The Headache of Hoarding Age-old Piles of Files is Gone


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Last updated: May 2, 2021

Since the advent of information technology, there have been a lot of changes that all of us have experienced. Earlier, companies were riddled with the huge problem of paperwork and then storing them for records. There were filing systems that had gorged hoards of employees’ time trying to secure file, track or retrieve documents.

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But things have changed now and we are slowly witnessing the death of that ‘records department’ as we usher the digital arena.

With the introduction of digital document management software, that allows the entry, storage, management of important documents and their retrieval; everything has become as easier as a click. While there are a number of DMS providers and business are adopting them, EisenVault a leading document storage system provider has taken the lead role in ensuring that consumers have the best of new technologies.

Problems with the traditional storage systems

These are the factors that have incentivized the push for new generation document storage system practices:

  • Scarcity of storage space: With the current bursts in population around the globe, scarcity has really pushed forward the agenda of going digital, especially in document management, which presents a far more superior advantage in comparison. With a large number of documents to store within limited space, the companies are pushed to destroy old documents or hire physical document storage services to their rescue.
  • The cost of maintaining records personnel: The volumes of records a business needs to carry vary from business to business. Keeping records may take up a whole floor of a building and dedicated resources are required to maintain these records. Unfortunately, cheap manpower is coming short supply these days. The number of people required to handle heaps of files from the entry stage to the storage stage is enormous. Secretaries, filing assistance, security, and everyone get involved in that cycle. This cost can definitely be eliminated, at least in the technology age.
  • Security of the documents: Imagine documents as sensitive as identification documents, state secrets and design blueprints going down in case of fire outbreaks? That would be a disaster and a business might have to bear the heavy loss. Businesses employ specialized units to take care of such sensitive documents.
  • Filing is another problem: The documents have to be arranged following a specific pattern so that they can be found easily. There are always greater chances of errors in filing when we talk about human intervention. Technology has paved off the way to make searchability easier and faster.
  • The time frame of storage: This is also another issue. Assuming that business processes ten thousand documents a day, it would need a very large space to store these documents. Most companies handle this problem by destroying old documents. But the problem arises when a client or the business needs to refer to an old record, failing which there might be legal implications or losses.

The user meets the savior in the cloud

The problems with the traditional document storage systems are countless but good that digital document management systems will provide the much-desired reprieve. Some of the benefits of electronic document storage systems include:

  • Storage Made Easy: With the introduction of Cloud-based storage, the task seems much easy going. EisenVault Document Management System gives you the best functionalities with the storage on the cloud. Now you will never face the space crunch.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: The extra expense of maintaining the paper records has reduced with the introduction of digital data. With systems such as scanners and barcode readers, loading the information into the system is not an issue and it takes minutes to do that. A job that would require more than 200 people will only take around two or three people to complete. Thus, a business may be saving up to 500% of the amount that would have gone on salaries.
  • Security: When the data is stored on media like flash drives, it is prone to get leaked. Apart from this, data redundancy is also another problem while storing on local systems. EisenVault document management system offers storage in a highly secure cloud environment that is as-good-as on-premise security; moreover, data can be accessed from anywhere using a browser or mobile apps.
  • Filing and Instant Access: Retrieval of the required document at the right time is a task that consumes most of the employee’s time. Using EisenVault, one can store documents in different folders and intelligently tag documents to enable easier search and retrieval. Also, Optical Character Recognition in multiple languages allows easy keyword search.

There are a number of document storage systems that are available in the market. Each provider provides different features and specifications trying to hedge over each other. The users need to do due diligence and come up with a service that caters to their organizational needs. The criteria for choosing a good DMS should include pricing, flexibility and ease of installation, retrieval of documents, storage space, and customization offered by the provider and definitely not to miss the upcoming features.

Dolly works as a content analyst at SoftwareSuggest. As a person she is ardent and happy always. When free, she loves to explore on ancient yoga. Follow her on twitter @serenedolly13 to know more.

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