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Last updated: May 2, 2021

The hotel industry has been booming and standing on the pathway of success for long. Ask any hotelier and he will agree that a Hospitality Management Solution plays a major role in the flawless working of entire operations and management. We had tremendous feedback on this article :

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In this tech age, hotels need to equip themselves with the first grade technology for keeping track of guest room booking, reservations, banquet services, inventory management and bill processing which will help the hotel to function in an effective manner, personalizing the guest experience, and on the whole, ensuring that the guest has a wonderful stay.

Apart from that, information stored in the system helps the management to generate important reports that facilitate planning & decision making. Here is an infographic on the top technological trend for the hotelier.

The hospitality management solution market is full of options, and each vendor claims their software as best. But, investing in the right hotel management system is a complex task and most of the hotel managers spend the majority of time in selecting the right one.

Sometimes, hoteliers get ‘talked’ into making a wrong decision on the software they adopt. Thus to solve some issues of hoteliers we have reviewed a WinHMS Enterprise, one of the leading Hotel Industry Software Providers.

The WinHMS Enterprise, developed by Indian based Winsar Infosoft Pvt. Ltd., is an end to end hotel management software (HMS), designed for large hotel chains and premium properties.  It has specifically been designed to meet the age-long quest of hoteliers for an effective and efficient system that ensures better revenue management, cost optimization, and enhancement of profit.

WinHMS Enterprise is unique software developed to automate the hotel’s activities such as accommodation management, revenue management, inventory management, customer management and hotel finance management.

Some of the key features in WinHMS :HR Software System

  • Front Office: It is a multi-featured module in WinHMS which is designed to provide improved services to the customers with a user-friendly graphical user interface. It can handle a wide variety of operations such as reservation, check-in, guest folio & billing, automatic night audit, guest profiling and rate management.
  • Point of sale The system supports order taking on mobile devices such as tablet PCs, mobile phone, or any smart device with wireless LAN capability. Kitchen display boards are available as an option to traditional KOT printing. The kitchen display board supports order status data such as in-process, ready to be served and served. You will not need a standalone restaurant point of sale system.
  • Purchase: Purchase order, order amendment, cancellation, supplier contact management, rate management and purchase order follow-ups.
  • Inventory: It is a very important part of the Hospitality Management Solution. This module of WinHMS includes multiple store’s inventories, material receipt of the order, minimum and maximum stock control, expiry item inventory with cost centers and department wise consumption controls. WinHMS serves as a complete inventory management Software for a hotel.
  • Payroll: Employee profile maintenance, employee wise earnings/deduction, employee pay slip computation.
  • Banquet: Venue blocking, venue booking, billing, reservation advance, and venue maintenance blocking.
  • Maintenance:  Work request generation, work order generation, each room wise maintenance history, pending work request monitoring.
  • Interfaces: Door locking, TV, WiFi management, smart card system, attendance card system.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, there is a lot more to WinHMS.

  • It has the capability to support multi-property mode and hence can be hosted centrally to be developed at various locations.
  • It supports both MS-SQL and ORACLE database as per your choice.
  • Optional modules available.
  • Comes with an inbuilt dashboard for critical modules.
  • Extensive audit trails for key operations.
  • Provides enterprise-level standards and controls.

WinHMS is popularly known as Hotelier’s Friend among many hotels such as Courtyard, Novotel, The Leela, Trident, The Accord and many others in 16 countries, including India, Switzerland, Tanzania, Maldives, Saudi, Qatar, Kuwait and many others around the world.

Those days are gone when HMS was simply a tool for data storage and report generation. Today, hotel software has grown much more than that.

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