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Last updated: August 25, 2020

Many people are finding it difficult to file the monthly returns due to multiple reasons, top reasons include:

  1. Multiple sources claim that “On-going confusion and lack of awareness among the people is the primary reason for the majority of the taxpayers to fail in filing the returns”.
  2. Another major reason is the infrastructure failure and the technical glitches that the website faced while uploading the invoices.

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What problems did taxpayers face while filing GSTR-1& GSTR-2?

  1. Irrespective of the technical issues we spoke about earlier, lack of right GST return filing software which can actually file, is missing. Most of the filing software has failed to serve the very purpose.
  2. The utility tool that was provided by GSTN, with large volumes of data that has to be converted into JSON’s to be uploaded over the GSTN site was unsuccessful due to the high traffic they experienced.
  3. Staying business focused is very difficult and at times impossible if the business owners sit with the filing processes thrice every month.

Well, multiple other reasons also affect the Return Filing and that is where we as an ASP with our own GSP (GST Suvidha Provider) help you file your GST Returns easily with the help of enComply.

EnComply / enGST – The cloud-based GST Return Filing software has already filed more than 16+ Million invoices across India for multiple clients across different sectors.

How to File GSTR-1 Using enComply?

How hard is it to file the GST Returns? We will show you how it is done using our enComply/ enGST an easy GST return filing software!

Step 1:-

Register with us, get your login credentials and set up your company or business profile first as they are the mandatory setup processes to do the Return Filing.
Return Filing step 1
All the above-needed details have to be entered and logged into the account then they will come across this webpage –

Return Filing step 2

Select the Respective branch you would want to file the returns and proceed further to which you will see the respective screen –

Return Filing step 3

STEP 2:-

Select the kind of return you would want to file and click on the view button which is the 2nd left one button at the bottom. Then you will be able to see the following screen: Outward is GSTR-1.

Return Filing step 4

After clicking on “New Process” you will be redirected to the new page:

Return Filing step 5

Upload the needed output file from your accounting software and click ‘Initiate Request’.

NOTE: The supported format in the picture is Excel as the transformation chosen is standard .xlsx. The transformation can be set according to our output file it could even be .CSV, etc.

Return Filing step 6

 STEP 3:-

If all the details furnished are correct you will see a green tick mark near to the process that it is carrying out. Which typically suggests that you are good to go to the next step i.e. you should click on “Process data.” It will take you to the next window where you can simply download the JSON file.

Return Filing step 7

Once you see the “Data Synchronization Complete” status you are good to go and about to finish the process. The data you get is validated and verified for errors, if any errors are found you cannot proceed further, you need to resolve the issue then move ahead with the procedure.

The as one of the final steps go to the “Analytics Section” you can download the generated JSON file.

Return Filing step 8

STEP 4:-

As a final step, you need to do one simple thing, all you need to do is make a decision whether you will download the JSON and file it manually or you can directly use our software which has a direct integration with the GSTN portal, upload the data and complete your Returns.

gst return filing

Well, it is simple and easy to file returns using enComply and for the best interest of the user, we are making our UI (User Interface) a lot easier with the inputs from multiple clients and customers.

We are a GSP (GST Suvidha Provider) so, the API gateways we use is our own built and there is no dependency on any other provider which makes it easy for the customers to avail our services.

More importantly, we are the 1st company in India to offer ‘Managed Services’ for GST Return Filing, all you need to do is “Give your output file from the accounting software and we will file the Returns on your behalf allowing you to stay business focused while we do the Return Filing.” The service is called ‘SureFile’ talk to us to know more about the offerings.

Please contact us via mail or phone or chat with us to know more about our offerings and pricing.

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