How Admission Management Software Help Managing Admissions Online?

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Last updated: May 15, 2021

Most of us have grown up being exposed to a manual admission process where a school or a college would set up a team to handle the entire admissions process. The campus would suddenly become unrecognizable with multiple counters, serpentine queues, irritable admission officers sitting with huge mounds of paper frantically distributing and collecting admission forms, fees, etc.  Students and parents looking lost, making inquiries, running from pillar to post, trying to stay on top of it all.

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Many institutions use the manual admission process even today. However, more and more academies are beginning to manage admissions online with the help of admission management software. This software is transforming the chaotic manual admission process into a quick, seamless and efficient process for both applicants and academic institutes alike.

How Can an Admission Management Software Help?

  1. An Automated and Paperless Admission Process

Admission forms can be distributed online. They can even be submitted online along with the relevant documents. Date and time windows for distribution and submissions can be set. Not just that, students may also apply for scholarships and grants using the system itself. With mobile and cloud-based capabilities, admission management software can handle all of this in a quick and paperless fashion. Not just that, these systems also allow institutions to set up screening layers that automatically eliminate ineligible or inaccurate entries. Most systems even come with self-service capabilities that give applicants access to tutorial videos, forums and FAQs so that they can navigate through the entire process more confidently.  

  1. Personalised and Automatic Status Updates

When it comes to their academic future, it is natural for students as well as their parents to be anxious about the status of their application. Institutions are typically bombarded with phone calls, emails and even personal visits by students and parents inquiring about the same. Admission management systems can automatically send emails and phone messages to keep candidates apprised on the status of their application. They can also share updates on tests, interviews and even send reminders. These messages and emails can also be personalized to include student names. Some systems are also equipped with live chat features to handle such queries.

  1. Enhanced Marketing Efforts

To remain profitable in the face of stiff competition, most institutions today carry out various marketing activities to attract more students. Admission management software can also help institutions create a database of potential applicants. All students that may have expressed an interest in studying at the institution could be sent targeted emails and messages about upcoming events that may interest them such as new courses, guest lectures, campus tours, student mixers and any other such marketing information. Admission management software allow institutions to reach out to prospective students in a proactive manner in order to bring them on board.

  1. A Uniform and Centralised Admission Experience

Even the oldest and most prestigious schools and colleges today have branched out and now have multiple campuses across various locations. Admission management software functions as a centralized platform that offers candidates a consistent experience irrespective of the branch or the location. The offices handling admissions across the various branches and locations of an institute can use a single platform to manage the entire admissions process. They also have multilingual capabilities that overcome any language barriers that may arise in certain locations.

  1. Accurate and Error-Free Admission Management

The manual admission process requires a substantial workforce and therefore this system is very vulnerable to human error. As we discussed earlier, the admission season is a stressful time not just for applicants but even those managing the entire process. Managing thousands and even lakhs of applications, deadlines and a huge amount of data entry naturally exposes the process to errors and inaccuracies. Admission management software automates most of the manual processes and eliminates much of the human effort from admission management, thereby significantly containing the scope for such errors.

  1. A Secure Online Data Management and Storage System

Manual admission processes involve a huge amount of paperwork. The paperwork may include sensitive information such as personal details of the candidates, their contact information and even bank details. It can be very difficult to keep track of who is accessing these papers. Once all the data-entry work is completed, it also becomes important to store the paperwork carefully, so that it remains safe and secure. Care must also be taken to ensure that the paperwork can be accessed easily. This entire process involves not just an immense amount of time, space and effort, but also an increased risk of security breaches and also potential physical damage.  

Admission management software collect and store this information on a secure online platform. They ensure that only authorized individuals can access information. The entire process of storing data and managing it becomes much easier.

Most admission management software also come with excellent reporting and analytics features. They can organize and present data on a real-time basis, within a few minutes, to help institutions make better decisions about their admission policies and processes.

  1. Easier Payments, Billing and Invoicing

With admission management software, the entire process of payment collection and invoice generation becomes automatic. These systems are usually compatible with all the major payment gateways making it easy for students to make fast and secure payments using the payment mode of their choice. They can raise invoices and automatically send them in the form of personalized emails. They can also send payment reminders and can even follow up on pending payments.

  1. A Better Experience for Students and Parents

Admission management software solutions automate most of the admissions-related processes. They reduce the scope of human error and save truckloads of time. They make the admission process swift and efficient. Using their computers, students and parents can send in their applications from the comfort of their homes or offices. Some admission management systems even provide users with a mobile app. Applicants are constantly kept updated on developments regarding their application status. They do not have to rely on admission officers to resolve their queries.


Gone are the days when there were but a handful of good educational institutions and students and parents had simpler academic aspirations. Today, academic institutions are cropping up at every corner, each more competitive than the other. Parents and students are far more ambitious today. They know what they want and they are spoilt for choice.

Institutions cannot afford to ride on their long-standing reputations alone. They must also be student-friendly in everything that they do. Embracing new technology in the form of an admission management software also shows that an institution is walking with the times. In order to keep up the rate of application and admission, institutions must ditch the manual admission process in favour of online admission management software.

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