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Last updated: July 22, 2021

If you run a business and have an office or a physical space to manage or if you’re hosting an event — a visitor management system is a must for you. 

In this blog, know what a visitor management system is, what are its advantages, and why it is a must during these COVID times.  

What is a visitor management system?

Visitor management systems streamline the entire visitor journey in any physical space. It makes it seamless, comfortable, and compliant. It does this by storing the visitor information in a database.

A visitor management software can be installed on any personal computer or tablet placed at the front desk, or it can also be deployed as a self-service kiosk as well. 

What can a visitor management system do for you?

Here is what all a visitor management system can do for you: 

  • Visitor tracking, 
  • Security and Compliance management, 
  • Contact tracing, 
  • Pre-booking, 
  • Quick check-in, 
  • Instant Badge printing, 
  • Parking management, and more.

Here’s a case study on how a visitor management system helps a Fortune 500 manufacturing company.

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Visitor Management Systems Helps in maintaining COVID appropriate behavior

With the COVID-19 pandemic, it is becoming increasingly important to raise awareness of the risks of infection in confined spaces.

Many agencies take measures to ensure that employees and guests are secure and healthy. These include the use of hand sanitizer and masks and maintaining social distancing. Even though the main idea of a visitor management system is to manage visitor activity, during such times, it also includes decreasing the COVID-19 spread.

Maintaining covid appropriate behavior


The visitor management system has now become an even more critical part of every organization. Let us first understand the advantages of a visitor management system.

Advantages of Visitor Management System

The data collection process of visitors can be simplified with visitor management software. 

Quick Data Entry of Visitors

Your receptionist can quickly enter visitor information into the system. Then, guests can fill out a questionnaire using a tablet or a computer with the visitor management software installed.

Instant Badge Creation

Barcode badges or normal credentials can be printed using visitor management software instantly. When staff scan the code, information about the visitor is displayed, including their photo, visit record, and cardholder health.

Instant Badge Creation


Automatic Notification 

Another benefit of visitor management software for school and employers or hosts are automatically notified when their guests arrive at the lobby. In addition, the visitor registration process can be accelerated by using previously collected data and questionnaires.

Automatic Notification


Visitor Management System During Times Of An Emergency 

Any workplace accident can require a quick evacuation from your company premises. So how do you notify all your visitors and get them to safety? Is it possible to use an ordinary diary in this situation?

Visitor Management System During Times Of An Emergency


Digital visitor management systems, on the other hand, offer a real-time list of everyone who has logged into your system. This makes it easy to distinguish between those who have safely left the building and those for whom they are responsible.

Visitor Management System Prevents Illegal Entries

Adhering to on-premise compliance is one of the main drivers of success for any business.

Prevents Illegal Entries


During the forecast period, the global visitor management systems market is projected to grow at a complex annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.1 percent from USD 848 million in 2020 to USD 1.640 million in 2025 to avoid illegal entry and illegal activities. 

Safeguarding Visitor Data 

With new laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Personal Data Protection Act (APPI), data safety has become critical. 

Safeguarding Visitor Data


You have a legal right to retaining visitor information, as there is a duty of care involved. It might happen that you may be asked by law enforcement to provide information about a visitor’s whereabouts or activities when they were present at your event or office. This is where a open source visitor gate pass system helps. It makes it easier to produce that information upon request in real-time.

On the other hand, can you confidently say that you can account for every entry and exit at your premises in the last three years? If you were to search, you’d be going through a lot of paperwork, CCTV footage, and vague testimony from people who were there at the time.

Smart Room Booking 

Since the visitor management system eliminates the possibility of a collision or road avoidance, you and your team can rest assured that a meeting room will be available by 9 am. 


It can also determine the appropriate meeting room size based on the type of meeting and the number of participants to ensure that large conference rooms are not lost for two or three people.

The best visitor management system adapts to your work style. For example, you can choose whether your employees can book directly or whether the administrator processes inquiries and assigns appropriate rooms.

Why Is The Traditional Method Outdated?

What if someone asks you about the regularity of your employees or the in and out time of your guests? You may squirm or have no clue what the correct figures are. 

It’s possible that you’ll have to go through all of the records manually to figure out how many days an employee has been on time. This would be a time-consuming task.

The manual method, in many other situations, fails to precisely record the in and out time. For example, your staff may accidentally forget to sign the document sometimes. 

Other issues with traditional visitor management systems that are outdated are: 

  • What if a visitor forgets to make an entry or an exit when the receptionist is not available to notify? 
  • What if they make a wrong entry wilfully? 
  • How effective is your contact tracing be in case of an emergency when data entered is not reliable? 
  • What if two groups of people or employee teams happen to choose a boardroom at the same time?  

All these reasons make the traditional visitor management system an unviable option.


By replacing the manual visitor system with a digital visitor management system, you can do wonders for your office and, most importantly, provide your visitors with a much better experience. 

Among other things, digital systems help you enhance office security, ensure legal compliance and streamline visitor management, among others.

As we all know now, the visitor management system is the new normal. The sooner people accept and apply it, the more beneficial it will be. To get started with visitor management software, check out the best visitor management software solutions providers at


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