license to use them or that they have the appropriate creative commons license for free use, and ensure you attribute them as specified in the license. Content is a key aspect of your SEO strategy, so make it high quality to improve your rankings.

4. Keeping everything up to date

Be vigilant when it comes to removing anything that is out of date and keeps all your information current. It’s very off-putting to see last year’s conference still being advertised on a landing page, and anything that is out of date will indicate that your site is not regularly updated and maintained, which is a red flag for most visitors.

Bottom Line

Your website should be making a major contribution to your business’s success, so make sure you keep on top of these basic requirements for a well-performing site.

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