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Last updated: February 22, 2021

With more than 3 billion using social media across the globe, companies look at it as the most effective way to connect, engage, and grow their business. Besides, shifting marketing and customer service strategies have grown the importance of social media.

Whether businesses want to enhance their overall brand visibility or strengthen their reach to the audience, there is no powerful subset of marketing than social media. Moreover, with the increasing demand for social media, the popularity of tools needed to manage it is also heightening. HelloWoofy is one such social media marketing platform that helps you unleash the power of social media with its artificial intelligence and voice-driven technology.

Right from posting a single post a day to scheduling multi-day campaigns on different social media channels, HelloWoofy enables you to rule them all from a single dashboard. The social media handles that you can manage with HelloWoofy include Instagram Posting, Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn Profiles, LinkedIn Groups, LinkedIn Pages, and Twitter.

Simple Yet Powerful Smart Functionalities of HelloWoofy

1. Dashboard

As you login to your HelloWoofy portal, you’ll see a visualized beautiful dashboard:

HelloWoofy Review

One part of HelloWoofy that makes it different from its competitors is that it provides a simple-to-use and easily navigable interface. Moreover, it is data-driven and artificial intelligence powered (for the price of a cup of coffee a day!).

The Home Page of HelloWoofy provides an overview of the campaigns and posts that you have scheduled and the number of posts that are saved as drafts. Moreover, its actionable insights enable you to create campaigns and posts right from your home page.

Let’s create a Campaign and explore its features further

All you need to do is click on the calendar, and you will see a dialog box as below:

HelloWoofy Review

You can select the dates on which you want to run the campaign and click on ‘Next.’ Here, you can assign a name to your campaign, select the social media accounts on which you want to post it and the time for the campaign.

    • Pattern Schedule

If you want the campaign to re-occur on certain days, you can leverage the benefits of its pattern recognition technology. You can put an end date for the campaign as well. If this setting is on, HelloWoofy lets you opt for a relevant post frequency from the drop-down.

    • Suggested Method

This refers to your content as in LIFO or FIFO, i.e., you can choose what content from your category will be used first. LIFO (Last In First Out) will put the last added content in the first place, whereas FIFO (First In First Out) will put the oldest content in the first place. 

    • Selecting Content

It also provides you with an option to choose the content from the categories that you have in your HelloWoofy Library.

Let’s determine what it has to offer when you create a Single Post

As soon as you start writing a post, HelloWoofy provides you recommendations to auto-complete the statement. It understands what you write and offers you cue accordingly. You can also click on particular words you want to replace and get a list of its synonyms.  

HelloWoofy Review

Now, based on what you write, it gives you emojis’ suggestion. It also lets you pick the most-used emojis in real-time when you scroll the cursor through the suggestions. It highlights such emojis in a different color.

HelloWoofy Review

One thing that you must note here is that emojis help increase the engagement of your post. So, make sure to have appropriate emojis used in your posts.

You can also add an image or video to your post by clicking the ‘bulb’ icon. It shows you a list of suggested images (these images are fetched from Shutterstock and other premium sources with image repositories). You can pick any of the most relevant ones. This functionality is specially useful if you aren’t able to keep up with the content and graphics for your posts. Depending on the image you select, HelloWoofy offers you related hashtags that you can add in your post.

HelloWoofy Review

Once you are done with creating the post, HelloWoofy lets you translate the copy in different languages. Similar to creating campaigns, you can set the post date and hour and schedule it.

2. Discover

If you are wondering how to find content that is relevant to your business, HelloWoofy has got a solution to it also. Under its Discover tab, you will see a range of categories on which you can get the most trending news and information.

HelloWoofy Review

Based on your search, you will be offered a plethora of relevant information. You can click on any of the particular articles and view their publications worldwide. HelloWoofy facilitates you to even read the articles, add it to your library, or directly add it to your post.

When you choose to add the URL of an article in your post, HelloWoofy automatically fetches quotes from that article, which you can add to your posts to make it more engaging.

3. Library

This is where you can add content or import the content from a CSV file, website, URL, images, voice, and PDF/DOC. The importing facility via voice and PDF/DOC isn’t currently available but will be made available soon.

HelloWoofy Review

You may wonder how HelloWoofy can import content from images. Well, if you have images with graphics in the form of words or sentences, HelloWoofy imports the text from the images and posts it as a text along with the image.

One of the important aspects of HelloWoofy is that it makes sure you never land into trouble by posting duplicate content on different social media channels. Thus, it shows you the percentage of similarity (individually for Library, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter) for all your posts in comparison to the posts that you have done in the past 60 days. This enables you to switch the content easily and make it unique.

Hello Woofy Review

4. Calendar

You can have a daily, weekly, and monthly view of posts scheduled under the calendar tab of HelloWoofy. Nevertheless, it also demonstrates how busy any particular day is by marking the volume of content in different colors and levels, i.e., low, medium, and high.

HelloWoofy Review

Hovering the cursor on a specific day shows you the list of posts scheduled. In the weekly view, you can utilize the benefits of its drag-and-drop functionality, i.e., you can reschedule any post by simply dragging and dropping it on a relevant day.

There’s also a timeline view that gives you an overview of the posts that are scheduled vs. those that are bounced.

5. Analytics

With HelloWoofy, you have full control over your social media accounts. It lets you fetch the analytics on the number of comments, likes, and shares for your campaigns as well as single posts. You can thus track your ROI based on your organic marketing efforts on its intuitive dashboard.

Furthermore, HelloWoofy enables you to stop posting across different platforms in case of unlikely events. It shows the status of all the posts as either posted or blocked. For posts that get blocked, HelloWoofy sends a notification telling why the post is blocked.

You can add users or colleagues to your account, and set user permissions ranging from admin, editor, manager to viewer.

6. Help

HelloWoofy has a help button that you can access at any time and reach out to the team for any issues. Besides, you will see a ‘Paw’ symbol across the entire portal. Clicking on it will play a video on the screen, guiding you how efficiently you can use the features that HelloWoofy offers.

HelloWoofy Review

7. FAQs

Other capabilities of HelloWoofy include its knowledge base that walks you through each of your questions and queries. You can thus get an instant solution to all your problems and leverage the platform in the most effective way.

Some HelloWoofy Programs You Can Benefit With

    • Affiliate Program

To further the mission of HelloWoofy, which is to help business owners across the globe compete against unlimited marketing budgets using AI and data-driven decisions, HelloWoofy runs an affiliate program that offers commission on promoting it.

    • Raising Capital

For people looking to invest in the next big startup, anyone can invest as low as $100 into HelloWoofy by visiting here to support the company’s mission to help EVERY small business owner compete against large companies with unlimited marketing budgets. Who’s in?

Wrapping Up

It’s time your social media management becomes robust, smarter, and even more impressive. So, social media’s best friend, HelloWoofy, is at your help to maximize your content creation and social media scheduling efforts with its cutting-edge technology.

For more information on HelloWoofy, you can visit its Website or its SoftwareSuggest Profile Page.

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