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Last updated: May 1, 2021

The hospitality industry is a dynamic ecosystem with vast amounts of competition and organizations always trying to gain a competitive edge over others! The most effective way to make a difference is to implement hotel management system – it is a holistic platform that can completely alter the success story of your hotel!

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Hotel management systems are revolutionary in nature and have the ability to handle a diverse range of activities. They are very helpful in reducing paperwork, simplifying administration, and streamlining the workflow of operations which ultimately leads to a complete improvement in all performance parameters in hotel establishments.

The market today is flooded with a variety of hotel management solutions that come power-packed with advanced and sophisticated features. Most state-of-the-art hotel management systems are fully customizable, making it possible for your organization to exactly choose the modules that will serve your organizational requirements.

One cutting-edge transformational feature of hotel management software is the ability to recognize guests facially through innovative biometric technology. Guests at hotels no longer need to go through the inconvenience of showing any kind of identification papers, as through facial recognition technology they will be automatically identified as soon as they walk in through the hotel doors!

Facial recognition systems are indeed a massive asset for any hotel establishment! Hotels can maintain a biometric database that contains the consolidated information of all hotel guests, hence once their electronic data is captured, it can be stored in a central and unified place.

The immense flexibility of biometric-based access control has proved to be a huge success in a number of industries. The hospitality sector can surely accrue a number of benefits from the biometric-based facial recognition system

Here are some amazing advantages of this novel technology in Hotel Management System:

1. Reduced Formalities and Paperwork

Nothing annoys valued hotel guests more than having to go through tons of paperwork and administration formalities when they enter a hotel. With facial recognition technology, your clients no longer have to struggle in long lines and show their identification papers – the entire software platform is completely automated and once the biometric details have been recorded there is no necessity for extra paperwork.

So make your customers feel important, reduce any kind of formalities and keep them delighted by investing in the best hotel management software that utilizes facial recognition technology to smooth all operations!

2. Enhanced Security and Surveillance

Maintaining the security of any hotel is a challenging task – you do not need any kind of unwanted intruders entering the hotel property and causing any kind of trouble! Facial recognition technology and biometric-based access control strengthen the security of your hotel to great heights, as only those staff, personnel, and customers who have authorized permission may enter the hotel premises.

Facial recognition systems scan live footage and give access to subjects – making sure there is the high level of surveillance in your hotel establishment. Hotel management systems can easily scale up the security requirements, and make sure that internal staff can focus on providing world-class service to your esteemed guests, without worrying about security hassles!

3. Personalized Services for Guests

The inclusion of facial recognition systems in hotel management system helps to gain key demographic and personal details about customers – making sure that you can provide them with superior and customized service based on their preferences. This radical technology will help in providing a more VIP or personalized approach to customer service as lobby staff will instantly be able to recognize guests and cater to their demands.

Hotel staff members can provide more value-added services to particular guests exceeding their expectations, enhance consumer loyalty, build up operational efficiency, and boost the overall profitability to great heights. So if your hotel wants to provide highly customized service to clients make sure to get a hotel management system suite – it will definitely lead to a massive escalation of your bottom line results!

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4. Instant Access to Room and Other Facilities

Hotel management systems with facial recognition do not need old traditional procedures of room keys or access cards – once a guest is facially identified and a room is assigned, they can automatically check inside their room after a quick biometric scan. The old system had lost its functionality and facial recognition technology provides instant and immediate access – enhancing speed and efficiency!

Guests can also have instant admission to facilities such as restaurant and bar, spa, pool, gym, fitness clubs, and casinos in the hotel through facial recognition technology or biometric-based control systems. So, make sure that your customers are treated well and give them the power of instant access to all hotel facilities by getting a top class hotel management system!

5. Smart Billing

Proper billing is a major crucial task for any hotel establishment, and any kind of error or delay in billing may cause your hotel to lose precious clients. Biometric-based entry and exit records serve as authentic proof for any kinds of services that have been availed by your clients – there is a completely updated and real-time record with timings, and hence billing can be processed accordingly.

Since the entire system is automated, if a client avails any facility, the price is instantly updated in the integrated system – making the process of billing highly accurate, speedy, and efficient!

Bottom Line

Leverage the power of innovative technology in your hotel – it’s high time to jump on the hotel management apps bandwagon to witness a dramatic transformation of your organization’s fortunes. Over the last decade, the hospitality sector has undergone a vast alteration with a majority of players now adopting software solutions to pump up the automation of routine procedures!

Groundbreaking and inventive features such as facial recognition technology help in easing up check-in processes, tightening security measures, and also provide smooth service to clients – making a positive difference in their holistic hotel experience! So make sure that your hotel management system is the best one available, and utilize the pioneering face recognition technology to provide amazing service levels to your customers which will surely boost up their satisfaction levels!

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