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Last updated: February 13, 2019

Hyper Drive Information Technologies is a software product development company established in 2005. They have a variety of products such as HDPOS smart, HDSalon, HDRestaurant, HDPOS easy, HDPOS lite, HDSchool for its customer base spread worldwide.


The sales team of HyperDrive lacked a repeatable process for finding out qualified lead. The third-party contractors that were tasked at identifying prospects would most of the time just buy a large and expensive lead list. The sales representative had to filter out those leads that didn’t fit their target market. All these were creating a lot of chaos and was consuming a lot of time to find good leads, and the cost per lead was too high”.

A successful Sales Process by SoftwareSuggest

All HyperDrive wanted was to build a list of qualified prospects who exhibited specific buying signals. As soon as HyperDrive resorted to SoftwareSuggest, it gave its best to uncover the companies that might be interested in purchasing products provided by Hyperdrive. Through the real-time buying signals that SoftwareSuggest captured they were able to break into the right set of prospects.


With help from SoftwareSuggest, they were able to fill his team’s funnel with a new and highly qualified lead. They expanded their list of qualified leads which boosted the sales development overall productivity.  The results were immediate and they were able to see an average of 83% increase in the Hyperdrive three product categories Billing software, POS software, and accounting software.

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