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Last updated: March 27, 2019

Documents are everywhere! Technically, a business transaction or process does not exist if proper documentation for the same cannot be produced. We tend to take the security of our documents for granted until an important one goes missing and panic sets in. Despite having moved on from clunky filing cabinets, most organizations are far from having solved their document hygiene problems.

If you feel like your organization is suffering from similar pain points, you don’t have to worry. Greenbox is here!

This Discus Business Solutions offering, in addition to its equally dynamic workflow management system Kriya, make for a complete document management solution for enterprises of all sizes. The importance of a reliable and secure document management system for a modern business is undeniable, and the makers of Greenbox understand this.

Move on from outdated systems to store documents that are of crucial importance to your organization. Consider this robust document management solution instead.

If you want the short answer to why you should opt for Greenbox, it is encapsulated here:

1. Complete DMS, Zero Coding

Greenbox is the only DMS which encompasses both document management and zero-code application development capabilities. Users can enjoy advanced level workflows without any need for coding or technical help from IT.

2. Seamless Mobile Access

The Greenbox iOS and Android mobile applications make this powerful DMS accessible anywhere.

3. Easy Integrations

Integrate your DMS easily with Google Docs and Microsoft Office, web-based proofreaders and ERP systems such as SAP. API integrations are no problem for the Greenbox team.

4. Enhanced UX

Greenbox has a simple and logical user interface, which provides elevated user experience, making the management of any kind of documents simplified and quick.

5. Features Galore

With its powerful features that include custom forms, metadata, encryption, and more that we’ll get into shortly, Greenbox is the sole DMS you’ll need for every single piece of documentation in your organization.

Greenbox Dashboard

Greenbox Dashboard

An in-depth overview of Greenbox’s powerful document management capabilities

1. Sharing & Collaboration

Greenbox provides an abundance of document editing, sharing, and collaboration features for your documents.

  • Create Custom Metadata

Users can attach unique metadata to their files. They can attach a specific ID or custom form or any other data which would serve the purposes of the document owner, to a file. It makes searching for documents easier when multiple parties, say employees of various departments, are collaborating on a project involving various documents.

  • Editing and Versioning

Integrations with Google Docs as well as Microsoft Office. Various users can edit documents as per their choice of platform. Greenbox saves each version of the document and all the previous versions can be viewed, restored or saved at any point in time. You can view the entire history of the doc, with the changes made by specific users on a particular date.

Greenbox Manage Version

Version history for a document

  • Reminders and Notifications

Do documents need reminders too? Of course, they do! Say your marketing team needs to send out a specific fortnightly report to the marketing consultants. Just put a reminder on the file specifying the frequency (every day, every week, etc). All the users involved with the file or folder will receive the reminder when needed.

Greenbox Reminder

Setting a reminder for a document

Another use case would be contract/agreement renewal, in which case also, this feature would be of immense help.

Any activity on the file by any user will generate a notification which will be sent to the owner of the document as well as to all the users who are working on the same file.

2. Powerful Advanced Search

Greenbox has powerful search features. Users can search for documents by text, phrases, joins wildcards, and standard or custom metadata. Image (JPG/JPEG) files and PDF files containing text are also searchable with Greenbox’s OCR scanning capabilities. Its efficient indexing algorithm makes searching for documents through the entire database a matter of seconds.

Greenbox Globle Solr OCR

OCR Search function

3. Advanced Workflow Management System

This DMS allows users to run and create advanced workflows in a  zero-code rapid app development framework. It is a complex system that has been simplified into one that any user can easily work his way around to create the needed workflows. You can manage your workflows for different projects separately and in detail on Kriya, which is Greenbox’s companion workflow management platform.

With the integrated platform, users can manage workflows whether or not these are attached to specific documents. Essentially, you have the ability to go for Rapid Application Development via this platform, for various kinds of projects/activities such as Artwork Approval, Lead Tracking, handling IT Tickets, and more.

The applications are endless. Your HR team could use Greenbox and Kriya in order to keep a track of employee onboarding and appraisals. The workflows of an entire construction project could be taken care of on Greenbox: from approval of floor plans to attaching receipts

Greenbox Profile

Workflow Profile on Greenbox companion Kriya

At each stage, team members can comment on specific parts of a document and collaborate in general via the chat functionality.

For any kind of project, there is a need for various levels of approvals and workflows for each phase. This is made possible in a simplified manner by Greenbox, in a way that obviates the need for a steep learning curve.

4. Security

Security is a key concern for any document management system. As it should be. 2017 recorded some 2.5 billion data breaches, with small businesses being common targets. It is imperative for your document management system to be protected and then doubly protected.

Greenbox has dual encryption. Users get AWS encryption for the system and data is stored on the S3 buckets. Additionally, it makes use of AES 256-bit Java encryption. So customers looking for any type of deployment, be it on cloud, on-premise, or a hybrid arrangement can rest assured about the security measures taken for their document storage and management system. The solution is also protected for Ransomware.

5. Permissions

As for roles and permissions, the admin/person in charge of the accounts can customize down to the smallest detail what a specific user can and cannot do on Greenbox. Each department can create roles and assign the responsibilities and permissions for each.

Greenbox Role Permission

Permissions for various users

There is an Audit Log which stores the details on each and every activity undertaken by the users: login, editing, sharing, everything is stored on the audit log.

Greenbox Audit trail

Audit Trail on Greenbox

Document sharing can be fully controlled in order to ensure secrecy/confidentiality. For example, if an agreement is being sent over to a client, it can have an expiry link before which it has to be submitted. Similarly, access can be restricted when sharing files with external users (who do not have a Greenbox subscription), making it impossible for them to download a file if need be.

Bottom Line

To recapitulate, Greenbox document management software is an agile, affordable, and feature-rich document management system that does much more than your average DMS. Its dynamic workflow creation and management capabilities certainly put it a cut above the rest when compared to the majority of the enterprise-class DMS solutions available presently. An organization of any size would do well to rely on Greenbox for a secure platform to intelligently manage its documents.

Go Green, Get Greenbox.

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