Hosted Predictive Dialer: Tool To Improve Call Center Productivity

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Last updated: July 15, 2021

A call center is a place where we ensure the well-being of the customers. For this prime reason, it is very much essential to fine-tune their lead generation approach with the right technological aid.

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Wondering what we are talking about?

Well, it’s the trending hosted predictive dialer software. This invention of the ’80s is all here to verdict the fact that old is gold. So let’s understand further: what is a predictive dialer? What is hosted predictive dialer and how can it transform the working of the call center for all good? Let’s begin!

What is a predictive dialer?

predictive dialer

As the name suggests, a predictive dialer predicts the availability of the live human agent for attending the calls and then sets the calls accordingly. This safeguards the dialer, who is the prospect or customer of the brand from any sort of stress related to the disconnected numbers, busy signals, voice mails, no-answer calls, and more.

The predictive dialer is smart enough to welcome the calls from the dialer only when the call center agent is not too busy with other calls or conversations. Did you know that at the beginning of their introduction in the market, predictive dialer was part of hardware business solutions? But, today, they have transformed into a software tool reigning the call center market.

Predictive dialer software helps ensure effective lead management. It provides direct access to the right customer at the right time, resulting in improved productivity of the agents and reduction in operation costs. With this predictive dialing solution, brands can optimize their sales through voice channels with a high level of efficiency and precision.

What is hosted predictive dialer?

hosted predictive dialer

A hosted predictive dialer is a cloud-based software solution to provide augmented security, enhanced flexibility, simple control, cost efficiency, and rapid deployment to the call center. Since this is a cloud-based system, it is accessible anytime and anywhere on a real-time basis. It executes all the tasks of the regular predictive dialer system apart from few add-on features. With no specific hardware need, hosted dialer brings in increased productivity and the right solutions as featured call monitoring, call recording, CRM integration, and much more.

How can hosted predictive dialer be a game-changer for your call center?

Cloud-based predictive dialer or hosted dialer is a 360-degree solution provider for elevating the productivity of outbound calls in a call center. Here is a list of reasons to support the verdict.

1. It saves time

Dialing a number is not as easy as it sounds to be when it is related to the call center business. 30 seconds wasted in manual dialing of a number and then waiting for the call to get connected with no certainty, affects productivity adversely in the long run. Therefore, to avoid such significant manual errors, businesses have to set up call center software that is integrated with a predictive dialer module. This cloud dialer method makes use of certain algorithms to conduct the job of dialing the numbers from the database after bypassing the unresponsive calls, answering machines, and busy lines.

2. It saves money

There are many direct and indirect cost-saving aspects of hosted predictive dialer system. It requires no specific hardware equipment arrangement, saves on the cost of human resources as it is easily operational via remote employees, improves the rate of a call connection, and also guarantees an improved call conversion rate.

3. It leads to a reduction in call drops

How frustrating it is for an agent to identify and manually dial a number, to just get an answer by an automated answering machine. This even results in the wastage of time and money at the company’s end. Auto dialer software, however, helps in overcoming such undesirable situations by filtering the do-not-disturb or unanswered calls from all the other calls. When such productive calls are filtered out, the agents get full-time to focus only on calls that deliver positive results. Also, they can attend the maximum number of calls in an hour and that too with no call drop.

4. We can easily integrate it with company CRM

Hosted predictive dialer software is easy to integrate with the company’s CRM software. This is helpful for the agents when they need to call customers, as they are handy with the respective customer information beforehand. Apart from this, they are also aware of any past conversation record, order status, or any other special note to be considered while taking up the call with the respective customer. All this leads to improvement in lead conversion and quick resolution of queries. Also, the agent can further update the real-time conversation data on the Call Center CRM for future reference and calls.

5. It provides a customer-centric approach

Open source predictive dialer software is easy to integrate with customer-centric software modules like CRM and IVR. This means the calls get traversed on the right route always. As a result, the agents handle queries on a real-time basis at the right time, with complete customer satisfaction as an eventual result. Hosted dialer software also keeps track of the queue length, dropped calls, agents available for calls and more, for proper call center management.

6. It ensures skill-based routing

As per the protocol of the hosted predictive dialer software, it’s not the first available agent who handles the call, but it is the right skilled agent who eventually attends the call. Not every agent possesses the same level of soft skills or technical skills to take up the calls. For this purpose, hosted dialer software follows the skill-based routing for a better customer experience. Also, skill-based routing helps in first-call resolution, which is a significant parameter in deciding the success rate of any call center.


Now that you are well aware of all the perks of having a hosted predictive dialer software, you must know how to find the best software in the market. Software Suggest is all here to assist you in selecting the most appropriate hosted dialer software for your call center. So, bid goodbye to the days of manual dialing and shift to technologically advanced software support for better customer relationships and retention.

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