How are Mobile Apps Boosting Restaurant Sales?

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Last updated: May 15, 2021

1993 was the year when the first-ever app for smartphones was launched. Since then, mobile apps have played a significant role in shaping businesses around the world. Whether it’s in the sports industry, travel industry, healthcare industry or even the restaurant industry, smartphone applications have brought a revolution on a mass scale.

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Speaking of restaurants alone, mobile apps have proven their proficiency on multiple levels when it comes to increasing sales. From solving problems of customers to taking feedback and surveys, the role of smartphone apps is huge, keeping the current restaurant sales scenario in mind. 

So, if you’re wondering about the impact of mobile apps on restaurant sales, we have compiled an exclusive list of ways in which smartphone applications are boosting restaurant sales around the world. 

List of Ways in Which Mobile Apps are Boosting Restaurant Sales    

Here’s our take on some of the top ways in which mobile restaurant apps have boosted restaurant sales around the world.

6 Ways Mobile Apps Are Boosting Restaurant Sales

1. Deals for Customers

Offering timely deals on meals to customers isn’t a new thing. Restaurants have been providing ground-breaking offers and discounts to customers since long ago. But the way they do it has changed now. Today, you don’t have to necessarily visit the restaurant to avail a good deal of meals that you like. Due to some top-notch applications brought out by restaurant chains around the world, customers can now avail offers on multiple restaurants right from the comfort of their homes. 

These applications have been developed by some of the top-notch iOS and Android mobile app development companies that offer hot deals on different restaurant meals. Users not only get attracted by the deals but are also encouraged to keep these apps installed on their smartphones. 

2. The Convenience of Payment and Delivery

The majority of apps today offer “one-tap pay and deliver” options which are highly convenient for the customers. They no longer have to stand and wait at the restaurants to get their food orders. Users can now stay anywhere they want and use the “one-tap pay and deliver” feature to get gulping food delivered to their doorstep. 

The kind of convenience that this feature has brought to the customers has resulted in boosting restaurant sales as consumers are now finding it easy to order their favorite meals from restaurants they prefer.

3. Nearby Location Trackers

A feature that has not only benefited restaurants but also food truck owners, the location tracker in restaurant apps nowadays allows customers to track their favorite restaurants and food trucks nearby. This has given the users a privilege to never stay away from their favorite food points and has even resulted in the boost of restaurant sales all around the world since more and more customers now know where their favorite food joints are. 

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4. In-App Shopping Features 

Restaurants, nowadays, provide in-app shopping options to customers apart from their already existing food ordering feature. This allows customers to shop their favorite sauces or any other items they like at their favorite restaurants right through the app. 

Although setting up and managing these in-app stores requires additional expertise, this is an option that can generate a considerable amount of revenue for the restaurants while again satisfying the customer needs. 

5. The Idea of Push Notifications

Push notifications can be a real deal if used correctly. There are apps that have been integrated with in-store proximity beacons in the past and have resulted in a considerable boost in restaurant sales. Push notifications allow customers to know about the deals ongoing in a particular restaurant in real-time. 

Take an example of the Bookatable app for instance. The app is integrated with a beacon-based technology that allows it to send push notifications to those people who come within 50 meters of any one of the participating restaurants. Currently, the app works for 119 restaurants in London and has shown resounding results. 

6. The Role of Reviews in Restaurant Apps

Reviews from customers pay a huge role in making or breaking a restaurant. Something that every Android and iOS application development company should lay more focus on when approaching app development, allowing customers to review within a few minutes of placing the order can have a significant impact on the restaurant business. 

It not only helps the restaurateurs to understand what their customers like or dislike but also provides a way for customers to express their views about a particular restaurant. 

Summing Up

The restaurant industry is constantly expanding its roots and the role of applications in driving it will go drastically up. As for the ways mentioned above, these are amongst the many others that have helped in boosting a restaurant sale to a great extent. 

While restaurants around the world continue to deliver quality hygienic services to their customers, the ease of ordering food and getting mobile deals are features that have attracted the most customers and will continue to do in more innovative ways in the future. 

So if you’re one of the restaurateurs and using an app or restaurant management software for the ease of your customers, let us know how your mobile app is boosting restaurant sales or share your thoughts about the article in the comments section below. 

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