8 Latest Hotel Industry Trends to Watch Out in 2018


Deepak Chauhan

Senior editor

Parul Saxena

Chief editor

Last updated: July 8, 2021

Gone are the times, where hotels & motels were places for travelers to lay their heads away from home. Anyone who has been in the industry for a few good years already knows the role of technology, especially Hotel Industry trends, and how it is drastically changing the hospitality industry.

Most hotel business activities are relying on technology; either directly or indirectly. This is making IT more important for hotel operations and guests’ experience than ever before.

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So here we share some of the top technology trends that are more likely going to attract the attention of hotel business owners. Think of the ones that make more sense to you and if you see an opportunity go out and begin planning accordingly. After all, in the hotel business, every advantage counts.

Latest Hotel Industry Trends to Explore:

1. Social Listening

Guests share a lot of their stay experience, but they won’t always say it directly to you or write it down on the hotel feedback form.  The hospitality business is mostly influenced by the word of mouth and online reviews; which are becoming more important every single day. One of the most important hotel industry trends in the upcoming years would be to invest in social listening tools.  Social listening tools will help hotels understand the guests’ behavior and properly address their concerns. These social listening tools will also help you gain the competitive edge.

2. High-Speed Internet

Whether they travel for business or pleasure, nowadays guests bring every bandwidth sucking device like a smartphone, Tablet, laptop, e-reader they own. Guests expect to connect all these devices quickly and reliably as they used to get connected at home. It’s a huge strain; this is why many of the best hospitality brands are working on improving such services. The demand for bandwidth in the hospitality sector is only going to grow.

3. Service Automation

Today’s guests prefer technology over the human interaction for simple tasks. Remote check-in & check-out is one of the most popular automated services.  Hospitality technology businesses and hotels have already started working together on apps that would let guests order several services using their smartphones and tablets. The service automation is becoming the basic guest request and this can be done using the right automation technology, which will enable staff to concentrate on enhancing guests’ experience.

4. Demand for extended stay will continue to grow

Airbnb will continue to be a threat to the hotel’s industry. But the reality is that Airbnb is equating the evolution of the hospitality market in the modern day. This has made a huge impact on how we think about traveling. The extended stay segment is focusing on future expansions with room revenue of close to $11 Billion in 2016.

5. Expansion of technology in Revenue Management

The technology is constantly changing and is ever evolving with the recent one being the increased presence of automation. Revenue management systems with automation have added advantage and are mostly preferred by managers. Automation increases the efficiency and helps managers focus on strategy & driving profitability.

6. Increased direct Hotel Booking

Hotel managers know that the key area to drive profitability is to steer guests away from OTAs to book for their hotel stay directly using hotel reservation software. This increases brand loyalty and regenerates business. It also offers a unique opportunity for marketing the hotel and several services directly to customers. It includes offering more deals and up-sell additional room services and room upgrades.

OTAs are among the important sources for a hotel reservation, but they only come next to the direct bookings for a hotel that is looking at maximizing profits seriously. But why would guests consider directly booking on the hotel’s website?  Would there be a benefit if guests book directly instead of an OTA? Hotel managers will have to focus on providing guests with more advantages in order to encourage direct bookings with help of hotel software.

7. Data will still be a game changer

Data was of the main trends of 2017; however, it is still underappreciated and not properly used. In a hotel industry, providing great customer service is always a key factor as the guests are highly demanding and have high expectations. Utilizing data effectively has a very high impact on how hoteliers provide customer service. To get to know guests better, hoteliers need to pay attention to customer behavior data. This is the key to providing unmatched guest service which ensures building brand loyalty.

8. A continuing shift in focus of mobile

The year 2017 marked yet another significant rise in mobile interactions and bookings that are said to be evolving in the upcoming years. 2018 will see a sharp rise and greater transactions via mobile devices. Mobile responsive websites and booking sites that deliver high performance will notice a significant rise in revenues. For this reason, Managers should be planning to ensure that hotel websites are updated constantly and are optimized to deliver unmatched customers’ engagement.

2018 will be one of the actions- packed years for the hospitality business. We have mentioned some of the most important hotel industry trends that are to be employed in the hospitality technology. We wish these trends will help you achieve more success with your hotel business.

Deepak is responsible for marketing and positioning of “mycloud” platform and is a veteran in the hotel software industry with over 25 years' experience giving him a strong understanding of the product requirements in the industry. He has a very rare mix of working in operations of various hotels and chains for over 10 years and then co-founding a software product and service company, servicing 5-star hotels and chains for 14 years.

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  1. Really liked your top 8 points of Latest Hotel Management Software Trends to check out . Point number 3rd Service automation really got my attention which talks about Hospitality technology businesses and hotels have already started working together on apps. really feel that Hospitality management apps are the future. Thanks for the Share!!


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