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Last updated: May 16, 2021

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If you had the chance to hire a workforce of superheroes, who would you employ? If you seriously put some thought into this, you could end up connecting the brightest minds with the strongest bodies to make the ultimate superhero workforce!

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Take a look at the infographic below to find out who we’d pick for our superhero workforce and what role we would hire them for. Additionally, PeopleVox management software is the perfect solution if, for some unbeknown reason, you can’t actually hire your ultimate superhero workforce.

superher workforce

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Infographic Copy:

  • Nick Fury, Director

The founder of the Avengers is a born leader. He is not afraid to take risks and does not shy away from difficult decisions.

  • Hawkeye, Supervisor

Hawkeye always knows what is going on around him. Nothing gets past this guy.

  • Wolverine, Customer service

The ideal candidate to be the friendly voice of your business, you can count on him to deal with customer queries politely.

  • Iron Man, Operations Director

Iron Man isn’t afraid to spend money to get things done. His superior intellect allows him to run the most efficient operations.

  • Captain America, General Manager

His ability to inspire his team and his commitment to taking the moral highroad and always doing the right thing makes him the perfect manager.

  • Professor X, Marketing

You can rely on Prof. X to instantly make place for your product in the minds of customers. He prides himself on low advertising costs and very high conversion rates.

  • Spiderman, Box Packaging

Spiderman’s insane acrobatic abilities make him the best candidate to pick things and pack them super-quickly.

  • Ant-Man, Quality Control

Need someone to inspect every detail? Ant-Man can shrink down to the smallest size and spot anything!

  • Rocket & Groot, Cherry Picker

The perfect duo- the height and strength of Groot with the problem-solving abilities of Rocket, make them a killer combo!

  • Thor, God of Thunder

When you’re the God of Thunder, you don’t have to do any manual work. Don’t be silly!

  • Hulk, Forklift

Who needs an actual forklift when you’ve got The Hulk (or your angry green monster)! 

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