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Last updated: May 22, 2019

Taking days to calculate the salaries of the employees is a thing of the past. The greytHR payroll software package allows you to do this task in minutes. This system allows for printing of pay slips, reports, and statements with great ease.  The powerful reconciliation tools and the audit reports allow for a proper review before releasing the payroll. The GreytHR mobile app allows you to access the salary slips anytime. In addition to the normal salary and the statutory compliance, it caters to loan deductions, payment of arrears and reimbursements as well. GreytHR is one of India’s oldest HR software product.


GreytHR started working with SoftwareSuggest in September 2014 and has not stopped its engagement even for a single day since then. SoftwareSuggest provides GreytHR with Qualified lead and referral traffic. SoftwareSuggest has become instrumental in contributing to GreytHR’s objective of becoming India’s Top HR and payroll software.

The Result

With the HQL leads GreytHR were able to nurture more customers which increased the opportunity to close more deals. Today 30-35% of Greytip leads is provided by SoftwareSuggest.

Some words of appreciation by GreytHR “As soon as we rescued to SoftwareSuggest we were confident that they really have got it. Trust me if you want to take your sales efforts to next level look no further than SoftwareSuggest”.

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