How AI Can Empower Your eCommerce Business?



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Last updated: May 23, 2019

It was believed that the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) was nothing more than a science-fiction notion, but that has changed rapidly in the modern age. You may not even realize it, but from self-checkouts at supermarkets to improved security at airports, AI has become increasingly prevalent in our lives. With digital giants like Microsoft, Facebook, and Google leading the charge for the increased implementation of AI into every facet of our lives, you definitely want to make sure that your business doesn’t fall behind.

When there are estimates that up to 85% of all business-to-customer interaction will be managed by AI by just 2020, then you know it’s time to make use of the same technology to keep your business optimized. You already can, and here are the best ways to do so that will have a positive impact on your eCommerce business created with the help of an eCommerce software.

Strategies to optimize your eCommerce Business with the help of AI

  • Sales and efficiency

If you want to step up your ability to provide a positive customer experience, then AI is one of the best ways to do so. By integrating AI into your CRM platforms, you will be able to ensure that customers who visit you digitally are able to ask questions and receive the relevant advice, all delivered seamlessly and efficiently 24/7. This is not its usage of the right AI tools can go even further- by using data to recommend additional products to your sales teams and promoting upsells directly to the customer. This can be achieved even if you don’t entirely invest your time in such processes.

  • The role of personalization

It’s a simple fact that in the digital age, consumers want personalization. This goes beyond mere personally addressed emails. Obviously, personalization for businesses is not a new concept, but as AI increases its potential, usually by the addition of rigorous data, then it will better ensure that your web platforms have a unity that makes personalization significantly easier. For eg., if your AI recognizes that a site visitor is browsing via a Samsung Galaxy, then it will recommend and guide that user to your phone cases department and display the special offers that are appropriate. For repeat site visitors, this becomes a way to ensure that they are seeing the right content at the right time, and that can obviously encourage a sale.

  • The primary gains of AI

Besides personalization, what else can AI do for your eCommerce business? The list is growing larger day by day, and those dedicated to the technology have already embraced the fact that it can help guide your content marketing strategy. And companies like are already adding an extra boost to your potentiality of expanded reach. AI can even learn to recognize fraud attempts while providing the personal touch to consumer interaction with chatbots and AI personal shoppers. Businesses are struggling to keep up with the potential benefits, simply because there are so many of them.

Bottom Line

It’s clear that eCommerce is the future of selling and buying, and its simply becoming more obvious through the rising adoption of smartphones and internet access across the globe. If you want to keep your eCommerce business outlet up to date, then it’s a wise decision to look more closely at AI and all of the ways that you can harness the potential of it to drive your business forward.

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