Help Desk Software And Its Impact On Businesses

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Last updated: May 1, 2021

A help desk software is used for providing the customers and the end-users with support and information about any product or service offered by any business organization. The main purpose of a help desk software is to troubleshoot issues and guide the end-users about the particular product or service. Therefore, the help desk software can be termed as an application that manages the queries and complaints from end-users and also maintains the database for the same.

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How Does A Help Desk Software Work?

A help desk software is equipped with various modules that deal with effective ticket generation of queries and complaints done by customers. This ticket is then processed through various levels until the whole query is successfully resolved by the help desk team. The help desk software finds application with the following set of teams in any business organization:

  • Server Team
  • Help Desk Team
  • Network Team
  • Tech Support Team

The Need For A Help Desk Software In Small Businesses

Long gone are the days when a help desk team was allotted specific manual tasks. Many times, this team of individuals were approached by the customer in person for resolution of his query or complaint. With the advent of technological advancements, the business industry witnessed revolutionary changes in all sectors. Additionally, one of the positive results of these changes was the development of the help desk software.

When it comes to small business organizations, the integration of a help desk software can bring about massive levels of automation in the help desk proceedings of the company. The efficiency levels of each task can be improved and a greater business growth can be achieved through successful query management. Overall, a help desk software can increase the business productivity levels in small businesses to quite a great extent. This will subsequently lead to excellent financial benefits. Therefore, the efficacy achieved by the software in the current business scenario is proof enough for small businesses to integrate the help desk software in their day-to-day proceedings.

Features Of Help Desk Software Small Businesses Can Benefit From:

  • Ticket categorization, Ticket prioritization, and Ticket routing facilities
  • Alerts and customized notifications based on certain trigger events.
  • Ticket management and effective ticket tracking options.
  • Canned responses for effective content personalization.
  • Quick access to statistics and metrics of customer feedback, IT technical support and performance assessment.
  • Extensive knowledge base for finding the relevant information
  • User-friendly interface for better incident reporting, speed adaptation, and reduced deployment complexity.
  • Quick implementation and support features for greater efficacy in terms of ROI goals
  • The full time issue resolution process for elimination of downtime bugs.
  • Comprehensive report generation and data mapping feature for improved decision making.
  • Multi-device responsive and Cross platform synchronization.
  • Greater automation benefits and enhanced security functions
  • Industry best practices (ITIL) with a strong support framework in terms of standards and service level management

Customer Support Metrics Provided By Help Desk Software

Help Desk Software


  • Total Conversions – Count of all the newly generated support requests obtained in a particular time frame. Each new inquiry including its ensuing replies is counted to be one total conversion.
  • Total Replies – Counts every reply sent in a particular time frame. They add up each time a message gets sent to the corresponding user.
  • Total Volume of Hours or Working Hours – Sliced up into time intervals and measures the support team’s workload during a specific period. This can be better understood by segmenting the volume metric by a time of the day.

Response Time

  • Average Response Time – Average amount of time taken to respond to support requests in a given time frame in terms of days, weeks or months.
  • Time to First Response – Time taken by the support team to reply to initial support request put forward by the customer.
  • Response Time Bands – Demonstrates the percentage of support volume answered within a specified time range.

Customer Happiness

  • Net Promoter Score – A survey wherein a user is asked to answer a set of questions on a 1-10 scale. It is usually given after a support experience ends or sometimes days later.
  • In-Signature Happiness Ratings – Provides option to rate the support received in each reply. This is comparatively shorter than the net promoter score.

Product Trends

  • Label/ Tag Data – Ability to tag conversations related to a product. These stages may be for different categories of customer problems. Also, includes the count of conversations for which the tags can be viewed and compared.

Positive Impact Of Help Desk Software On Small Businesses

There are in fact a lot of good reasons for small businesses to quickly integrate the help desk software into their daily business. Listed below are some of the major reasons or in other words, points of positive impact of help desk software on small businesses:

1) Better customer experience

Help desk software provides the customer with a more professional and automated service. As a result, this brings transparency into the process and drives faster issue resolution and better customer relationship management.

2) Reduced workload due to self-service

Simply issues and requests can be easily dealt with no absolute need of manual customer support. The help desk software enables the end-user portal wherein the users can access the FAQ and other self-helps articles for better query resolution. The users can also check the status of their tickets and access automated services like password reset, etc.

3) Employee empowermentHelp Desk Software in businesses

The help desk software provides for prioritization of the tasks and sets up auto-routing of the tickets to the authorized personnel. This brings in automated workflow management and processing of multiple issues at the same time. All this empowers the employees to concentrate on other important tasks.

4) Accurate tracking of employee productivity

Help desk software is also required for the longevity of the business and revenue. The software provides better insight into the organization’s actual productivity scores against the established targets. Which consequently enables accurate tracking of employee productivity.

5) Better time management and database management

The significant automation achieved in the workflow processes due to help desk software establishes better time management. The operational data obtained can also be managed in a better way. This subsequently helps in improving the performance levels of the employees and also that of the overall organization.

The Bottom Line

A help desk software is absolutely essential for incorporation into any business, big or small since they provide enhanced productivity. The software not only elevates the business standards but also provides improved financial profits. The price is a major factor for discussion in case of help desk software roll-outs, but you can easily avail free subscriptions and affordable pricing solutions. Also, in today’s business scenario, the importance of a help desk software is such that whatever the cost of the software, it will definitely add a great amount of value to your business!

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