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Last updated: May 31, 2021

Despite automation and technological innovations, there is no doubt that people are the greatest asset for any organization! Recruiting, assessing, and onboarding the right talent is crucial for any organization’s long-term success.

While this may sound easy, getting the perfect candidate is quite a challenge and may push you to your limits. With the current COVID-19 situation, companies need to accelerate remote hiring in a frictionless environment. So, what’s the solution?

Investing in an automated recruitment and assessment system is ideal for saving time, effort, and money! While there are tons of recruitment software available in the market, very few are designed for the Indian scenario that focuses on high-volume hiring. 

As technology has evolved, so have our expectations of traditional applicant tracking systems. Organizations need a comprehensive solution that goes the extra mile and helps them in end-to-end talent management. 

Here is where HirePro comes into the picture! Our review today will spotlight HirePro – an all-inclusive, artificial intelligence-powered platform that makes virtual hiring frictionless and real. Let’s dive deep and find out what differentiates HirePro from other variants in the market and get to know more about its advanced functionality.


Founded in 2004, HirePro is a full-blown recruitment automation platform. The main objective of the organization is to remove all roadblocks in the hiring lifecycle. HirePro has integrated AI capabilities that empower companies to attract, screen, assess, interview, and onboard the best talent in the market.

With HirePro, you can conduct all your recruitment processes remotely. Enabled by  artificial intelligence and assisted by a team of experts, the company aims to remove friction in the recruitment supply chain. HirePro excels in providing proctoring technology with high accuracy and authenticity. It utilizes advanced facial and voice recognition technology to ensure fraud-proof assessments that help you capture the best talent with precision virtually!

With over 17 years of experience, HirePro has served 350+ satisfied customers and processed 1.5 million placements. It has over 100 active customers that include many big names in various industries. Some of HirePro’s prominent clients include Accenture, Wipro, Mercedes-Benz, Amdocs, and Fidelity.

Not only does HirePro handle all your recruitment needs, but also acts as a one-stop solution that streamlines the process with structured assessments, interviews, selection, and onboarding. Let’s check out some of HirePro’s advanced capabilities that make it a must-have recruitment automation tool:

1. Automated Workflows

Designed to handle high-volume hiring, HirePro is ideal for companies looking to recruit large numbers for various functional domains. It has a host of innovative features that help customers digitize workflows according to their requirements. HirePro is a single platform for all stakeholders – candidates, recruiters, interviewers, business partners, human resource managers, and vendors. Users can create workflows for all processes, right from the job creation to the final offer and onboarding of final candidates.

2. Enterprise Configurability

One of the key differentiators of HirePro is that it is 100 percent configurable and requires no custom coding. The recruitment, assessment, and interview data are all integrated on the same platform. This leads to digitized workflows that enable the seamless flow of information, enhance visibility, and save time in routine operations.

3. Multi-Channel Sourcing

With HirePro, you don’t need to rely on a single channel of recruitment. It utilizes multi-channel sourcing through specialized vendors, boards, and career portals to help organizations augment their talent pipeline. Quick resume parsing and duplication checks build efficiency in your recruitment workflows. This speeds up the hiring velocity and ensures you don’t lose top candidates to the competition.

4. Precise Assessments

HirePro ensures precise and safely proctored assessments to help organizations match candidates’ skill sets to open roles and get a perfect match. With an enormous question bank for 100 skills across varied job roles, HirePro collaborates with customers to assess applicants on targeted knowledge, skills, and attitude. It supports diverse formats such as MCQs, subjective questions, coding exercises, audio and video-based assessment, and psychometric tests, etc. making it a highly accurate, secure and fraud-proof solution.

5. High Security and Compliance

Security and system compliance will never be an issue with HirePro! The organization is ISO 27001 certified and has passed audits with leading banks and MNCs. It follows stringent security measures such as data encryption, role-based access control, and strong password policies. HirePro maintains audit trails and logs for all critical activities to ensure complete operational transparency.

Key Features Of HirePro – A Comprehensive Platform For Frictionless Hiring

Let’s understand how HirePro can help organizations with remote recruitment and managing the entire hiring lifecycle with its AI-powered features. Here are some of its core offerings that can give your organization an instant competitive advantage:

1. Campus ATS

HirePro Campus Applicant Tracking System enables organizations to hire the best talent from colleges and universities remotely. It is specifically designed for high-volume college recruitment and aims at providing a seamless candidate experience.

Customers need to first create jobs specifying the role (e.g. business analyst, software engineer, or product manager). HirePro enables you to classify jobs into clusters based on specific organizational requirements. Users can create multiple recruitment events under jobs to manage drives in various colleges and monitor individual institution data and performance. 

Campus ATS

The platform enables ID verification of candidates against Govt.-issued documents which helps in controlling fraud and impersonation. Recruiters can get detailed real-time analytics through HirePro’s advanced capabilities. This enables them to make the right hiring decisions based on candidate CGPA, diversity, and experience.

Hiring Report

2. Lateral ATS

HirePro Lateral Applicant Tracking System is engineered to manage the entire recruitment cycle for diverse industrial firms. It enables advanced sourcing by publishing rich microsites where candidates can find various open positions with locations easily. 

Candidates can apply directly through configurable forms that capture vital candidate information. One of HirePro’s biggest advantages is that it screens candidates based on conditional logic provided by the customer. This automated eligibility check eliminates all the manual effort required in screening candidates and helps organizations narrow down their recruitment drive. You can send automated customized emails to inform candidates and let them know if they cleared the initial screening criteria.

HirePro supports a multi-pronged sourcing strategy. Users can collaborate with recruitment vendors to send you candidate resumes for specific roles. Employees can also log in and refer eligible candidates for open positions in the organization. 

Lateral ATS

HirePro’s unique advantage comes from the fact that you use one integrated tool to conduct all your high-volume hiring instead of operating in silos. As a user, you get to focus on candidate quality, while HirePro handles all the back-end operations!

3. Comprehensive Assessments

HirePro excels in conducting fraud-proof and accurate assessments to ensure that you get the right candidate for the right job! Its key assessment capabilities include:

  • Best in class content with over 100,000 questions in 25 different categories
  • Customized assessments based on role requirements
  • Supports various formats such as multiple-choice, coding, psychometric, video, audio and drawing/flow diagram questions.
  • World-class team with domain expertise and network of 500+ industry/academia experts
  • Stringent process to ensure content updation and auto-expiry of old content
  • 100% reliability as HirePro provides auto-recovery from browser or system crashes
  • Randomization of questions to provide unique and non-repetitive questions to control cheating

HirePro enables you to assess not only functional knowledge and aptitude but also allows you to conduct high-level coding assessments virtually. This reduces the risk of hiring unqualified candidates and improves the quality of hiring decisions – a win-win situation for both employers as well as prospective employees!

4. Functional Assessments

HirePro conducts stringent functional assessment tests to gauge talent for domain skills. The system has a rich database of well-researched and extensively tested assessments. Users can conduct aptitude tests to assess verbal ability, logical reasoning, data interpretation, and quantitative ability. In-depth functional assessments can measure candidate knowledge in various domains such as finance, human resources, supply chain management, sales, and accounting.

Functional Assessments

5. Coding Assessments

HirePro is a valuable asset for companies that hire candidates for technical positions as it enables you to conduct real-time coding assessments remotely. It has an exhaustive bank of coding assessments on skills required for backend programming, database programming, data science programming, frontend programming, and scripting. You get detailed performance insights for each test-taker and can check the rank, percentile, marks, code status, and quality to make an informed recruitment decision.

Coding Assessment

6. Automated Proctoring Technology

While remote hiring is highly convenient, it will serve no purpose if fraudulent means are used by your applicants! HirePro understands this and aims to conduct 100% fraud-proof assessments and interviews with artificial intelligence-enabled technology. It offers advanced, live or automated proctoring, utilizing superior technological innovations, and is the best in the market with respect to exam proctoring!

Users can choose to proctor tests through trained human proctors or AI-based proctoring technology. Proctors can verify the identification of the candidate and keep a tab on video and audio live test feeds to ensure fraud-proof assessments. The proctors can pause the test if required, chat with candidates, give instant warnings in case of suspicious behavior and disqualify candidates in case of repeated violations.

Automated Proctoring Technology

To further tighten the proctoring process, HirePro facilitates stringent browser monitoring. It issues live automated warnings based on its auto-detection of suspicion. Test administrators can automatically logout candidates who switch between applications or tabs or move out of the screen view for too long. HirePro Proctoring is said to run flawlessly even on 3 to 5-year-old hardware and requires only 128 kbps of internet speed.

Proctoring Alert

With HirePro’s AI-powered proctoring, you can assign high, medium, and low scores to each candidate based on suspicion levels. Hence, it becomes easy to identify candidates who may have cheated during assessments and hold retests for them if required. Furthermore, each assessment session is recorded so you can hold post-test audits and maintain detailed records.

7. Video Interviews 

HirePro aims to provide an exceptional interview experience to both interviewers as well as candidates. It applies advanced impersonation techniques to ensure authenticity and enables you to verify a candidate’s identity against their driver’s license, passport, tax card, or voter’s ID.

With HirePro, you can conduct live remote interviews that are interactive through screen sharing and virtual whiteboards. Interviewers can also ask coding questions during interviews to better understand the candidate’s technical knowledge.

Video Interview

Asynchronous video interviews also work great with HirePro as candidates can record answers for standardized questions, and interviews can review these recordings at their convenience, saving time and increasing operational efficiency!

One of HirePro’s unique offerings is lobby-based interviewing – a smart feature to handle large volumes of interviews in less time. It enables you to group candidates into virtual lobbies where interviewers will call them one-by-one. The entire process is completely transparent, where the interviewers can view the live status of candidate line-up. Similarly, the candidates are also aware of their queue position and can be ready when called for their interview.

The best part about HirePro managing interviews for your organization is that it helps you avoid scheduling hassles. The platform has various self-scheduling, bulk scheduling, and live scheduling options. It generates automated online interview invitations for candidates and sends calendar invites. Interviews can easily digitize feedback collection through customizable forms based on the job position, interview round, and role requirements.

Interview Scheduling

8. Onboarding

No recruitment process is complete without onboarding candidates and helping them settle in the new organization! HirePro offers a seamless onboarding experience by providing employees with all the information they need about their new employer and facilitating query resolution. 

On Boarding

Candidate experience and management form a crucial part of HirePro Onboarding. The shortlisted candidate receives a link which is personalized based on the job role and designation. They can access this link to view all the details pertaining to their joining including the associated tasks.It also enables paperless document collection and verification to save manual effort and time.

Task List

The Final Verdict

HirePro empowers organizations to automate their recruitment processes end-to-end, right from job creation to finally onboarding new hires. It is a must-have business asset, especially in the current digital era where organizations focus on remote and virtual solutions.

HirePro differentiates from other players in the market as it is the only recruitment technology company that delivers AI-powered, fraud-proof hiring by means of online assessments, video interviews and onboarding with rich candidate experience and management, all in one integrated platform. It offers detailed enterprise recruitment workflows right from sourcing to onboarding natively integrated on the same platform.

A combination of product and service, HirePro offers its immense recruitment expertise in testing, content, workflow design, and process delivery. It provides excellent advisory and consultancy services by collaborating with clients at every step of the recruitment process to ensure they get the quality they want!

HirePro is a hands-down winner in all functional domains! If your organization aims to streamline its recruitment ecosystem, HirePro may be an intelligent decision. It will help you capture the best talent available and increase key bottom-line results.

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